Crossing paths [Free topic, open?]

A cold and callus place, the Academy bares solemn witness to those wondering what makes a Suna ninja superior to others. Within not only the harsh realities of shinobi life are taught, but survival skills unmatched by anyone on the continent. Cruel training regimes produce those skilled enough to be the proud bearers of a Sunagakurian forehead protector. Considering the students left in the academy are but a few, not due to the rigors of their academic journey but rather tragedy it is no wonder that the academy is one of the most up to date facilities in the village. Newly built on the surface it welcomes a fresh crop of shinobi recruits.

Students take classes here.

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Re: Crossing paths [Free topic, open?]

Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:25 am

Ryuma watched as Kyoko's shuriken flew into the target, but something was off about her strength. It didn't feel the same as when the young girl used her powerful fire jutsu. Something was off with the shuriken, but they did hit the target and therefore meant she could preform the jutsu. Meaning, both of them could win the mini-competition that was initiated before the class. Turning back from the dummy to speak to Kyoko, Ryuma noticed she had fallen to the ground and seemed terrified to the point of bringing tears to her eyes. On top of this she seemed to be pleading with something as she looked at the dummy she had just hit.

Confused by what it was that was scaring the girl. Ryuma stepped toward her in order to reach down and help her stand up. Before he could touch her a horrible screeching sound echo'd throughout the arena they were in. Reverberating off the walls of the arena and coming back in, causing enough pain to make all the students try and cover their ears. This lasted for a few seconds before the sound suddenly came to a stop and all four teachers stood in the middle of the arena. Ryuma then reached down shaking Kyoko to make sure she was okay. The sound should have been enough to shock her out of fear but if it hadn't hopefully Ryuma could with a few shakes.

"Kiddo's, we have winners. My darlings, we have a three way tie for the reward." The teacher with bright red hair spoke loudly as he voice echo'd throughout the area. Clearing her throat she began to speak again, but interrupted immediately by the large menacing teacher whom had caught Kyoko's shuriken earlier.

"There are no ties, Mia. Natayah, Ryuma. Misaki, Kyoko. Kaguya, Kai. Senju, Misaka. Nara, Yunnan. Xiulan, Tsuka. Follow me, this shall be settled." The large stern teacher walked to the further side of the arena far away from all the other students as the students he called and the blonde female teacher followed. As the large man came to a stop he and the blonde began to speak quietly among themselves as the students waited stood before them. After a few minutes of discussion thee female teacher began to speak.

"To choose a winner, and to complete your last lesson of the day we have you spar with opposing teams. You will work solo, and will get the chance to spar against one member from each team." She coughed as she threw three kunai into the ground forming a triangle around a good size area of land. "Each team will stand behind a kunai, and who fights will be picked at random. If you win you will have the right to decide to take your second spar now, or to pass the buck to another fighter. Winning is decided by knock-out, forfeit, or if we feel you could seriously hurt your opponent." As the teacher continued to explain what would be happening Ryuma looked back at the class to notice that some of them were sparing. The main class had moved on to once you complete your jutsu training you get to spar your partner, the only ones not sparing their partner were the three teams pulled aside.

"Alright, Here are the teams. Nataya, Ryuma & Misaki, Kyoko. Report to your station." The large stern teacher spoke as he point to a kunai closest to the main class. "Next time is Kaguya, Kai & Nara, Yunnan. Report to your station." Again he directed them to a kunai. "Last team, Senju, Misaka & Xiulan, Tsuka. Report to your station." With the last team walking to their kunai both teachers walked out of the triangle they had formed on the ground with kunai.

"Teams, make a choice who will report for battle first." The blonde teacher spoke as she sat on the ground awaiting the decision of the students before them.

The decision for Ryuma was simple. He was going first. The sound of the other students sparring in the background had got him stoked for a fight. He had been waiting all day for a chance to spar against someone, even though his body ached from his earlier beating. "I'm going first." Ryuma demanded this from Kyoko, there was no option in it for her, but as he turned to walk into the arena the large stern teacher from before approached them.

"We have decided you will not go first, Nataya. Misaki, report to the field. You shall participate in the first bout." As he spoke students from the other team walked into the make shift arena. The first round of fighters was: Misaki, Kyoko & Senju, Misaka & Nara, Yunnan. "Now that we have our first set of opponents we have decided that Misaki will fight in the first round. Nara, and Senju decide who will face her." the large man shot both Ryuma and Kyoko a sly grin. This was clearly his way of getting back at them for the shuriken mistake of earlier, and Ryuma very brash attitude toward the teacher.
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Re: Crossing paths [Free topic, open?]

Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:31 pm

Kyoko's eyes widened as her fingernails bled from scraping against the arena's earthen floor. Everything disappeared as it had months before, leaving her mind in a void of endless darkness. She looked down to find darkness dripping from his arms, as if it was cement before it hardened. The figure drew closer, without a word. Its eyes drew hers like a magnet. Kyoko tried to scream, but her lungs felt like they had vicegrips on them and her body was as heavy and inflexible as stone. Even the screech from her instructors didn't phase her. Her eyes turned into the direction she believed they came from, but she could not move. The being hands just about to grasp her, when she felt Ryuma's hand push her shoulder. She clung to that arm and found herself sitting in front of the skewered dummy, with her sharingan flourishing. She took two deep breaths, letting her chest expand as much as possible, before following Ryuma. As she stood back up, she looked toward the dummy but felt nothing but emptiness. Her eyes had bags under them and the color from her face was gone.
"Kiddo's, we have winners. My darlings, we have a three way tie for the reward."
The shy girl stood at the edge of the class who exploded in cheers when the winners were announced. A few even attempted to congratulate Kyoko, but were deterred by her zombie like appearance. She grinned though and felt a wave of relief wash over her and began to walk toward the exit. The prize mattered not so much as her being able to leave already. Her eyes were still strained from before and she just wanted to rest. Just then the man who had tried to scold her earlier, stepped forth with another teacher as well. They both explained the rules of what would be the tie breaker. Kyoko froze in place and turned back with weary eyes to find the other competitors already lined up. She sighed reluctantly as she made her way back, in order to forfeit.
"I'm going first."
She looked toward the boy and nodded. She sighed with a bit of relief, when the teacher's harsh voice boomed again. She glared at the man who was twirling the same shuriken in hand with a bit of a grin. He gestured with a hand over to her opponents, who were arguing over who would go first. "I'm going first. I'll put 'er in place for the both of us, girl", Nara said with a barking tone. Misaka stomped her foot, to reveal the strength her small frame already possessed. Pointing to herself she barked back, " No she's mine. I have to repay her for earlier". Other girls in the crowd were pumped up and began to cheer her on as well. Kyoko simply glared at them with content and waved off the affair with a weary wave. " I don't care about this. I'm going home to see daddy", she said before turning back to the door. The other two were about to roar in protest when the teacher who initiated this event, disappeared in a burst of wind. Kyoko noticed just a moment too late when her feet stopped touching the ground.

The world spun before she could even process what was going on. With a small thud, she hit the floor on her back with the towering behemoth of a man loomed over her. She grimaced from the pain and coughed as she heard the sound of the metal peircing the earth. " You're in my yard girl. Daddy can't do anything to help you". Kyoko looked to the window to find her father shaking his head and gesturing toward the others. The other instructors looked in shock for a moment, before looking coughing. " Is this really necessary sensei? We can move on with---", was all she could utter when he shot her a deathly glare. " There's a coming storm. We should execute this girl for insubordination like they did in our legends. But I'm giving this ingrate a chance, to prove herself to her betters".

Kyoko's gaze didn't leave his face. Her eyes fixed upon him, examining every muscle on his face."Sensei, if I take care of those cretins...can I see my daddy"? He looked down on her with a grin and placed his hands in his pockets. "If you can beat both, I'll let you go home". Kyoko grabbed the knife and let her torso dangle just a moment as Nara and Senju looked at eachother, then at Kyoko. "I like the idea girl! Yes, you two pick up a kunai! It will be good practice".

Nara was a thug, so he grinned at the thought. The senju hesistated, but managed to steel herself when the crowd cheered her on. There was a deathly silence between both sides, before Kyoko whose eyes were trained on thiers. She dashed forward with reckless abandon. "Just watch yerself senju, she's gonna use a fire style jutsu", he said brimming with confidence. The senju scoffed and said, " Are you blind, she's clearly jumping over us like an ameteur". The two froze with a sense of shock as they realized what was going on. Nara used the cancel jutsu just a moment too late. Kyoko's knee was already boring itself into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. She promptly slashed his shoulder blade and drew blood that flew behind him. Nara yelped in pain and threw himself backward, falling face first. This made the Senju quake in terror. " Was off just a bit", kyoko said as she pivoted in order to thrust her grisly kunai into the other girl's neck.

At the last moment the stunned blonde and red headed teachers separated all three students, with Kyoko being tossed like a rag doll into the otherside of the arena. She stopped 20-30 feet away from the group, struggling to cope with the blow that sent her flying. "IS THAT ENOUGH SENSEI? LOOK AT THIS MESS", the red head said with a roar that even made him flinch. He shook his head and shrugged. "That surprised me as well sensei", he said. From the door Kyoko's father burst through running toward his daughter whose eyes were starting to bleed from over use. He screamed her name, prompting the girl to snap out of her rampage. She turned away from the group and grasped her father's abdomen, with bloodied tears coursing down her face. " Daddy? Is it really you"?

He didn't say a word, but rather he merely stroked her head while glaring at the teacher who goaded her.

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When Kyoko made eye contact with the other two students, she casted mimic using insidious gaze. To make both students see a different action.

The storm is referring to the civil war.

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