Time to Go Home [Leaving Country]

Facing northwards out into the sea, Titan’s Keep is the entrance into the great shinobi village of Iwagakure. Not only does it serve as the first line of the defense for the village, but it also serves as the port for the Earth Countries import and export. Based on the delta of a river that spills into the Northern Sea, Titan’s keep is harbor of unique design. A string of bridges connect small islands together, and tie them to the beachhead, where the village gates stand eternal.

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Time to Go Home [Leaving Country]

Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:43 pm

After my time in the Abandoned Mineshaft with my parents and reflecting on things, I decided to head home to Sand as I continued to hear a voice, but could not find the source of it. It was probably me hearing things because of being physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from the World Martial Arts Tournament and I simply needed to rest as I had a significant lack of sleep for sure. Then again, I could also be getting lurked upon and someone was targeting me since this was where I went missing from years ago. Only time would tell, but I knew one thing and that was I missed my family, friends and village and could not wait to go home and relax a little bit or at least I hoped I could!

[Leaving Country in 1 hour. Topic enter and left in 1 hour.]
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