Break Away [Narration for Environmental Change]

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Break Away [Narration for Environmental Change]

Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:25 pm

The ceiling rumbled and streams of sand flowed through the cracking stone like rivers. Tendrils of sand fell to the distant cavern floor as the ceiling grated and groaned as the world threatened to come crumbling down. As the ceiling and the false sky started to fragment, slivers of sky could be seen overhead. Stalactites broken away and would crash a few hundred feet below. The citizens would start screaming as they scattered. Down yet another would crash, breaking through flesh and structure alike. The blue sky visible through a dusty haze.
I am touched to be trusted with something so terrible as what I am about to do...
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Re: Break Away [Narration for Environmental Change]

Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:49 pm

Shouki has entered Sunagakure, he made no secret of his entry into the village nor did he keep his first act as a resident madman a secret. He freed the lunatics from the Asylum but that is not all -- he, or perhaps he along with some skilled help has been causing a problem in the newly renovated Order structures. These acts may appear random but nothing is entirely random with a man such as Shouki. He is planning something BIG but he also have a love for games, perhaps that can be used against him to find victory.

A fourth victim will soon emerge, perhaps you can stop him if you can determine WHAT his plan is!
I am touched to be trusted with something so terrible as what I am about to do...
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Re: Break Away [Narration for Environmental Change]

Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:47 pm

The Day Everything Changed

A hum would ring out through all the headsets and communication radios and devices within the village. The entire shinobi world stood still for just one moment awaiting a message without realizing that the denizens on either side waited for the same message to be heard.

"Attention, this is Sennin Roku. For a time now the village leadership has been fighting a battle against a force that was created to destroy not only the village leadership but the entire village itself. Some of you may have noticed the hostility those of the region Sora hold towards anyone who mentions they are from Sunagakure no Sato or is a shinobi, especially one of this village. The reason for this is simple and yet incredibly complex; the Daimyo is plotting the end of our village and the end of our shinobi way. While there is more to that, it is not the most prevalent to why I am contacting you all. What you, as a shinobi of this village, should be aware of a prepared for is this; we are officially at war with the forces of the Daimyo. An army of incredibly strong individuals known as the Sovereign, who are a far greater threat than The Cabal insurgency, are coming for us and have already met us in battle. While the Sennin, the Kazekage and skilled Jounin of this village have met these forces head on, we can no longer keep you all in the dark. You must be prepared for the coming threat. The recent communications involving mass murder and disorder in the asylum, issues within The Orders locations, the destruction in the residential area, all of these were issues where the enemy entered our village and caused havoc."

Who was that? Had they ever heard that voice before? Many of them had heard his voice but despite the ongoing aggression between these communities most were blissfully unaware of the fact that the Sunan government has been withholding vital information from the public at large for years. That they were derelict in their duties as protectors and advocates. A murmur would swell, everyone had heard the same thing. Some muttered a response, some responded louder and this cacophony of noise erupted simultaneously throughout the previously quiet, humming community. It was then that many looked side to side and realized that everyone had heard the same thing.

"We have lost many lives so far and the enemies are monsters who nearly no one shinobi in this village can take head on, but that is not to dishearten you. While we have lost lives, we have also dealt defeats to the Sovereign menace that will leave their forces reeling. Their general has fallen, members have been captured for information and others have met defeat. This threat, while seeming overwhelming, can and will be defeated. Not by myself, not by the Kazekage, not by the other Sennin... but by the combined might of all the members of Sunagakure. Our failure to end the chaos of The Cabal threat in a timely matter cannot be repeated. All shinobi of the village will receive a dossier containing information on the known Sovereign members. If you encounter anyone who meets these descriptions or encounter any one acting strange, it is your duty to contact backup in the form of the Sennin or the ANBU. We can no longer blissfully ignore the threat to our village, and you all must be prepared to fight. Stay vigilant, never act on an enemy alone and most of all survive. There has yet to be anything we, as a village, have encountered that we could not withstand. Legendary sandworm, a diamond maelstrom, and insurgency... we may take a beating but the spirit within all of you, the spirit of our ancestors the First Men, beat within you. It is a spirit endowed with an unending perseverance, an unshakeable will and a determination that will overcome any obstacle. We will succeed in eradicating the darkness around us, and we will see that light returns to this country once more."

The village would not return to silence.

