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The lowlands of Lightning Country are abundant with life and fresh water, encouraging agriculture, the gathering of people, and creation of civilization. This fertile and abundant land has been responsible for the country's large population and its ensuing prosperity. Lightning Country has many small villages and several large cities. Retired shinobi often make their residence in these places, close enough to be able to be called upon if need be, but far enough away to get rest from the busy shinobi life.

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Rowboat Rascal

Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:37 am

Having risen at sunrise, bright and early before the other lads, Watashi stood at the front of the ship, feeling the bite of the sea wind on his face as he looked out at the beautiful, open sea. Atleast, Watashi figured that it would be beautiful. Every time he heard someone describing the sea, it was supposed to be some beautiful expanse of blue. Swathes of rippling light, flowing with the tide... or something like that.

The blind lad angrily took a few steps back, preparing to run up and kick the cannonball that he had readied beforehand. If Watashi couldn't see the sea then he'd might as well shoot it to show it who was boss! And punting the cannon ball into the ocean would be just as effective as actually shooting the round out a cannon. It wasn't like he couldn't figure out how to work the cannon or anything.

Running up a bit, Watashi drew his leg back as far as he could in preparation of kicking the heavy shot before putting his foot back where it belonged. He looked back in the direction of the captain's cabin, trying to think about who all was on the ship before remembering that none of the crew members actually knew how to heal a broken foot.

Watashi settled for slowly rolling the cannonball over the board of the ship. Luckily for the blind kid, there was enough space under the railing for the boy to actually get the cannonball overboard. Satisfied with his display of power and dominance over the ocean, Watashi dusted his hands a bit before walking further back down the deck of the ship.

The boat's gig was already attached to the davits when Watashi got there. Clearly someone more prepared than any of the crew members had worked on the ship before the lads had seized it, and it took Watashi a few minutes of looking for the captain's gig before realizing that it was already where he wanted it.

As Watashi gave the boat the physical examination that he had to give most things, he realized that it was very conveniently a smaller one than normal, with each oarsman being able to work two oars simultaneously. Grinning, the lad dropped his bag into the ship, filled with a few bottles of water and donuts that he had poached from the captain's quarters earlier when no one was looking. They were only a few days off of land, and the half dozen donuts that Watashi had grabbed contained enough sustenance to keep him fed for weeks!

Giving himself a few slaps on the back in commendation, Watashi slowly worked both of the davits and lowered the gig into the water. He had tried leaving a note for the others to let them know he was going to be gone, but the problem of not knowing how to write ended up cropping up. Ultimately, he took a bite out of a donut and left it there. He figured Naohiro and the others would know what that meant. For good measure, he fired a stone bullet into the air and caught it - it'd work as a decent marker if he ever needed to find the ship again. Just body switch back into it if he was ever in the area.

The blind lad finally took a blind leap into the water, luckily landing in the davit itself as it dipped threateningly into the water before coming back up. Watashi groped around a bit for the oars before managing to find them and he pushed off of the side of the ship, starting his slow drift towards the unknown (hopefully land though).

He rowed for a small while until he could no longer hear the waves lapping against the side of the bigger ship before bringing the oars back in and laying down in the boat on the benches. Dropping his bag on top of his face to keep the by-this-point horrendously bright sun from making his eyes super-blind, Watashi let his ship drift for a bit while taking a nap.

Watashi can't see :(
It was a little under a week later at dusk when Watashi eventually made landfall. A few hours of examining his surroundings determined that he was at some sort of old fishing pier. Judging from the taste of the fish that Watashi had managed to find on the ground next to his docked boat, the place had been abandoned for weeks, if not months.

Just old enough that even Watashi wasn't willing to eat it either. Taking a bite out of his last donut to cleanse the taste from his mouth, he ended up feeding the rest of the fish to a nearby cat that he had found. Watashi let himself take a bit of a stretch before pulling the boat a bit further downstream to hide it somewhere else. He had gone to all that effort to get a rowboat and he wasn't about to let some sort of fisherman cat steal it right from under his nose!

Finding a few low hanging trees and bushes, Watashi figured it was as good a place as any to stash the rowboat and he disguised it up as best as he could. The lad draped a few of the rotting fishes so that he'd be able to find it later before starting to walk in a random direction away from the water. Either he'd get back to civilization or he'd find a new place to build a hideout. Both options would work as a win for the lad, and now he had a rowboat for whenever he needed it. Grinning, Watashi set both of the oars on his shoulder and left.

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