Cloud [Entering Country]

At the base of the mountains remains raised terrain where the rivers flow, fresh water running down from the frequent storms which ripple along the heights of the Thunder Mountains. Over the millennia, natural erosion has carved the terrain so that the plains in this zone have formed into hills, with rivers situated in their valleys. Flash flooding is frequent, as the currents are entirely dependent on rainfall month by month.

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Cloud [Entering Country]

Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:27 pm

Anatsu had finally made it to the colder part of the world. He was now approaching the village hidden in the clouds. His map had lead him to the right location. Fortunately for himself, he wasn't too bad at reading maps otherwise he may have ended up lost. He was hungry so it was time to reach the village soon. Hopefully they would let him in. He hadn't a passport nor any indication that he was allowed to travel.

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