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Blood Rack

Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:34 am

Blood Rack wrote:Blood Rack - Basic Augment

-Attacks with equipped weapon forfeit any capability of inflicting Suppression, but attacks which successfully raise a target's Bleed Rank cause the victim to suffer Bleed damage at the new rank instantly. If a single action inflicts multiple ranks of bleeding to the same target, only the highest bleed rank's damage is used.
- When attacking a target at their maxed Bleeding Rank, attacks with this weapon may trigger the target's current bleed rank damage instantly. This has a 5% bleed chance, but caps out at a 25% Bleed chance. This may only occur once per action, and does not stack with similar effects such as the Bloody Mess ability's second note.

- Attacks which would successfully raise a target's Bleeding Rank against targets which are already at Rank 5 Bleeding still cause them to suffer Bleeding Damage even though their Bleeding Rank cannot be raised any higher.

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