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The low class and bottom-feeding section of Sunagakure. The ambitious design known as the 'Grand Palais' lies on the outskirts of the Sietch Zensunna. Large slabs of glass used to wall off this monstrous creation on all sides with several entry points allowing this area to at least be monitored to some degree but they were shattered when the cavern that once housed this district collapsed. Now sunlight plagues a region that once used to rely on darkness but the narrow streets and shadows continue allow evil to still linger and lurk. The original plan was to have a place where all the weak or poor could live, but as the place grew more and more crammed, the crime rate, drug use and abuse rose. The Grand Palais has degraded into a criminal infested, darkened slum.

The innards of this area are split into numerous districts; Merchant, Dining, Lodging (cheap) and Entertainment (of an illicit nature).

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Quick Post - Solo for Training

Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:56 pm

His eyes would scan around the area. It was a mixture of filth, life, darkness, and decay. Honestly, it was no different than what it had always been. No, what was different this time was himself.

His eyes, they looked over the people. Usually, he felt nothing really, maybe at time remorse, for those within this area. Now, however, he was unsure. Was it remorse for their position or remorse that they didn’t provide him what he wanted. Was he always driven by this lurking feeling within him. Was he always a hunter? Were these people always his prey?

It didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel wrong. After finally feeling as close to complete has he had ever in his memory, he now once more felt hollow. Incomplete. He was close, so close, but yet still not there.

His hands, when they moved were they moving as a human or as...one of them. When his eyes took notice of something, was it because of his humanity or because of the monster inside of him. He had never thought about it. It was something he never needed to think about. The world was different now. He was different now, although he had always felt different. Now it was confirmed. Not was it confirmed, what it was had now been confirmed. It could have been a lie, yet deep down he knew it wasn’t. He believed it wasn’t.

Those thoughts would continue to drift around in his mind aimlessly, as the faceless Sennin would continue roaming the Grand Palais.
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