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remade Yokai

Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:08 pm

Re-made Yokai. The changes: Full name, alias, description and personality change. Part of the history remained the same, due to contract transfer from OCR. Just added history from the Kami Towards Yokai, reason why she has no connections back towards the Kami-world but the Kami-world does know her and her infamous status.
Name: Jiburīru -> Jibril
Alias: The White Devil
Age: 197
Rank: Yokai contract

She used to have silver long hair strands, reaching as far as her ankles. The hairs were silky. On her back, on her shoulder blades, she had big wings. Wings that could easily weight her weight off the ground. Her clothing was rather simplistic, yet it was enough to keep everything from her body hidden insight from unwanted. Her eyes had a bright golden color to them and small crosses were inside. Yet this had changed after she turned towards a 'Fallen Kami'. She now has long purple colored hairs, which at the tips color towards a different color, greenish. Her eyes are a purple hue and a golden iris, purple cross shapes. These shapes and color usually appear when she is really focused on a task which is on hand or once she gets into combat.
She gained new wings. wings that rest just above her hips and are able to let her levitate above the ground, but not fly great distances or carry persons around over the place. And her ears are slightly winged shapes, a halo covered her head, but not the usual refined shape, yet one with thorn-like. Her body is slim and well trained. Se has the physique of a 17 up to 18 years old, yet her mental state is maybe 10 times the age of that. On her left arm and leg, she has markings, it is that of an old language, almost like a tattoo but that is actually her new oath. Since she floats like, most of the time, just above the ground she went with a (mis)fashioned way, wearing just a single boot.
When she is summoned as a low-rank contract, she appears like a childlike version of herself, this due to the chakra recoil. Her hairs are significantly shorter side and her voice is also a tat higher.

Jibril has been everywhere regarding her personality, since she was a Kami she had been a rather serious person, never smiling. She was one of the bitter ones that were around. She was always serious regarding her job as a Kami and the inhabitants. She had this from an early age picked up. She devoted herself to be the perfect follower. She had a sharp tongue and knew what she spoke of. But as she had been remaining under the humans, disguised as one of them. Jibril had started to open up towards them, seeing how kind, loving they were. Once upon a night, however, there was a rather... sexual thing happening, one that didn't stand inside her character lines and this wasn't appreciated between the Kami. Ever since her cast out, of the Kami realm. She herself had changed, charged a whole lot that she couldn't call herself even a Kami anymore.
Now she seems like a soft-spoken and polite person, yet don't mind her words as she has a book full of them. Even in her new race, she would go against them, so no matter who it is. They are treated rather equal. She has a love for knowledge and would go a rather long way to get even a hint on to learning something new. She turns to be very excited and wants to get more information and the sooner the better. Once she obtains information regarding any type of food receipt, she goes nuts. She will start to drool all over the place, already imagining the dish in front of her. Yet her personal mission is to understand as much as possible regarding her newfound world. One where Shinobi lived in them and her Yokai realm.
Despite her arrogance behavior, she often has a sense of humor. Which is often expressed when she is playing a game with Kotori. She has a few basic rules regarding her games. No cheating or being cheated at.
She doesn't talk often regarding her 'good old days' as that is inside the past, but one thing she doesn't hide. Are the new oaths she has with the Yokai as with Kotori. Yet she talks often how she often talks about how easily thing was solved by killing things off, in a rather... disturbing way, somewhat showing her sadistic personality at times. Yet her love for Kotori is unending and she is going to protect her till she cannot even go on anymore.
» Smiling «» Protective »
« Caring »« Curious »
« Teasing »« playmate »
« arrogance »« Honor «

A past, hidden in plain sight.

She would be holding herself high, she was outcasted and no human was even looking around now for her. She felt betrayed as a disgrace cast towards the side, just like trash beside the highway... Yet she went over her head what would and had happened.

