Hisao -> Metsu (Free Retire)

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Hisao -> Metsu (Free Retire)

Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:31 am

OCR Form wrote:Old Character Name: Hisao
Old Village/Missing: Missing
OCR Type: 6 month Free Retire
Last Known Where-abouts: Leaving Fire Country
Old IC Rank: S-Rank

New Character Name: Ōnamento Metsu
Preferred Username: Metsu
New Village/Missing: Mercenary.
New BL/CA: Fallen Exalted
New Kinjutsu: Jashinism
Custom Class:
Kurai Shukufuku
HP: (50+15) x 600
CP: (35+15) x 600
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu, +5% Damage Reduction (class point card)
High: Melee Accuracy, Ninjutsu Accuracy
Average: Dodge, Genjutsu Save, Genjutsu DC
Low: Ranged Accuracy,
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: ANBU
IC Rank: Chef.

Character Age: 247
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Character's Physical Description: Metsu has short spiky silver hair, tanned skin and light stubble. He has a large scar on his left cheek from a previous wound, and intense blue eyes. He has broad muscular shoulders and is quite tall, standing at 6 ft 5 inches. He mostly wears a white heavy long jacket, with a black shirt, grey pants and black boots.
Character's Mental Description: Metsu is generally amical, having lived an extremely long life, he knows that acting hastily is pointless, and if he has a goal in mind, eventually it will eventuate. His conviction and faith in his God is absolute, as while some point say the point of faith is believing, not many can say they have actually spoke to their god and he has spoken back. While not bloodthirsty, he doesn’t care one way or the other if someone was to die or live, another side effect of his age and seeing generations go by. He also prefers to not interfere in most things, as it doesn’t feel right to him to meddle in things that time will change anyway.
Multiple Personality Application: Nope.
Character History/Core Ability/Kinjutsu (all in one):
Ōnamento Metsu never knew his parents, he was one of the many orphans that lived at The Shrine in the village of Tsukigakure. The village was small, but it was a holy place, where The Shrine dominated the place. The priests appeared generous to take in orphans, but in reality they knew that they could train the young to be cheap labour, and keep the religion going. Metsu had been there since he was young, and he at this point been fully enveloped by the doctrine of The Shrine. The name Ōnamento was given to these orphans, The Shrine’s little ornaments.

At one point the priests had realized with the village growing around the Shrine, they decided they would need protection, and selected some of the bigger kids to train with weapons, giving them the ability to protect them if required. They had hired mercenaries and they relentlessly drilled the kids of the Shrine, separating the talented from the untalented, with the untalented being placed back into normal Shrine duties.

Metsu had shown an aptitude born from his conviction. He believed in the Shrine, and it was his holy duty to protect it. One of the mercenaries noticed a further potential within him, and was able to awaken the dormant power within him. Chakra as he called it, something that was normally a secret to shinobi clans, and he instructed Metsu and some select others in the ways that he knew. While his knowledge was basic, he beat the basics into them until it was as natural to them as breathing.

Experimenting other ways to use this Chakra, Metsu had discovered that he could use it to heal others. He pushed himself master these new found abilities, his natural charisma blending with his abilities to start to lead the other members of The Shrine Guard. Their simple weapons were replaced with more suitable ones, with Metsu favouring the Fuma Shuriken he was given. While terrible at throwing it, he excelled at using it over other melee weapons, feeling himself forming a bond with it.

His continual training let him use his faith and chakra concurrently, exalting his faith with chakra, allowing him to perform feats he had never thought possible. He exuded a calming and focused aura, which he learned to empower during battle, helping out his companions, and terrifying his enemies. He embodied the sacred nature of The Shrine, and it showed with his abilities.

Eventually his superiors felt that defence of The Shrine was not enough, and he was sent out with a small group to take care of the evils that threated them. His single minded conviction and wiliness to sacrifice himself for The Shrine honed him into a deadly weapon, and he had lead several excursions against bandits, beasts and even the occasional demon. He was merciless to his enemies, and this pure sight of him could be used to rout the enemy.

