Maki Ryo

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Maki Ryo
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Maki Ryo

Sun May 05, 2019 7:58 am

Maki Ryo
Physical Description:
At a glance Ryo doesn't stand out that much from your average child of Sunagakure. He's only ever so slightly short for a boy his age, a detail that is exaggerated by his tendency to slouch. His skin is relatively fair, colored by the kiss of the desert sun but not as darkened as some natives. From a distance the most interesting thing about him is his hair, both in it's bright clay brown/red and the generally messy state of it as he seems to live with perpetual bed head. These details alone do not mark him as anything more than an average child of the Sand.

It's only upon closer inspection that his most striking detail is noticeable. His eyes are bright ruby red, eye catching in their own right. His pupils don't form a simple circle but form something akin to a sigil; an oval with a short line protruding from the bottom and the top. While some might be able to wave this off as a sign of a potent shinobi bloodline or kekkai genkai, many within the Sand would see it as the genetic marker of an Ancient hybrid.

Ryo has made a habit of wearing a particular outfit as often as possible - a white hoodie under a light black jacket with jeans and sandals. It's a common enough sight to see his clothes scuffed up or dirty, implying he goes out of his way regardless of their condition. Despite the layers of clothing, the heat of Sunagakure doesn't seem to bother him. The bandages on his face, arms and legs are persistent enough to be considered part of his wardrobe though given how often they change it's clearly not a fashion statement.
Mental Description:
'Moody' is an apt descriptor for the general feeling Ryo gives off. He's quiet and sullen, usually avoiding strangers and keeping his mouth shut as much as possible. One could easily interpret this as being shy or reserved but anyone with a sharp eye would be able to realize that he's tense and even jump as if expecting anyone to be a threat at any time.

It rarely takes more than a push to turn this caution into violence. He's quick to react to opposition with brute force, over to the point of over reacting. Between his age, inexperience and general reckless nature he gets hurt in these encounters more often than not. It seems he's perpetually bandaged in one way or another though he never seems to cool his head no matter how badly his actions backfire on him. He's childishly stuck in his ways, certain he knows better and quick to blow off any advice that says otherwise.

Adding to this problematic nature as well as showing a more altruistic side to him is his tendency to jump to conflict when others are harassed. Whether it's animals getting hurt or bullies picking on a kid he doesn't even think before he throws himself into the fray. Despite this his distant nature prevents relationships being built from these experiences. Perhaps the only exception to this is animals -- he's quick to bond with strays and almost contrary to his nature is willing to put up with their fear or potential threat to a point.

Despite his best efforts, Ryo isn't made of stone. It's clear the way the world treats him and vice versa has an effect on him, leading to bouts of sorrow or longing that he would do anything to not show in public. That reckless nature disappears when his walls drop, often coming to tears as he dares to reflect on himself. These moods rarely last long, bringing his guard back up only a short while after.

When he does form a bond with someone he doesn't display it particularly well. Acting agitated or aggressive just comes naturally to him, possibly making anyone he'd let near give off the impression he doesn't care for them even when that proximity is it's own proof of trust or affection. He does his best to reign his mood in around these people for their sake. The longer he knows someone the more he lets his guard drop though his abrasive nature makes such a long term relationship difficult.
The only child of a single mother, Ryo grew up in the rougher part of Soons Haven in the Land of Wind. The two of them lived on the meager salary of a common leatherworker, many months being a struggle to make enough to keep food on the table for the both of them. The troubles only got worse when he was grew old enough to walk as his presence was rarely tolerated by others who recognized his bizzare eyes as the sign of a Hybrid. He was picked on and bullied by children, sometimes even harassed by adults. He learned from a young age to be cautious around others with the only exception being his still caring mother.

The strain became too much when he turned eight. A hit to the market meant her wares were worth even less than they'd been for the last few years and she knew there was no way she could support the both of them anymore. For years she'd told Ryo that she didn't know who his father was but now she had little choice in the matter. She's known who he was all along; Okayama Roku, a shinobi of some renown from Sunagakure. A brief tryst had gone on between them during his travels and she didn't realize she was with child until long after he was gone.

While he'd never been a part of Ryo's life, a noteable sennin of a hidden village was far better off financially than a struggling lower class craftswoman like her so she took what little they had to get the both of them to Sunagakure. It took some time and convincing to find Roku and her efforts to convince him to help were nothing short of blackmail but ultimately he agreed to the task. He stayed in the village while his mother returned to Soons Haven, knowing she set up a business in such a place.

While money was no longer a problem, life didn't necessarily get any easier. The bias towards his obvious bloodline was treated almost as harshly though with the added sting that many who decided to not lay a hand on him only did so because of his connection to his father. Their relationship has been slow to between Roku's inexperience at parenting and Ryo's reserved nature. Their only matter of bonding has been over shinobi training as Ryo agreed to start going to the academy and learning from his father though with a begrudging edge.
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Re: Maki Ryo

Sun May 05, 2019 6:01 pm

I'm pretty good with this for the most part, just want Roku to poke his head in here and thumbs up this.

Then Not-Really-Uncle, but will make himself one, Metal Uncle will be processing you for greatness.
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Re: Maki Ryo

Sun May 05, 2019 7:57 pm

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