Shinomiya Akari

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Shinomiya Akari
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Shinomiya Akari

Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:38 am

Name: Shinomiya Akari (四宮 紅璃)
Age: 12 (is what I am led to believe should be appropriate; I'm totally happy to tweak if she should be older or younger for her backstory, though!)

Physical Description: Shinomiya is small, even for a girl her age. Though not to an alarming degree, she's very thin, best described as 'stick-like'; while not skeletal, the shape of some bones are visible through her skin, such as her ribs and around her elbows. Her skin is quite pale, and without blemishes, giving her an almost doll-like appearance. Shinomiya's typical attire is as modest as possible, covering all of her skin with the exception of her hands and face. She has a slight fondness for the colours white, purple, black, and pink.

Her hair is an almost-ghostly shade of creamy white, but is full and thick, easily reaching her waist. She usually keeps it loose, with a short fringe covering her forehead and with the sides of her hair framing her girly face. Contrasting the rest of her physical body, her eyes are a brilliant, eye-catching shade of jewel-like red; while either very cute or very ominous depending on the situation, they are otherwise significant of absolutely nothing.

While Shinomiya maintains formal posture and eye contact under most circumstances, when she's alone or relaxed she tends to slouch and stare at the ground or off into the distance. She isn't very expressive for the most part, almost always keeping to a subtle frown outside of when she has to smile for the sake of conversation. Shinomiya is a nervous smiler, though; her face has a tendency to light up when she's uncomfortable or frustrated, and otherwise unable to adequately express her emotions.

Mental Description: Shinomiya is an empty girl. That is not to say that she is someone consumed by loathing and contempt; Shinomiya is not a stranger to these emotions, but they do not dominate her life, and she has no crushing need to lash out at others nor at herself. Neither is that to say that she is unhappy or miserable; if asked herself, Shinomiya would describe herself as content with life, and earnestly so. Simply put, she is merely a girl completely devoid of any ambition or aspiration whatsoever, a girl who is unable to experience legitimate joy. As a result, Shinomiya is an obedient young shinobi who follows the course laid out before her without question, save for logically-mired criticism or advice. In a sense, she could be called robotic, but while she certainly can appear as such this would not be a completely accurate description.

While intelligent, Shinomiya cannot be said to be very thoughtful. Rarely will she spend much time deliberating the best course of action or any similar such thing; she will almost always go with one of the first few ideas that pop into her head of their own volition, and when she does elect to give a matter more thought than that, it involves a crippling degree of overthinking. At the same time, her innate lethargy prevents her from being terribly impulsive either, especially given her predisposition towards writing ideas off as useless or worthless. Overall, though undeniably book-smart, Shinomiya's intellect does not tend to show itself in practical situations.

Shinomiya does not dislike people, but neither is she overtly social, preferring to be called by her family name. For the most part, given her mental capability, she looks down on others but not in a resentful manner. In fact, there aren't many things she can truly be said to dislike, save for things she considers useless or wasteful, along with sunlight; while she is able to function under the sun, she prefers to avoid it when given the chance, sticking indoors or underground during daytime.

As for her likes, Shinomiya prefers intellectual pursuits - reading, math, puzzles, science, that sort of thing - along with activities that involve her hands or otherwise require skill, like crafts or games. She tends to be intense in her pursuit of a given activity; while most people have a psychological friction that causes them to get bored and seek either other activities or rest, Shinomiya can perform the same task for hours on end without batting an eye, and requires an active reason to change her course.

Although not something she herself is fully cognizant of, and something she tends to suppress it when it comes up, Shinomiya has quite a lot of latent potential for overall sadism; not so much that she could be considered psychotic, but certainly enough to make her generally unpleasant to be around under the right conditions. This, in tandem with her inherent emptiness, means that while she could never be considered suicidal, she doesn't have much regard for herself either, and in fact has a slight fascination with the idea of risking her life. Similarly, the type of obsessiveness she can display in her work and recreation lends itself towards her becoming very clingy, should the right type of person catch her eye; such an event is, however, unlikely.

History: Shinomiya's life has been uneventful; perhaps unsurprising, given her somewhat tender age. She was born into a more or less average environment, and lived in a more or less average manner, with no major highs or lows therein. It wasn't terribly long before it became apparent how bright she was, given her studious nature as a child even before schooling, so her parents were eager to give her a proper education. Considering the respectable nature of the occupation, and Shinomiya's lack of preference otherwise, neither she nor her parents had any objection to her becoming a shinobi, and she was enrolled at the earliest possible opportunity.

Aforementioned intelligence, together with her manual dexterity and perfectly sufficient levels of chakra, meant she had an easier time at the academy than her peers, albeit a more isolated one. Her lunchtime was spent pouring over textbooks in private, like a machine; fortunately for her, the harsh school environment resulted in classmates with better things to do than bother her, especially with her polite, inoffensive, and generally helpful personality. Shinomiya's grades in taijutsu and other physical matters were not atrocious but somewhat lacking - proper chakra technique only helping so much, when applied to a physique like hers - but she was at least above average in most other regards. As she was only a regular hardworking and talented person, as opposed to an unnaturally gifted prodigal genius, Shinomiya took a regular, normal amount of time to graduate to Genin, and did so without fanfare or drama involved. As the Diamond Maelstrom only ended during her time as a student, Shinomiya has not spent much of her life being exposed to the sun, and combined with her general distaste towards change, this has resulted in her preference for avoiding sunlight.
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Re: Shinomiya Akari

Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:50 am

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