As he grew older, he took over the training of new recruits for the shine guard. It was still too new to have an official name, but he did his best for the trainees, usually showing a slight bit of favoritism to the other Ōnamento like himself. The current generation of the guard were all hand trained by him, and fiercely loyal, something which the priests above him were well aware of. As he grew into an adult, he was comfortable in his position at the shrine, and his surety in his faith. As most things do, this would change with time and it all started with a small request.

He received a request to assist a mercenary with a problem with bandits on one of the smaller islands. While the request for help wasn’t unusual, he had received the request directly from a priest, and not a scroll at his desk. The request was also for him to go alone as support, not to take his usual squad. Thinking nothing of it, he put on his heavy white long jacket, and grabbed his Fuma Shuriken from where it hung on the wall. Picking up the weapon, he accidentally caught his finger on the wall, but thought nothing of it.

Making his way to his horse, he thought about what he knew about the islands around Moon Country, unable to think of where a large concentration of bandits might be. Unless they are moving around on boats, but surely we would have received word of this well before now. Nodding to his second, he didn’t need to say anything. He would do his job with or without Metsu here, and he had no fear anything would go wrong, everything ran smoothly, with or without his direct intervention.

The trip from the Shrine into the main village and the docks, took him through the steadily growing village, more a city now. It had grown from a place for pilgrims, to an actual city, with inns and commerce and trading. While Metsu missed the old days of the simple small village, he understood that holding onto the past was not a healthy practice, and embraced the change.

Heading down to the docks, he wiped his brow, feeling the heat of the day already, even in the mid-morning. It should be cooler over the water at least. Waving to the dock master, he walked past, missing the brief look of distress on the man’s face. Finding the ship he was booked on, the distastefully named “The Pride of the Strumpet,” he walked up the gang plank, looking for the captain. Sighing in the heat again, he ran his gloved hand through his short silver hair.

Knocking on the captain’s door, he opened it when he heard the affirmative to, and was surprised by the captain sitting at a table with one of the priests from the Shrine. ”Brother Nintai, I wasn’t aware you would be here as well.” Nintai was one of the mercenaries turned priests of The Shrine, and wasn’t usually seen that much, usually away on business. Embracing the priest, he smiled at him, happy to have a familiar face with him.

The captain was a squat little man, with a fiery red beard and a tattoo covering the left side of his face and his neck, with a look on his face like someone had just pinched him. Brother Nintai on the other hand was a tall and muscular man, whose only blemish was a scar of the right side of his head, where he was missing an ear from dodging an attack to slowly.

The smile was returned, though not in Nintai’s eyes, ”Brother Metsu, it was my investigation that uncovered the bandits, well, more pirates than bandits, so I wanted to see the fruits of my labour.” Gesturing to the map, he pointed to the marked part of the map, showing a small island with an X on it. ”We are going here, and I have a tip that they will be celebrating a recent success, a poor merchant ship that they sacked, so we should be able to catch them unaware.”

Anger filled Metsu hearing about the merchant ship, and he nodded as he listed to the battle plans, not feeling a need to add to it, he trusted Nintai to know what to do, they had the same training. Pulling at the collar of his jacket, Metsu excused himself as he felt the ship cast off, heading towards their destination. Still feeling a little under the weather, he leaned against the railing, his dulled senses failing to notice he was the only person feeling the heat, with the rest of the crew wearing cold weather gear.

Meditating to pass the time, after an hour Brother Nintai rested his hand on Metsu’s shoulder, getting his attention. ”We are here Metsu, prepare yourself for battle.” Standing unsteadily, he shook it off, looking towards the island. A feeling of wrongness filled him, not sure where it was coming from, and felt concern for the captain’s men, worried for their safety. He could see two ships moored at a small dock, though unusually for pirates, the ships were tidy and well kept, with no outward sign of piracy.

The crew had already started to move into the encampment, taking out the sentries that had been stationed at the dock, and he followed Nintai silently into the battle. As they neared the buildings on the island, he could hear the sound of battle, but the feeling of wrongness continued to fill him with dread. Entering the clearing, he found the source of the feeling. A demonic figure stood in the centre of the encampment, with a giant sword, cleaving people with an almost bored ease.