She was sitting on the top of the structure, penning down the people that had been judged by the many Kami. "So that is the fate of this person now?" She would question and tilt her head, no smile no nothing came from her. Multiple nods would be given. "Alright so." She would embark and just nudge her head to the side. A day later there was a meeting held.
"We must learn more about these creatures!" The voice of an older man would echo throughout the room. Another Kami would nod onto that. "But High arch, wouldn't that mean... that the..." The angel didn't bother to finish her sentence, yet one would. One of the youngest of them all. "Go down and get in touch with them. See how they are when they don't know we are 'angels' as for how they describe us?" The pen gently ticking the board. The eyes would go up and down, the words had been said and they all knew that this was something they wish they hadn't heard. "That is the case." Would the old voice start up once more? "We need a few to go down there and bring reports, as multiple Yokai's have been spotted also." And so, the talk went further with as result a group of 3 was made. Jibril was one of them, she would pledge towards the vow and bow. "I won't dirty this body, neither the soul. My mind and body will remain pure as how the Kami would require so." She would say once it was her time to go down towards the realms.
Yet her time started out as strange, her self hiding below the clothing. Pretending she was new inside this village, as a refugee coming her and her having to learn all the ropes. The villagers reacted kindly to her, slowly Jibril got to know the humans one by one, getting closer to them. Them on all ages, yet there was one she grew closer and closer towards. With fear of her own. Every day she went to the church, praying towards the others up above. Praying for an answer that didn't come, they weren't reaching out. Each day it started to become the same. She would stand up, collect water to do the washing, cleaning, and cooking. She would chop the woods to make a fire. In the afternoon she would always go to the church, pray and each week would be a report. Yet how longer the time she spent on this world, the more she started to forget for what purpose she remained. Each day was the same, there was a fast routine, yet the reports got less. Eventually to the point where she started to believe she was really becoming one of them.
It was around that time where she started to learn what love was. There was a human boy where she had grown fond of and started to love and care deeply about and the feeling was mutual. On one evening she broke her usual routine, she didn't go to church yet had a small and playful date with this male. Which resulted in a rather playful and lustful night. Her body wouldn't be longer any pure and thus the Kami's came to get her and the human boy. They both were held in custody by them as Jibril did something which was the biggest sin a Kami could make.
She knew she made a grave mistake when she was bound by the light shackles. The shackles remained on her. " I... I made a grave mistake..." Were the words muttered and slowly sobs came to be. "You did... You broke the oath, you aren't pure anymore in any way... You aren't even fit to be one of us.." The female Kami she once looked up towards was so cold-hearted, one she knew as a mother of all... Wasn't like this usually... yet true colors shined. "Please, please do not harm the male!" Jibril started to plead towards them, desperately trying to save up the male who was unconscious beside her. "You know better, we do not want to harm them... We are however erasing you out of his life, so he can pick up where he has left. He won't be having any memory of you anymore and you will have to live with that. Meanwhile... You aren't fit to be one of us anymore... So we have you brought towards the one and only of us." Her voice was sharp and cold. It brought shivers towards her very spine.
Moments later screams filled the room, screams of Jibril as her wings were torn off from her body, removing what was holy left of her. They burn sealed those wounds closed as a reminder and a mark. After that they would drag her away, a bright light would be cast and moments later she found herself somewhere in a dirt patch.

She gritted her teeth, she was left with nothing yet hatred towards her own kind. Scoldings were thrown left and right and she devoted herself now to bring them down, the opposite of what she had been doing all before. It was in these times that someone else came towards her. A chatter had happened between the two of them and the fallen kami took the hand of the demon in her path. "I vow to you.." She would say.
Days after her full of changes for her. A new place a new home... a nice life. She herself took a change.. One that she didn't think she would, but she went towards the Lord of this realm and questioned why she had to come. Yet some, looking like herself, were they're standing. Slowly she eyed them, it seemed they had the same faith when they turned around. They also had marks on their backs... Slowly the Fallen Kami was understanding it. They gave her a hand as an offering, and Jibril took that hand. "You too.." They would nod and finally, she would get a bit of explanation to why she was here.
"We wish for you to fit in, in this new family. We call it now, the 18 wings... You are to be one of them. It is currently a group of 9 people if you join. We call ourselves Flugel or Fallen Kami. If you vow, that you will act in the name of this order, act in the name of the Yokai... Then we shall accept you." The offer was a generous one... and she took that on, she took the vow. Made the whole vow with them, before she was formed towards a new her.