Posters would be plastered throughout the village, each donning one of the sovereign's face.



Name: Ishii Shouki
Age: 19 years (20 years December 1st)
Height: 7 feet, 0 inches
Weight: 279 lbs
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Red
Defining Markings: Several piercings, particularly cartilage piercings as well as intimate piercings. Also some dark runic tattoos that are often covered by clothes. Location is back, between shoulder blades and upper arms.
Preferred Attire: Variable but casual.
  • Bastard son of Diamyo Ishii Shiro and Oracle Fuu.
  • Not considered to be in line for the throne because he is an illegitimate but he was raised in the Palace of the Glorious Immortal.
  • Tutored in Tea Country to hone his ninjutsu and genjutsu.
  • Privately trained in taijutsu by private tutors in both Sora and Tea Country.
  • Literate, a genius on par with an Oracle. Educated formally in terms of reading and writing through books written by Fuu that were transported to tutors in Soons. His education emulated that of an Oracle because of these books.
  • Cursed Seals placed by Nao.
  • Practitioner of Jashinism. Shouki is considered to be a Jashinist priest.
  • Upon completion of his training he was informally placed as the general of the Soverign Army.
  • He was sent on a mission to recover Oracle Fuu, she was found among a treasure-seeking group known as the Cabal. He attacked her and brought her before Diamyo Ishii Shiro for judgement, Fuu was sent to Nao for treatment. Shouki subsequently joined the Cabal group and the Cabal group was given access to Sunagakure's infrastructure. Fuu was re-added 3 months later.
  • Shouki's purpose in The Cabal was to keep the Kazekage outside of the village for the first 72 hours of the siege. After that Shouki was supposed to return to Sora and muster the Soverign Army, citing the Cabal's success. The Cabal's attack successful. The determination was that Sunagakure was a sub-par and that they could be easily destroyed.
  • The Soverign attack was prevented because of Shouki's mysterious absence. He failed to return to lead his army, reportedly because he fell underground when leaving the Maw of Barynx to return to Sora. He attacked some moderate ranked assumed shinobi, apparently taking on a perverse interest in the Kazekage. The fate of those he took is undocumented but as there is no record of their recovery my reports assume them to be dead.
  • Swallowed by Gamabunta after he fought Sousuke, however he was seen several months later according to civilian reports that described a man matching his description nude walking through the residential district. His present whereabouts are unknown but there have been no reports that he has exited the community nor have there been any reports of brutal attacks that would match a description of what he might do.
  • Akimichi heritage on father's side; mother is merely known as a 'quick learner.'

Fighting Style:
  • Exceptionally durable.
  • Uses a giant blade when he fights, it is as tall as he is and weighs 100 pounds.
  • Sado-masochist.
  • Reckless fighting style.
  • Seeks pain.

Known Affiliations:
  • Cabal member Naganisa - former sex whore-slave in Soons. She has had a consensual physical relationship with Shouki in the past.
  • Kazekage Takahashi Sousuke III - he is likely obsessed with him and will likely seek to play a mind game with the Kazekage.
  • He seeks opportunities to be violent and also enjoys sex, neither of these things are mutually exclusive.

Name: Unknown; goes by the moniker "Number 1"; "Ichi"
Age: 50'ish
Height: 6 foot 0 inches
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: dark brown
Defining Markings: Multiple scars over his body as well as runic tattoos
Preferred Attire: Covered in clean, white bandages that cover most of his flesh. He wears normal clothes over this, however it is normally nothing more than a pair of sandals and loose-fitting pants.
  • The longest-term member of the Soverign Academy.
  • His origins are unknown but it is likely that he was picked up from the street as someone who would not be missed as a child.
  • He is a member of the Soverign Army and has been for decades. He serves only the Diamyo's orders.
  • He specializes in quieter missions that have remained undocumented so information cannot be shared because it is unknown. However it is important to note that he often does missions on his own but he also works in small team cells when requested.
  • Considered the "ultimate tool" as stated by Daimyo Ishii.
  • No formal education but he is literate and considered highly intelligent but there is no known reason why.
  • Seals were likely placed by Nao and include: Terra, Celestial, Gaia, Lunar, Hell, Astral, Solar, and Heaven Seals

Fighting Style
  • Genjutsuist. His power comes from his word.
  • Stronger than General Shouki, but not immortal.

