Uchiha Hosuchi

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Uchiha Hosuchi

Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:30 am

Name: Uchiha Hosuchi

Age: 11

Gender: Male

General Description: Uchiha Hosuchi,a boy with an average height of 58 inches(147.32 cm) and weighing about 90 pounds(40.82 kilograms) with black hair cut short along with two locks on both sides secured with paper bandages,his eyes' irises having a bright blue shade,and wearing a dark blue jacket with the sign of the Uchiha Clan on it's back and with a white shirt under it and pant's of the same color with his jacket with bandages also wrapping it's end and with blue sandals,giving his outfit a monochromatic look as everything he wears has a blue coat and on his waist,he also wears a dark brown leather belt that carries the sheath of his sword and along with his belt he also carries a sling bag with a similar color to his belt that contains about two water bottles,and his wallet that contains his money with a picture of his family and other various items he uses in his everyday life

Mental Description: Hosuchi is usually friendly and kind but he is also known from his friends for being a short fuse usually getting angry when teased.He also thinks one step ahead most of the time,always thinking what will happen next and if it's a type of scenario that involves some danger,he will pick the choice with the least negative effects,also giving him a habit of taking shortcuts,as he wants to do the whole job with the very least amount of effort as he always thinks that he should always reserve something so that it can be used later on to be prepared of whatever may come

History:Hosuchi was born in Hidden Leaf Village,his father being a natural Uchiha and his mother whom became an Uchiha through marriage with his father,as he was born,his parents gave him unconditional love and support and as he grew to an age he can understand them,they taught him about discipline,obidience,respect and most of all:kindness,and as he was taught these values he projects the attitude to the people around him and he was also a cheeky prankster,buying masks with designs that are sure to scare his friends or decieving them with fake objects most of his pranks are harmless,the others are just pretty messy,and as he reached an age that is near to an age that is qualified to join the academy,his father taught him a few basics that will help him when he joins and he also gave him a short sword in which he uses to train himself by pretending he is fighting.As he started to read a book it made him interested to read more books most about history of The Hidden Leaf and eventually reading about the Second Hokage,Tobirama,amazed by him because of his mastery in Suiton or Water Style,and dreaming one day to become a powerful Water Style user like him,but even though he likes Tobirama,most of his Uchiha friends does not see his idol the way he does,because of the history of Tobirama's hatred to the Uchiha Clan,but he always says to them he's not idolise him for his hatred but for his ability and to this day he waits anxiously for the day to take classes in the Academy to master Water Style and become powerful like his idol

Bloodline Application:Among one of his friends,he has this particular friend,an old man whom he met in a library one day and grew very fond of the old man,as the old man told stories about the olden days of Konoha,The Third Great Ninja War,and his idol,The Second Hokage:Tobirama Senju,as time passed,they became good friends.When Hosuchi other young friends are not able to play with him,or he just has a hungry ear for a story,he would visit the old man's house and the old man would then feed his hungry ear with stories from the olden days.Then in one fateful day,Hosuchi was walking home,tired as he had been with his friends playing around all day and as he passes nearby the old mam's home,he hears a familiar scream,a scream calling for help,then as he heard the noise,he quickly ran to where it came from,then seeing a group of three young men,two holding on the old man's shoulder,keeping him kneeling down the ground,and one kicking his stomach and repeatedly shouting "Give us your yen and we'll let you go!And stop pretending gou don't have any!" but the old man could'nt hand him yen because he did'nt actually have any the time they beat him up to steal yen from him.Then,Hosuchi could not bear the sight of his friend beaing beaten down by the group and out of anger,he shouts "STOP THAT!" At the group,then all three would face him,the other one whom is locking the old man's shoulder on the left says "What are you going to do?Call your mother?...ha!" He said to Hosuchi and as he did so the whole group laughed as what could a small kid like him going to do to stop them?Then Hosuchi could no longer hold it,their mocking would make him run at them readying a fist to hit the one that was kicking the old man,as he came near,he gets a sudden punch in the face by the young man,instantly knocking him fown the ground,then as he fell the you man starts to kick him,causing him to coil up and grit his teeth as he cried in pain,as the young man was kicking him,he shouted at him as he laughed "You Weakling!.....Do you really think that you can fight all three of us?!.....You got to be kidding me!....that is fucking retarded you,peice of shit!" as he finished speaking,he then kept on kicking him,and as Hosuchi was recieving the pain from the hits and the offending words,his anger begins to explode,then making his eyes turn into a normal blue iris,to a red eye,that is so red that it is comparable to blood,and as that happened,it gave him the ability to predict the young man's next move,in which he retaliates,by quickly sitting up whilst pulling out his sword with the edge facing at the attacker's striking foot in lighting like speed,the young man would not realize it until it was too late and his foot now receiving a deep cut as he kicked the edge of his blade,as that happens,he pulls his foot back and screams in pain as his foot began to bleed am respectively large amount of blood and fell down holding onto it,and as business was done with that man,he turns his head at the two holding onto the old man,then out of fear,the young man on the right ran away,then the other man holding looked and shouted at him "H-hey!.....why are you running!....He's just a kid!" you coward!" Then as he looked back to Hosuchi,he then sees him,up in the air performing an axe kick that in which his heel struck his head,knocking him down,leaving him unconscious because of the powerful kick,and as he were done for,he helped the old man up,then carried him to his home,then as Hosuchi did so,the man notices his eye he then whispers "The Sharingan" and no longer continued speaking and walked home along with Hosuchi,then as he reached their destination,Hosuchi bids farewell to the man and walked home.
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Re: Uchiha Hosuchi

Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:19 pm

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Re: Uchiha Hosuchi

Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:21 pm

Hello there,

After looking at this the History part would need to be edited. As it stands you have got to change a few things, please see my notes below about this and what would need to be changed:

- 2nd Hokage Tobirama was never Hokage of Leaf in this universe, it is a side split off so that means that the 2nd Hokage was never this character. If you need any help please refer to the Leaf topics that are in the Leaf Creation.
- The Third Great Ninja War never actually took place as well, from what I can see though the rest of the bloodline is ok just reference again to the Hokage.
- Be mindful of the language that you are using when writing this is still a PG13 site just for the record on this one.

Please have a look over these things and have a look at how to rework them to fit with the other history, make it something unique but you are on the right root. This was definitely a great start of the application now it just needs to be reworded and done to make the changes that I have put in place. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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