Pushing Brother Nintai behind him, Metsu did not hesitate as he rushed forward, years of training and conviction honing his actions, setting him on an inception course with the foul beast. His muscles felt strangely weary, but he manipulated his chakra easily, reinforcing his strength. ”Cease demon, come fight someone your own size.” Leaping into the air, he struck at the demon’s hand, removing it, causing the hand and weapon to drop to the ground.

Looking at the demon’s face, bellowing in anger and pain, he noticed too late the Demon’s tattoo, the pinched expression and his beard made of actual fire. Somehow the captain was the demon, and as he was processing this thought, he felt a sharp pain enter his back, and exit out the front of his chest. A very familiar blade had been pushed through him like butter. ”It’s amazing, even poisoned as heavily as you are, you still were able bring yourself to this point, and disarm him, quite literally in this case. I knew you would be difficult to deal with, but this is quite vexing.”

Metsu flushed with cold dread, he had been betrayed, and all he could think of was to ask, ”But why? I’m loyal to The Shrine, I’m one of the most devoted followers…” Nintai snorted, twisting the blade and kicking Metsu free of it. ”Always the naïve fanatic. You raised a generation of loyal soldiers, not to the shrine, but to you. They all look to you first, before doing what they are told by the Priests. You are a threat, and a rebellion waiting to happen, and you have to go, simple as that.”

Shaking his head, Nintai flicked the blood off his blade, casually walking to Metsu laying on the ground. Metsu struggled to stand, but was unable to get up, his body betraying him, even his chakra use failing him. ”Good to see the second dose finally did its job. And this small little fishing and trading community was an easy sacrifice. The great and honorable Metsu cracked, started screaming about demons and slaughtering innocents. It’s such a terrible tragedy that he had to be put down. The other key members of the guard have been dealt with, either bribed or well, you know, and any threat of a coup is now gone.”

Nintai shook his head again, kneeling next to Metsu, placing one hand on his shoulder, and resting his sword under Metsu’s neck. ”I honestly don't want to do this, I feel it is really a shame. You were a wonderful warrior, unfortunately honorable, which was your downfall, but very skilled all the same. Any final words before I, you know, do what I was paid to do?” Metsu could feel tears in his eyes, he was betrayed in every way, and even his faith was broken. Furious anger filled him, and he closed his eyes and made a final prayer to anyone that was listening, waiting to feel the bite of Nintai’s steel in his throat, desperate for revenge.

”Well well well, aren’t you in a desperate situation. Poisoned! Betrayed! Dying! And so faithful too, what terrible gods you must pray to.” Opening his eyes, Metsu was still on his back, with Nintai’s blade pressed against his throat, there was no other noise, and nothing was moving, even the fire’s that had been set was motionless. He attempted to move, and felt blood well under the blade. He spoke weakly ”Who’s there? What’s happening?”

A shadowy figure moved, with white skeletal markings, like tattoos on it. It was unquestionably powerful, and also evil. ”I go by many names, depending on the follower you talk to. But I think you can call me Salvation.” It paused for a second, seeming to taste the air, ”I can taste your rage at your betrayal, and the sheer force of your broken faith. Give yourself to me and I will give you immortality. Just simply swear yourself to my worship, and make your offerings.” Gesturing around him at the pirates slaughtering the innocents, making sure his point was made.

”Slaughter all of them, you will be blamed for it anyway. Become my weapon, and preach my word to who you feel deserving of it.” The figure walked around Metsu in a circle, seeming to leave a trail of blood in his wake. White hot anger filled Metsu, his entire life had been a lie, his faith had been a lie, and this being was offering him something real, as who else but a god would have this power, he could feel deep down in his core, this was what he was looking for, and would be the path to his revenge.

”One Caveat, leave The Shrine alone. Go somewhere else. The one that ordered your murder I can arrange to have taken care off, but you are to leave. You can have your revenge on this Brother Nintai, as he clearly had no problem killing you. And if you live long enough, I might change my mind. Swallowing his bile at the thought of letting his former family go, he moved his head enough to be shown as a nod, drawing yet more blood. ”Good, now pledge yourself to me, preferably before he runs you through. I'm sure the words will come to you.”