Known Affiliations:
  • None. He is all business so it is unlikely you will find him sulking about. He follows orders to the letter and considers himself a 'good soldier.'
  • Last known orders were to assist in the collection of Sennins. His part in the matter is unknown, but he as well as the rest of the Soverign were ordered to contact the Sennins or other high-ranking delegates from around the world when they arrived in Soons Haven. He is likely processing a foreign delegate.

[v]Name:[/b] Unknown; "Number 2"; "Mad Monsutā"; "Ni"
Age: 44
Height: 7 feet, 0 inches
Weight: 345
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Blonde, pulled back from his face and bound most commonly but sometimes left down.
Defining Markings: Bilateral ears pierced; runic tattoos on back that appear to be cursed seals. All of the cursed seals appear conventional less one at the base of his neck that is unrecognizable.
Preferred Attire: No shirts (ever); loose-fitting pants; heavy jewelry that is not gold but he believes it is made of purse gold. Some of these pieces are so massive that they also serve as partial plate armor.
  • Street child picked up in Soons Haven at the age of 3; son of a whore and one of her customers. While undocumented it was believed that he was sold to the Soverign.
  • No formal education beyond what he was given by the Soverign Academy. Does not understand sarcasm, metaphors, slang or language shorthand.
  • Serves primarily as a guardian for various targets of interest. He has never lost a subject he has presided over.
  • He is presently monitoring Ishii Sango.

Fighting Style:
  • Exceptionally durable.
  • Unarmed fighter who cannot be physically bound.
  • Reckless fighting style.
  • Selfless in strategy, he will destroy himself to destroy a dangerous target, however he has proven himself too durable to be destroyed.
  • It is unknown if he is immortal, he has never been defeated, even by Shouki or Number 1 but what he has in strength he lacks in intellect.

Known Affiliations:
  • He is in love with fellow Soverign member Shichi, however the sentiment is unrequited.
  • Shiny things - he loves all that glitters.
  • The target he is protecting -- he will not be more than a room away for the duration of his assignment.

Name: Unknown; called "Number 3" or "San"
Age: 40
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: white?
Hair Color: N/A
Defining Markings: Made of a viscous black substance, he is devoid of known organs beyond dentition and an oropharyngeal cavity.
Preferred Attire: N/A
  • Sold off as a youth, exact age unknown by an orphanage in Sora to the Soverign Academy for a stipend. This was common practice about three decades ago where one child is sold off in exchange for a food stipend that had enough value to.
  • Level of education is irrelevant, he does not create plans and will follow them to an extent but will sometimes divert from the path. He is considered insane and a dangerous, violent liability in missions because he does not care about the welfare of his teammates but he does care about the success of a mission.
  • He has killed 32 fellow Soverign purposefully, 17 others succumbed to grievous wounds weeks after incidents.
  • He is used primarily as an interrogator for the Diamyo's enemies, something Number 3 enjoys. His victims rarely live.
  • He is presently in Soons Harbor, he is capable of breathing under water and is being used to wrest control of the waters.

Fighting Style:
  • With a non-conformist body, he is mostly fluid. Physical attacks as well as water-based attacks are highly ineffective.
  • Master of water-based jutsus, he enjoys drowning his victims.
  • Does not care about the safety of his allies.
  • Never negotiates.

Known Affiliations:
  • A sadist, he has no known friends however it is rumored he gets along well with Shouki.
  • Water -- he is always in water. It is unknown if this is a preference or a biological need but he will seek water to even sleep in and will only remain out of the water for a few hours at a time.

Name: Ōtsuki Sayuri; "Number 4"; "Shi."
Age: 38
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 118 lbs
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: white
Defining Markings: Multiple piercings but with fine studs so they are not immediately noticeable.
Preferred Attire: Variable
  • Entered during a different era of Soverign training, slightly more refined. The children were still victims of experimentation but the effect on their appearance was not as immediately noticeable.
  • A street rat child, orphaned at the age of six she lived on the streets of Soons Haven surviving by selling her wares which at the time were necklaces made from fishbones that she filed down to resemble long ivory-live beads.
  • Experimented on, her body is filled with dark tendrils that are under her command and her limbs are capable of detachment.
  • Trained to fight from the shadows, she was trained to fight formally by Nao.
  • A watcher primarily, skilled at infiltration, subterfuge and assassination she is one of the better known members of the Soverign despite being far from the most powerful or the one with the longest tenure. Publicly is is known as a mercenary with no official affiliation with the Diamyo but this is untrue. She officially works in Soons Haven, often working closely with the Merchant Lords.
  • She was tasked with the collection of Sennins as well as the brainwashing of the collected victims.

