Next-Gen HP All Was Well

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Next-Gen HP All Was Well

Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:09 pm

[div style="margin:auto;width:450px;border:10px solid #000;background:#dbb557;color:black;text-align:justify;font-family:trebuchet ms;font-size:10px"]Image[div style="margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:10px;width:420px;padding:5px;border-top:10px solid black;border-bottom:10px solid black"]It is 2025 and the wizarding world has known peace for nearly three decades under the guidance of the Ministers for Magic. Dark wizards of old have been apprehended or cleared of war charges, laws favoring purebloods have been eradicated and others ensuring the rights and treatment of the wizarding world’s inhabitants have been instated. But harmony is never a guarantee.

In November of 2024, the International Confederation of Wizards voted to lift the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, opening the wizarding world to the knowledge of muggles. With reunification after 300 years of separation, the world waits with baited breath for the consequences of this decision. Acceptance from all is not expected in this new world, but business is booming with the interest and curiosity of muggles who can now explore Diagon Alley.

Safeguarding the community, Aurors now enforce the regulation of magic and a treaty has been forged to ensure the protection of wizards from Muggle Persecution of old. If it is broken, the Statute is to be reinstated and memory of any accord obliviated.

[a href="http://allwaswellxo.proboards.com" style="font-size:12px;color:#925826;font-style: italic;text-transform:capitalize"]All Was Well[/a]... but will it remain?[/div][/div]

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