Hospital Opening [Open Thread - Mission Arc Finale]

Many changes have been made to the area. What was a war-zone, now is the center of the renaissance of inner Marushi. In place of the old small hope clinic, stands “The Hope Hospital.” This large, tall hospital has been built up by the government to help with the sickened poor of the area, do studies to advance their knowledge, as well as mend the injured forces. With brand new treatment methods, and a goal to make the whole area safe, this new Hospital stands for its name, hope. Though many still despise it's presence, seeing it as throwing away tradition for science, it is there for all who need it and enter it's doors for treatment.

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Re: Hospital Opening [Open Thread - Mission Arc Finale]

Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:27 pm

Anger. Rage. Frustration. All of these words would properly describe the young man right about now. This mangy mutt thought it could just do whatever it wanted and get away with it? The young man was going to teach it differently! Staring the thing straight in the eyes, the young man silently challenged it to do it again. The young man wanted to see how far this demon dog would go to satiate it's own thirst for misery and despair. The puppeteer could even see that smirk, that knowing sneer that meant the dog was enjoying itself. "I swear, I will end you mutt." That's when it happened. The dog lunged. It jumped. The young man couldn't react in time. He wasn't able to reach his arms up in time to block that assault. It was all over. The world seemed to be in slow motion, and the Ayatsuri could do nothing to stop it. All he could do was close his eyes, and pray that the demon beast would be merciful.

He wasn't. Ginjiro's face got completely covered in drool, like a gigantic snail had just slicked it's way over the young man. It was just do gross! As he watched the dog run off towards the stage, the young man was still in quite a bit of shock from the whole thing. He could hardly move, and only did so to wipe the slimy saliva out of his eyes. He was using every ounce of his willpower to not run up to the stage and finish the dog right then and there. However, he was also using every ounce of his willpower to not get sick off of this stuff. He couldn't do anything more, paralyzed out of disgust. Slowly making his way around people, the young man left in search of a towel he could use to clean himself off. This day would never be forgotten, for this was a day of reckoning. Looking back up at the stage, the young man remembered the canine's face. "Buru, huh?" This mutt would be remembered. He would be scorned. And one day, when there paths would meet again, he'd be dead.

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Re: Hospital Opening [Open Thread - Mission Arc Finale]

Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:42 pm

Basking in the adoration that was being thrown his way, Buru sat there tall and proud. For a ninken this was probably one of the greatest honors that one could ever get. He was being named a real shinobi! Well “honorary” shinobi but what was the difference. Of course, this was funny because Buru the dog for Ii Hissori was being named an offical shinobi BEFORE Hissori himself. This was not crossing the mind of Ii Hissori though.

Ii Hissori’s mind was on the weird position he had just been put in. He had been basically reaffirmed to have control of his hospital, but not to have control on the branch. This was given to Uka, and even though the Strawberry Blonde from Kirigakure shinobi was assured that this person was probably the right woman for the job, he did not know the women. Instead, he was left adjusting his well-groomed strawberry blonde hair, and clapping with everyone else.

He would spend the rest of the day mingling with people from the village. Greeting as many people as he could. It was the normal stuff, he would go around shake hands, kissed baby’s foreheads all nine yards. Outside when it was starting to get a bit dark out, he would lead a large group of people on a tour of the hospital letting them get a look around at the large library, and facilities. He even took them up to all the research centers, which he was just given control of.

Finally though, when it was late, and all was said and done, Hissori left. He would be back tomorrow, because tomorrow the real work was just beginning.

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