Fighting Style:
  • She is a watcher primarily, skilled at infiltration, subterfuge and assassination.
  • The tendrils inside of her have offensive capacity.
  • She has cannibalistic tendencies and eats humans hearts, often of former lovers.
  • She likes to embarrass her opponents.
  • She is beautiful and uses this to her advantage. She will not enter a fair fight when she does not have to. She has a proficiency with poisons.

Known Affiliations:
  • She does not get along with most of her fellow Soverign members, specifically taro because of her "bad attitude."
  • She is a drinker and a gambler, however her identity during these outings is closely guarded.
  • She has a crush on a woman in Sunagakure, however the woman does not know that she exists (pick the woman as this is not defined but it must be a PC and first to pick one assume that it the name in the file).

Name: Ogasawara Nao; while the fifth member nobody has called him anything but his name.
Age: at least 70
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Weight: 168 lbs
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: black hair, half shaved and half long enough to be considered a long bob that he often pulls back with a hair binder.
Defining Markings: Multiple piercings, often silvered pieces of metal. When one looks closely at the metal they would notice runic markings. In addition his body is tattooed with inky black runic markings, however if one were to watch them long enough they would notice that these seals change albeit slowly they do so over the course of minutes.
Preferred Attire: Dark, juvenile choices with gothic tones. He seems to not differentiate between masculine or feminine attire, his boots are often heeled giving him an additional 2-4 inches height. Despite his advanced age, he has the skin (although very pale) of a teenager.
  • Rumored to be immortal, but this rumor has never been proven or disproved.
  • Joined the Soverign of his own accord 30 years ago but he has been associated with the Soverign for much longer.
  • A dabbler in Jashinism, Nao is not a Jashinist but rather a Dark Sage. His power-set differs from that of other Dark Sages however. More powerful in a singular regard while at the same time much more limited. Nao's corpses work independent of him, however their scope is limited to their command and the corpses remain their previous sentiment but not full control.
  • He has a particular interest in former Sunahoshi corpses as well as other figures of historical significance.
  • He is considered to be potentially the most powerful among the Soverign, however this has never been proven because nobody has actually ever fought him.
  • He came from Tea Country
  • He is on a different level than most of the Sovereign, he does not go by a number and is responsible for many of the seals that are placed on the other Sovereign as well as the re-education of most. He likely has a personal goal considering his choice of seals on oracle Fuu because she was beholden to him rather than the Diamyo.

Fighting Style:
  • Fights via proxy with his resurrected corpses.
  • Master of sealing.
  • Never directly places himself in danger if it can be prevented.

Known Affiliations:
  • A confidant of the Diamyo's and his oldest friend.
  • Can be found in the Sovereign Academy or the Palace of the Glorious Immortal.

Name: Muto Atsushi; "Number 6"; "Roku"
Age: 22
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 400 lbs
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black, ragged
Defining Markings: Body is mostly metal; His gears whirl which each movement and in his wake the occasional belch of smoke.
Preferred Attire: Normal clothes, variable.
  • The son of a prolific inventor, he suffered an injury as a child that caused him to lose a leg. He fell from the wall he climbed on a childish dare that surrounded Soons and fracutured his leg. The leg was so badly infected that it had to be amputated a few weeks later.
  • His father created a prosthetic for him that allowed Number 6 to maintain functionality.
  • His father died in an accident when Atsushi was 11; he died of carbon monoxide poisoning when one of his vents in his workshop became clogged.
  • Number 6's mother died when he was very young leaving him an orphan. The workshop fell quickly into disarray but Atsushi seemed to share in his father's talent. He worked in the small workshop for the next 2 years, he did gain a meager following that likely would have grown with time had he had the time to do so.
  • The workshop tools were repossessed at the age of 13, the Merchant Lords had confiscated most of his work. He was tossed onto the street. He did not last long on the streets before he was found by Number 1.
  • To escape the streets he accepted the offer to enter the Soverign Academy.
  • He was trained and reconditioned for the next 2 years in the academy. When he left the academy he was rather ill, he suffered several medical ailments however he was kept alive by a fellow 'student' who would one day be known as "Shichi" and the source of their relationship. A majority of his body was replaced with inorganic items such as stone and metal, he somehow survived these rough surgeries.
  • He refined his body once he 'graduated' from the Academy.
  • He was an early favorite of General Shouki, who was 12 at the time Number 6 was added to the Soverign Army, he was conscripted at the age of 15.
  • His duties have varied. Exceptionally durable and with a variety of offensive, defensive and supportive prosthetics he is very dangerous in unexpected ways. Most notable is his fire-based attacks due to the oil in his flame thrower. He is also fast because he has rocket boosters.
  • He was last seen in Sunagakure; he attacked Oracle Fuu but his reason was unknown.