A new master
On a bright day, Kotori was wondering around the place, finding the Yokai summons of her older brother Izumi in the garden. It looked sound asleep, but that sight didn't remain as peaceful as she had hoped to find it. It seemed troubled and rather restless. Slowly the young girl would inch in. "H-hey.." She would try to shake the bird-like creature just to find herself passing out on doing so.
Kotori woke up slowly, her body feeling strange yet still the same... It held a slight numbing moment in her movement as she started to slowly move around to her back, her front and placing her hands below her... But that was when she noticed she was giving a light-radiant. Shocked she looked at her hands which saw more like a paw at this given moment. Just like a needle drop, she got turned towards here and now instead of sleepily waking up. She wanted to shout for her parents, but only a chime-like sound left her throat. She slumped down, almost in a panic like a state as she started to look more and more around her. sadness started to take her over and she felt the surrounding taking over.
No... She couldn't just sink down like this, she wasn't raised to give up like this. She stood up, made a fist of her tiny paws and started to look more determined around. The whole surrounding was dark, almost as the light was just taken out of this place. There was something not right about this... A low air density was here and the wind was strong from time to time...'I must be up high somewhere...' She quickly thought towards herself and started to look more and more around.
There was a sound floating around that she couldn't place at all... Slowly she started to get into motion. First, she took a step in a direction and saw rather quickly that she was the light point moving forward in this place. Soon she scuffled herself towards the place where the water edge was... Curious what was real and what wasn't she bend forward. A shock came to her that her red hairs were gone, her emerald eyes... couldn't turn to red in this scenario. in her mind, she instantly thought about a genjutsu... but knew soon after that this wasn't the case and was left with a bleeding paw... She had bit into it to make sure she didn't have a genjutsu cast on her. She looked once more towards her new reflection and saw a feather turning towards her... Confused she picked it up and recognized the color scheme of the feather. 'The... but... The contract of Izumi?! Is it here too?!' Were her thought processing as she started to look hastily look around... But that wasn't the case just yet as a bright, really bright light emerged out of nowhere. The light slowly faded with a screech following. A defining sad one on top of that. A heavy stomach feeling struck her as she started to move from where the light had come from.
The scenery changed... It got a whole lot chiller as she started to move ahead... Almost an ash-like a layer was on top of the ground, the trees didn't have any leaves... And everything was sad and grey scale colors... Something so strange, so unique... That she herself had started to get a sad glance on her face also... A fog was starting to come in and they got thicker and thicker until the moment you hardly saw a thing... A gust of wind came and swept it a little with... And Kotori took hiding behind a rock... She watched how an owlet was walking around, a color pattern she easily recognized... But not the eyes... The eyes were glowing in am crimson red hue... Uncertain what she had to do with this she started to inch in closer as she saw the owlet slowly turning... It was when she took a moment of halt.
Such a sadness got over her as she saw two huge owls staying close towards each other. It brought her to tears as she watched... A sound filled her mind and it was almost like an explanation towards her.
'Those who do not heed the call of the light will always remain in the shadows. Those who can not balance them out shall forever be banned... Those who try to seize the light shall perish with all it' s kind. Do not fear my child of light, they will not harm you anymore.'
It hardly made sense to her... But the poor creature seemed to be alone... Slowly Kotori walked in closer and closer... A glance was soon given towards the creature and back towards the remains of the parents..
As Kotori tried to speak, the sound of melodic tunes came from her. The creature, however, understood her, it took the offers and tried to hug her back. They had a small conversation and Kotori signed a pact between the two, unknown that the contract had chosen her before it took it with anyone else... It was from that day onward... That Kotori held the contract...

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Re: remade Yokai

Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:23 pm

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