Oushi-Ouja Kenji to Matsuda Zenzo

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Oushi-Ouja Kenji to Matsuda Zenzo

Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:57 am

Old Character Name: Kenji
Old Village/Missing: Sand
OCR Type: Inactivity (60+ Days)
Last Known Where-abouts: N/A
Old IC Rank: Student?

New Character Name: Matsuda Zenzo
Preferred Username: Zenzo
New Village/Missing: Cloud
New BL: Hachiashi
Custom Class:
Custom Class wrote:The Webslinger
HP: (45+lvl) x Stamina
CP: (40+lvl) x Chakra Control
Class Bonus: +1 Ranged Accuracy and +5% Damage
High: Ranged Accuracy
Average: Evasion, Genjutsu Save, Genjutsu DC, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Low: Melee Accuracy
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Main Branch
IC Rank: Student

Character Age: 11
Gender: Male
Sex: Male

Character's Physical Description: Zenzo is a tall, brown-skinned, slim boy, towering over most his age at five and a half feet. His features are masculine yet still retain some of the childish curves, slowly leaning into a sharp, rugged appearance. His eyes are large and slightly tapered, a light chocolate brown. A naturally friendly-looking young man, his lips seem to be perpetually curved upwards into a small smile or grin. His well-groomed, curly afro is a brown dark enough to appear black. While there isn't much to his budding physique, possibly the first noticed feature is the set of six arms, all similar in appearance, but they make his frame broader than the norm.

Character's Mental Description: Zenzo is an intellectually brilliant individual. His mind is quick, imaginative, and strategically-oriented. With his gift of incredible brilliance, however, came the curse of social ineptitude. While he can understand complicated subjects and concepts within weeks or even sometimes days, he is a bad person to try socializing with. He often comes off as aloof, in the clouds, as he can be found daydreaming or making odd objects and structures with his webbing. Initiating or even keeping conversations alive is a skill he sorely lacks, and that fact, combined with his overt intelligence and a freakish number of limbs, keeps him at the edges of Academy popularity. It's near impossible to tell whether this affects him negatively or not, however, as he always seems to be too mentally checked out to be able to glean that information.

Character History: The Matsuda were never particularly rich nor particularly talented. Few within their family ever had the capability to manipulate Chakra at the skill required to be shinobi, so the majority of the Matsuda were simple laborers. Janitors, construction workers, housekeepers. They were and are hard workers with wills stronger than many but an unfortunate lack of actual talent.

Until Zenzo. He was brilliant. From a shockingly young age, it was obvious he possessed an intelligence greater than any in the Matsuda had seen in the past. It seemed obvious to most, if not all that knew him and his family, that he would grow into an incredibly bright shinobi. Zenzo excelled at all of the physical and mental basics, of course, further strengthening the idea.

It was a complete and utter shock, the day the boy began growing his extra limbs. There had been stories of some Matsuda, long dead and mostly forgotten, who descended from spiders, but Zenzo was the first of many generations to display such heritage in such a powerful way. While many within his family began to nearly revere him and his gift, there were also many that saw it through eyes tinted with envy and almost hatred. It caused such a rift within the Matsuda that his parents moved far away enough that their son could attend the Academy but were far from those family that might mean him harm.

Death/Retirement Thread: N/A
Old Profile: ?
Old Training: ?
Old Dojo: ?

Special Usergroups: N/A

Old Stats: Agility: 15/50
Stamina: 25/50
Taijutsu: 50/50
Ninjutsu: 50/50
Genjutsu: 5/50
Chakra Control: 25/50
Power Level: 170

Old OOC Rank: E-Rank
Stat Cut: None
New Stats: Agility: 30/50
Stamina: 35/50
Taijutsu: 45/50
Ninjutsu: 20/50
Genjutsu: 20/50
Chakra Control: 20/50
Power Level: 170
New OOC Rank: E-Rank

Jutsu Mastery Swaps: No jutsu to swap.

Other Refunds: N/A

Name of any Contract you currently own: N/A

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Re: Oushi-Ouja Kenji to Matsuda Zenzo

Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:20 pm

Can you make a new post following my own where we get to see you do a bit more concerning the Hachiashi bloodline? It doesn't have to be much but just enough to detail just some of the various things that happened when the bloodline awakened and/or just how it impacted your life.

Do so via a new post following my own. Please do not edit your original post, thanks!

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