There was a rush of sound as the world started moving again, Nintai waiting for his final words, and the sounds of the people around him being slaughter like lambs. Opening his eyes to stare directly into Nintai’s face, he spoke, the words coming without thought, ”I pledge myself to you, Lord Jashin, to do your work” Confusion crossed on Nintai’s face and he pushed the blade through Metsu’s throat, and Metsu’s world turned red as pain shot through him. But also a feeling of warm wetness on his face, and the sound of gurgling from above him.

The numbness gone from his body, he brought his hands up, wiping his face, and removing the sword from his throat. He could feel a rip where the blade entered, but was still alive. Nintai on the other hand was on the ground, both hands trying to hold his freshly cut throat. Looking around Nintai’s body, he could see some form of blood seal on the ground, somehow duplicating his wound. Turning at further choking noises, he could see the demon holding its throat as well, also standing within the seal.

Smiling, Metsu took Nintai’s sword, and impaled Nintai to the ground through the shoulder, pinning him thoroughly. Pushing chakra into his hand, it glowed a sickly pale white, and he ran it along his throat healing it. He then knelt next to Nintai and partially healed him, enough to stop him dying. ”I’ll be back for you in a moment, once I have dealt with the rest. He had always been a devout follower, and he wasn’t going to give his new god anything less than his best.


”By the time I was finished, it took most of that day for Nintai to die, he was remarkably resilient. That was, oh I forget now, at least a hundred years ago. One of the detriments of being immortal I guess, you forget things.” Metsu paused, his bloodstained hands raising his tea cup to his mouth, taking a sip before placing it back on the broken table. ”I managed to chase down all the original mercenaries that taught at The Shrine, I felt I owed them as they were all partners in crime. The bugger’s barely left Moon Country, but when they did, I got them. That’s actually where we come to you.”

Nodding at the man, he pulled his Fuma Shuriken out of the corpse it was stuck in, the weapon was well taken care of for its age, unchanged from that faithful night, dark energy replacing the once vibrant holy power. ”You have the unfortunate privilege of being the last of Nintai’s bloodline. I almost lost track of your father 40 years ago when you moved, but you were nice enough to pop up again. Guess he failed to tell you about the monster that haunted your family? Oh well…” Shrugging, Metsu pushed the weapon through the man’s heart, listening to the last sigh of life.

”Well, I guess I need something else to do with my life now. Maybe I should become a mercenary too.” Sheathing his weapon, he patted the man on the shoulder, ”That was a good talk, I’ll show myself out.” Ignoring the corpses of the bodyguards, their bodies all showing similar injuries to his own, as he walked out of the house, wondering what to do now that his revenge was finally complete.

WC: 2887
Clan Request: None

Death/Retirement Thread: This one?
Old Profile: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=486&t=57038
Old Training: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=48 ... 59#p325459
Old Dojo: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=48 ... 97#p323297

Special Usergroups: none?

Old Stats: Agility: 600
Stamina: 600
Genjutsu: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Ninjutsu: 600
Chakra Control: 600
Advanced Points: 922

Old OOC Rank: S Rank
Stat Cut: Nil.
New Stats: Agility: 600
Stamina: 600
Genjutsu: 600
Taijutsu: 600
Ninjutsu: 600
Chakra Control: 600
Advanced Points: 922

New OOC Rank: S Rank

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:
Non-Elemental Jutsu
Transformation Master Rank
Body Switch Master Rank

Combination Transformation Master Rank
Cancel Master Rank
Crystal Eye Master rank
Spirit Lantern Master rank
Contract Summoning Master rank

Elemental Clone Master Rank
Jutsu Sealing Master rank
Stunt Double Master rank
One Element Sealing Master rank
Elemental Negation Master rank
Barrier Master rank

Rasengan Master Rank
Curse Sealing Master Rank
Leech Seal Master Rank
Shadow Shuriken Replication Master rank
Energy Transfer Master rank
Chakra Shield Master rank
Chakra Blast Master rank

Perfected Rasengan Master Rank
Gate of Enma Master Rank
Five Element Seal Master rank
Morality Sealing Master rank
Nature's Guard Master rank
Stardust Nova Master rank

ANBU Jutsu
Mask Summon Master Rank

Earth Jutsu
Bullet Master Rank
Gravel Shift Master Rank

Mud Clones Master Rank
Earth Flow River Master Rank
Sinkhole Fist Master Rank

Inner Earth Reflection Lure Master Rank
Earth Flow Wave Master Rank
Rock Golem Master Rank
Earthen Coating Master Rank

