Securing Plans For The Future [Spectator thread]

The Throne of Bone is the home of the Toraono clan and a dojo for all shinobi to come for training from the esteemed family. The huge, sandworm bone structure is a majesty of shinobi skill and technology and sits at the forefront of the Toraono owned lands. The glossy, sand-toned structure carries the banners of the Toraono family, a proud show of clan pride, but just below the Sunagakure symbols, openly displaying the place a site of loyalty to the village. This is a hall for learning and training, open to all who might approach.

Inner Village Portion of the Dojo.

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Securing Plans For The Future [Spectator thread]

Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:00 pm

The rumour was spreading. The word was getting out. Voices in hushed whispers branching further and further from the point of origin.

"There's a bit of trouble at the Dojo"
"There's a squabble within the Miroku clan."
"War has broken out and the dragons have returned."

Not all sources were credible, but there was a few links between the large game of Chinese whispers. There was something big going down at the Toraono dojo. Those nearby may have heard raised voices, witnessed a surge in chakra levels of humongous proportions. In any case, soon after the sound of a tremendous crash would confirm all suspicions that there was some kind of fight happening nearby and it was swiftly escalating. Many in the nearby area would begin fleeing the scene, perhaps rushing to the proper authorities to get some kind of investigation underway in regards to what exactly was going down in there. The sounds of battle would be easily audible at this point as the battle was reaching a climax.


[Just a quick little post to open up spectating for anyone interested in the Miroku conflict. The fight is entering round three so get in quick before its over!]

[I mean, if you want. You don't have to, I'm not your mother you can do what you like.]


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