"Sweet Paradise" [Entering Country]

Facing northwards out into the sea, Titan’s Keep is the entrance into the great shinobi village of Iwagakure. Not only does it serve as the first line of the defense for the village, but it also serves as the port for the Earth Countries import and export. Based on the delta of a river that spills into the Northern Sea, Titan’s keep is harbor of unique design. A string of bridges connect small islands together, and tie them to the beachhead, where the village gates stand eternal.

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"Sweet Paradise" [Entering Country]

Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:22 am

The journey had been long and it felt like time had gone ever so slowly, but I was finally back in my birth country and the one that I lived for a significant amount of my life. The country did not look all that much different than it did before when I left, but it did seem that people were more of edge now than then. It could have been due to the attacks that were occurring when I was fleeing the village due to personal reasons or something more recent had occurred. Regardless of reason, it was not my concern as I was not a shinobi of the Hidden Stone anymore and I had made a name for myself internationally as the World Martial Arts Champion and in my village as a respective member of the medical branch as I was one of the only remaining active medical chiefs.

My goal for my venture here was to visit the old Abandoned Mineshaft where I lived for much of my life here and to pay respect to my parents whose graves were near the site. Of course, I would make time for some other areas depending on how long I spent with my parents, but as long as I gave them the time they deserved, this journey was well worth it. Hopefully, I could keep it together when I was with them but only time would tell. However, this journey was mine and mine alone; Lord Byakko already knew that he was not to intervene if something happened nor were Lady Hinoka or the guards supposed to follow as I needed this time alone for my own mental sake so I could be better when I returned back to Sand.

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