Character Creation Guide

A guide for all new and old players. This forum contains a FAQ, Creation Guide, and lots more.
If you see anything missing, wrong or want to include something in it, please message any administrator.
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Character Creation Guide

Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:48 pm

Creating a Character

So you want to get started on Ninpocho? Well, this is a good place to start. Here is a template for character creation:
Physical Description:
Mental Description:

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[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[b]Mental Description:[/b]
  • Your account name is what you use to log onto this site. Your character name needs to match your account name. It is common for new users to make this mistake. You will need to get your name changed before a village will accept you. To get a name change, go to [THIS THREAD] and an Administrator will be happy to help you.
    • There are several naming restrictions that you also need to consider when picking a name:
      • Do not pick the name of a Naruto character or anime character, it will likely result in a denial. Be original with your creation!
        "Uzumaki Naruto"; "Hyuuga Hinata"; "Uchiha Sasuke"; "Ramperouge Lelouche" - Lelouche, Code Geass; "Kirigaya Kazuto" - Kirito, Sword Art Online; "Akemi Homura" - Homura, Puella Magi Madoka Magica; "Lainbo Dashu" - Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony
      • The name must be Japanese or be able to be made of Japanese characters.
        Here is a Japanese character resource:
        Another great resource for naming is BehindtheName.com.
      • Your name must also be 'Japanese ordered' -- in Japan the surname is before the given name.
        So a name like 'John Smith' (not that it is a Japanese name to start with) would be ordered 'Smith John.'
      • The name you pick must not be a name that is an obvious transliteration of an English phrase, particularly one meant to offend.
        "Buraku Obama" - "Barack Obama"; "Burrowun Gizasu" "Brown Jesus."
      • The name you pick must not be a name that is an obvious reference to an internet meme or fad.
        "Sageru Fouruchan" - "Sage [a post on] 4chan"; "Weaboo Ichiban" - "Number 1 Weaboo"; "Mai Waifu" - "My [Anime] 'Wife'"
      • The name you pick must not be a name that is obviously non-Japanese or non-Chinese name even if it sounds vaguely Asian.
        "Barack Obama"; "Vladimir Putin"
All new players start as students when they make their first character. As you play the game, have experiences and grow in power, you will also ascend the various shinobi ranks. Usually, the age of 9 is the youngest that are accepted in villages, but it all depends on the individual village. Some accept younger, some want older. Maximum allowed age for a new character is 13. Time progression on NC is not linear with your own in the real-world. If you are hoping to play an older character, you will have the opportunity, just not immediately. Try to be considerate of others when you do age your character (don't be 9 one week and 32 the next), many player 'age' their character after major events (such as promotion to Genin, Chuunin, Jounin, becoming an ANBU, completing a significant mission, etc. While this may be more than you need to know, it is important to know that you will be not an 8 year old forever!

Physical Description
This is what your character looks like. The most important thing to answer here is your gender -- male OR female. While we are an open-minded community and open to all orientations, identities and dress choices, this is always a good starting point for your character. Then consider their skin color: do they have a tan, are they very pale, do they have dark skin? Is there anything special about their skin, such as scars, tattoos, being really hairy, having silky smooth/leathery skin? How about their hair: what color is it? How is it styled? Is it long or short? What about their eyes -- are they blue, green, pink, etc.? What does your character dress like? Try to describe their every-day attire. Is there anything of interest you might be able to add to your character - such as their build, facial expressions, etc. There is no word minimum or maximum on this.

Physique Guide

We understand that there is great variance in the physical appearance of people in the world. We ask however that you do not create six foot tall seven year old children or role play a teenager with the weight of a four year old. Here is a handy chart listing the average height and weight of Japanese school children.
Mental Description
This is how your character thinks. Are they hot-headed, calm, thoughtful, hopeful, ambitious? Do they have any tendencies? Do they tend to show the world a different part of them than they show those close to them or even themselves? How about hopes, dreams, phobias, things they love/hate? There is no word minimum or maximum on this.

This is your character's back story. Consider the environment that you live in. There are three villages to pick from: Cloud, Leaf, or Sand. Once you've made your character application in the respective village creation forum, that villages council will review it and either approve it, or work with you to get it up to site standards. In addition, you may want to be involved with another character on this site (such as a friend who recommended this site who you want to have an extra in-character attachment to or even a complete stranger that you enjoy reading the work of that happens to be on this site). To do so, it would require their consent, something we can seek for you or you can message them through [Private Messaging].

When making a history, try to consider where you came from, what you did until the point you joined the villages Shinobi Academy. It does not need to be anything spectacular and try to be logical when you make your back story (killing 3 S-Ranked Missing-Nin before becoming even a student would be highly unlikely for example). There is no word minimum or maximum on this.

Example Character Creation Application

Name: Kuga Tetsunori

Age: 13

Physical Description: Tetsunori was always a sickly boy and as such he is rather small for his age, it is assumed that he stands at just over 4 feet in height. He is emeciated due to his perpetual illness, his gaunt features include sunken cheeks and a prominent collarbone. His limbs are commonly hidden beneath volumous, tattered robes. Tetsunori's actual weight 984 lbs) and height (4 ft 1in) are only assumed due to his hunched posture and over-sized clothes. His long brown unruly hair is a contrast to his sallow yet pale skin. The sclera of his eyes are jaundiced, his iris' look almost rusty. His teeth are yellowed and decayed, the scent of blood and death (perhaps his own) seem to follow him.

Mental Description: He is quiet, his speech is broken and he does not appear to be domestic. While intelligence is inferred, his actions seem almost feral. He communicates and follows directions but he is literal and a utilitarian in every way. He does not carry any vendettas and has no ambition, his existence is that of existence. He is not curious, joyful or playful but he takes sick interest (not necessarily a desire to participate but rather bear witness to) in battles. He has a pack mentality and allies with those who are able to understand him.

History: Kuga Tetsunori has died many times. His illness is perpetual and his fate lethal. Always hanging onto existence just barely, Kuga Tetsunori is an enigma to most. He has no known family or clan and lives on the streets of Sunagakure. While vagrant children are uncommon, longevity is even more uncommon. The disease that runs through his veins is unknown, he has never been to a medical center before and has no desire for 'healing' even if it was possible. His existence only knows this discomfort, a constant reminder of life. His nourishment often the result of gracious benefactors who share their meals with the ailing boy and his residence the dirt floor of one of the many caverns that snake beneath the desert. There was no epiphany or changing moment that made Tetsunori desire the shinobi lifestyle, while many of the students took the vocation of their parents or chose the path of ambition or power he was drawn to the academy by the sounds of warfare he heard within the confines of the academy as he was a transient passerby. While skill and proficiency differ and his physical state made him a questionable candidate, he was capable and he arrived at the learning spaces the other students were directed. He felt alive at the academy... and because he felt alive he stayed.

While the above is a very specific example of a specific character type, Kuga Tetsunori is an example of a few things: potential future story-line, unusual attributes, and some potential mystery. Your application can look completely different from this and it should, we encourage you to look at what others have wrote to get an idea of what you would like to do with your character.
Many thanks to Takahashi Shiori for writing the original version of this guide!

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