Fighting Style:
  • Prosthetics used in combat, he has a variety of tools built into his body.
  • Chemical and fire damages are the most prolific.

Known Affiliations:
  • Favored by Shouki, likely for his unusual presence.
  • Has a friendship with Shichi, she likely provides him with medical attention.
  • He might have a sense of loyalty to Ichi.
  • A capable inventor, it is likely he maintains a shop someplace where he develops his prosthetics.


Name: Miyabe Amaya; "Number 7"; Shichi
Age: 24
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 129 lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Long, lavender
Defining Markings: a seal on her hand that is a command seal
Preferred Attire: Variable, she tends to dress like a civilian for the most part when she is not working but when she is working as a member of the Sovereign she tends to obfuscate her identity with a cowl.
  • A medic by nature, she was once a Sunan medic hopeful.
  • Never actually graduated from the Academy of course despite her aptitude but did have some basic shinobi training in Sunagakure.
  • Believed dead, her parents faked her death to prevent a kidnapping. She was kidnapped as a young girl from her hotel room, her parents never woke up in response to her abductor and feared reprisal or worse yet blame. Instead they faked her death and claimed he drowned in the bay.
  • She was not experimented on by Nao, unlike many of the others. Rather she was psychologically manipulated over several years.
  • She serves as a medic for her group in missions, often never entering the direct fray because she was there only to stitch her allies back together. For that reason publicly she is not known to be associated with the Diamyo beyond her graduation from the Soverign Academy at the age of 17. They are and have continued to be known publicly as a 'school' for the underprivileged.
  • Publicly her jobs are variable, but she presently works for a newspaper based out of Soons. She writes articles under a variety of penames but does so under the guidance of the Diamyo. Her articles are often strong opinion pieces.
  • Her last mission was to assist in the Sennin collection. She was not to kill them but rather to be defeated by one and captured sand to seek to harness their hubris.

Fighting Style:
  • Powerful ninjutsuist and healer.
  • Expert in bondage techniques and poisons.
  • A surgeon worthy of accolades
  • Capable illusionist but she prefers ninjutsu because it makes her 'creations' real.
  • Does not require handseals to cast ninjutsus.

Known Affiliations:
  • Number 2 has a crush on her but she does not share his feelings.
  • She is a close friend with Number 6, it is unknown if they are romantically involved.
  • She works for a newspaper based out of Soons Haven.
  • For the most part she appears to be a middle class woman that lives in Soons Haven. Her schedule includes manicure and pedicure the first saturday of the month. She works monday through friday at The Herald from none to five. She gets coffee every morning between 0815 and 0845 at a small cafe called the Desert Rose where she buys a small coffee and a buttery danish that she drinks and consumed on her way to her job that she walks to every morning. She brings her lunch every day except Wednesday, on that day she eats lunch at a small dimly lit bistro that specializes in fish dishes. She meets someone there each week between 1100 and 1230. In the evening she walks home and rarely leaves her residence which is located in the middle class region of Soons Haven on a second floor apartment. 675 New Stone Drive. She gets groceries every Sunday, she seems to have a love for fish because most of her food is bought at Soons Harbor. She also seems to have a strong preference for vegetables, it is possible she is a pescaterian.

