Mikon and Company Have Returned [Entering Country]

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Mikon and Company Have Returned [Entering Country]

Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:22 am

The journey from Tea Country to Wind Country had finally been completed as Lady Hinoka and the Byakko guards had entered into our country's lands and began their long trek to the village. It seemed like the journey from the foreign country to their home had been a rather longer one than expected and it made people question if they had gotten lost or if they just were bogged down with extra weight due to all the purchases between Lady Hinoka and Lady Kyuji in Tea Country when Kyuji was not practicing, sparring, or fighting in the tournament. While the descendant of Byakko typically was always busy, she did manage to find some time to enjoy herself and it made her friend, Lady Hinoka, so happy to see since the tournament winner had seemed so down ever since the fateful night in the Red Light District where her life had changed completely. It was understandable but nevertheless, Hinoka was happy to see Kyuji starting to be happy and enjoying life more.

She did wish though that the winner of the Tea Country tournament would have came home with them instead of venturing off to Earth Country by herself for personal reasons. But, she had her reasons and Hinoka was not going to butt into them especially since Kyuji had been a great hostess to her and her cousin, Azusa. Unfortunately, Azusa and Kyuji were not really talking anymore, but she knew deep down inside that her cousin did appreciate Kyuji's generosity long ago. Nevertheless, she hoped they would get to the gates sooner or later as her tail was being belted by the course, dry desert air and she needed a nice, warm bath to clean her petite ears and gorgeous tail.

[Country Entered with Lady Hinoka and NPC Byakko Guards in 1 hour. Topic entered and left after the time period.]
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