Advertising Rules

If we haven't posted our advert on your site yet, you can post here! We'll move them to Link Back once we've done so.

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Advertising Rules

Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:35 am

Hey lovely guests! The rules to advertise here are simple!
  • 1) Please make sure your Advertising Areas are Guest Friendly as well.
    2) doHTML and anything beyond basic BBcode are non-functional.
    3) Note that we use the [ center ] tags instead of [ align ] tags.
    4) You are allowed to bump or repost your advertisement as long as we are allowed the same privilege.
    5) Please put your advert in the proper board.
    6) Keep images included in your advert Safe For Work.
Do note that any posts in this forum are queued for moderator approval. But please rest easy that we have an active team to make sure your advert is approved, ASAP.

A note to active members!
  • If you have a site to advertise, you can ask to have it stickied! A highlighted advert, if you will, but only if our own advert is stickied as well in your advertising area.
Thank you very much,
Your Advertising Team

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