Name: Yuji; "Number 8"; "Hachi"
Age: 20
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Weight: 198 lbs
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Red, messy
Defining Markings: Several piercings
Preferred Attire: Variable, he dresses like a young man in rather utilitarian clothes including cargo pants and light jackets with a number of pockets.
  • Born in a brothel, his mother is Naganisa a Cabalist.
  • He was adopted during his infancy and passed around to several orphanages in his youth. Most of the families did not treat him well.
  • He acted out as a child and was labeled a delinquent but he did have a 'normal' education up until the age of 12 in public schools in various parts of Wind Country.
  • He was eventually abandoned in front of the Soverign Academy at the age of 12.
  • He was indoctrinated into the academy where he was reconditioned.
  • He 'graduated' the academy the next year at the age of 13, one of the fastest graduates. He apparently has a natural affinity and skill for the things expected of a Cabalist.
  • His duties as a Soverign are variable but he is often called upon by the Diamyo to complete tasks and they are done with proficiency. They are most commonly assassinations.

Fighting Style:
  • He fights with knives.
  • Strong affinity for poisons.

Known Affiliations:
  • He has a rivalry with Shouki; this is not associated with Shouki's relationship with his mother because he is not aware that his mother's identity is known.
  • He is methodical in his assassinations, he can be found in libraries as well as coffee houses throughout Soons and Sora.
  • He works as a sommelier in Soons presently.
  • He lives among the Merchant Lords and affluent businessmen in the heart of Soons, his pattern changes weekly but he tends to live at each household for a week and assists in event planning for these wealthy men and women.


Name: Oogami Taro; "Number 9" (used rarely); "Kyū" (used rarely)
Age: 20
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Indigo
Defining Markings: Tattoos - some runic but many merely artistic.
Preferred Attire: Rather dynamic fashion choices, he likes to be noticed. He likes to wear sunglasses indoors.
  • Orphaned at a young age he lived on the streets and stole food and baubles to survive.
  • [ Considered a street rat he was captured at the age of 6 by samurais and brought to the Merchant Lords for judgement. He was sent to the Sovereign Academy for wayward youth in hopes that he would become a 'benefit to society.'
  • He escaped the Sovereign twice and was subsequently recaptured each time by local authorities and returned to the Sovereign over the next year. He was considered problematic even by the Academy because he assisted with each of those escaped several other youths and most of these youths were never recovered.
  • He was subsequently reprogrammed. He believes that he is a hero in service of the Daimyo as well as an abstract view of 'justice' that has been instilled by the Sovereign.
  • He graduated the Academy at the age of 17.
  • Considered unemployed according to public records he can often be found in various bars making bets where he demonstrates feets of strength and flexibility, his gains are considered enough for him to support himself.
  • He was sent to Soons Haven to collect Sennins most recently as per the order of the Diamyo. He was ordered to hurt them because they beat women. He has killed several foreign dignitaries to date via blunt force trauma - their faces and pelvises were crushed.

Fighting Style:
  • He is a Kirishii
  • He can find opponents even if they are hidden, he has a sense that allows him to find anyone that touches anything that touches the ground.
  • He prefers using his hands in combat but he has been trained in all matter of taijutsu, has some skill in ninjutsu and even genjutsu.
  • He likes to show off

Known Affiliations:
  • Justice
  • As an idealist he is considered to be "a fool" by most of his fellow Sovereign.
  • He tries to collect friends but they often do not survive his allies the Sovereign. He has kidnapped friends before to stop them from running away.


Name: Natsukawa Avaron; "Number 10" (used rarely); "Jū" (used rarely)
Age: 23
Height: 5 foot 7 inch
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: grey-green
Hair Color: black with a streak of bed
Defining Markings: Runic tattoo seals placed by Nao that are not readily visible because they are under her clothes.
Preferred Attire: Simple tank shirt and pants with a pair of heavy military style boots. She wears a pair of dog tags that have her name graven on them.
  • She came to Wind Country 1 year ago at the behest of the Otokage, he was seeking to unify Otogakure with Wind Country preferably through marriage.
  • Upon arrival she allegedly learned of the Soverign Army and offered her services, joining the Soverign voluntarily.
  • She never entered a reformatting.
  • She tends to work closely with Nao but does odd tasks for both Ishii Shiro and Nao upon request.
  • Her most recent venture was to Sunagakure where she came to recover the known criminal Cabalist Kaito. Her success is unknown.

Fighting Style:
  • She is capable of creating bombs that can explode remotely, via proximity or timed.
  • Can is able to absorb the abilities and skills of those she is fighting.

Known Affiliations:
  • Favored by Otokage Kageoni.
  • Good working relationship with Nao and the Daimyo.
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