The Reflection Eternal [Exiting Country]

Facing northwards out into the sea, Titan’s Keep is the entrance into the great shinobi village of Iwagakure. Not only does it serve as the first line of the defense for the village, but it also serves as the port for the Earth Countries import and export. Based on the delta of a river that spills into the Northern Sea, Titan’s keep is harbor of unique design. A string of bridges connect small islands together, and tie them to the beachhead, where the village gates stand eternal.

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The Reflection Eternal [Exiting Country]

Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:50 am

There was a rush of nostalgia in the sea spray for Kaji Okada as he stood at the lower limits of Titan’s Keep. His past lingered behind him up that road paved from a basilisk’s hide. It was Maruishi— the city where the urchin boy become an operative for a most elite company and was set loose on the world as an instrument of destruction. Within the sea-spray was the culmination of years— the salt of sweat from the deeds he’d done, and the tears of repentance sought for those same acts. Kaji was always stoic, now waiting to board a merchant vessel embarking for a port city in Lightning Country, yet his thoughts were focused on his past. There was a concrete jungle towering behind him; one of the greatest marvels every constructed by man. Maruishi was a house for madness with secrets galore— shinobi working in the shadows just as their founders intended. It was these secrets that almost destroyed a younger Kaji, and now as a fully realized man, he still found himself struggling in the past few weeks. Kaji had come here to finish severing himself from a long past he had simply been fleeing from until now. Truly leaving the stone required closure, but for a shinobi— you must understand that it's never as simple as saying goodbye. A man cannot leave his mistakes in the hands of the next generation, not if he wishes to live the rest of his days in peace. So in these passing weeks, there was work to be done to ensure that this time the past would never come creeping back.

Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.

What Kaji had done was a service to his home, both past, and present, though it would take time for the word to spread of what had happened in his ancestral home. The most useful part of dealing in the shadows was how news spread slowly. And so, Kaji found ease in his departure from Titan’s Keep. He boarded the sea charter, met the captain and crew, and found a quiet place on the stern so he could watch Titan’s Keep shrink until it was swallowed by the sea. Now the time had come to return to his true home, and the family he had made in this much deserved new chapter in the life of Kaji Okada.

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