Bedrock Coffin Master Rank
Weighted Rock Technique Master Rank
Earth Spiker Master Rank
Antlion Sinkhole Master Rank

Fist of Gaia Master Rank
Earthen Magnitude Master Rank
Earthslide Wall Master Rank
Petrification Master Rank

Lightning Jutsu
Storm Bolt Master Rank
Thunderfist Master Rank

Electrocution Master Rank
Electroshock Master Rank
Thunderclap Master Rank

Volt Charge Master Rank
Lightning Torrent Master Rank
Zeus Flash Master Rank
Lightning Torrent Master Rank

Chidori Master Rank
Amp Field Master Rank
Lightning Beast Master Rank
Gigavolt Cannon Master Rank

A- Rank
Chidori Control Master Rank
Thunderdome Master Rank
Kirin Master Rank
Raijin's Vengeance Master Rank

Fire Jutsu
Infernal Ember Master Rank
Thermal Maw Master Rank

Fireball Master Rank
Immolation Armor Master Rank
Combustive Seal Master Rank

Dragon Fire Master Rank
Searing Eruption Master Rank
Scalding Ash Cloud Master Rank
Heat Wave Master Rank

Infernal Hellfire Master Rank
Firestorm Master Rank
Spontaneous Combustion Master Rank
Ring of Fire Master Rank

Dragon Flame Bomb Master Rank
Sol Fire Tempest Master Rank
Abysmal Harbinger Master Rank
Flame Shield Master Rank

Wind Slash Master rank
Pressure Burst Master rank

Whirlwind Spin Master rank
Air Bullet Master rank
Shredding Touch Master rank

Wind Scythe Master rank
Tempest Master rank
Gale Force Master rank
Wind Release Master rank

Great Wind Scythe Master rank
Wind Scar Master rank
Vacuum Sphere Master rank
Cyclone Movement Master rank

Tatsumaki Master rank
Hurricane Master rank
Ambiance of the Forbidden Master rank
Zephyr's Grace Master rank

Water Jutsu
Pressurized Mist Master Rank
Water Gun Master Rank

Water Whip Master Rank
Aqua Fang Master Rank
Rinse Off Master Rank

Grand Waterfall Master Rank
Impaling Hydro Jet Master Rank
Water Prison Master Rank
Rain Dance Master Rank

Torrential Vortex Master Rank
Hydro Tidal Shockwave Master Rank
Water Shark Bomb Master Rank
Mystical Pond Master Rank

Grand Hydra Excavation Master Rank
Water Dragon Bullet Master Rank
Scorn of Aquarius Master Rank
Supreme Aqua Realm Master Rank

Crystal Jutsu
Fluorite Spikes Master Rank
Emerald Emitter Master Rank

Moonstone Shower Master Rank
Sapphire Storm Master Rank

Diamond Cutter Master Rank

Paper Jutsu
C- Rank
Burst of Confetti Master Rank
Paper Clone Master Rank

Paper Blade Master Rank
Streaming Cloak Master Rank

Shredding Torrent Master Rank
Maelstrom Document Master Rank

Sand Jutsu
Sandstorm Veil Master Rank

Gravity Jutsu
Gravity Distortion Master Rank
Anti-Gravity Master Rank
Orbital Strike Master Rank
Gravitational Pull Master Rank

Graviton Master Rank
Clutch of the Giant Master Rank
Forced Polarity Master Rank
Inertial Control Master Rank

Shinra Tensei Master Rank
Chibaku Tensei Master Rank
Newton's Apple Master Rank
Centrifugal Force Master Rank

Blood Jutsu
Blood Blade Master Rank
Crimson Whip Master Rank
Red Tide Master Rank
Blood Clone Master Rank

Sanguine Shield Master Rank
Kiss of the Vampire Master Rank
Red Rain Master Rank
Curse of Anemia Master Rank

Crimson Stars Master Rank
Drain Claw Master Rank
Red Haze Master Rank
Blood Thrall Master Rank

Buffing Taijutsu
Charge Master Rank
Grip Master Rank
Fleeted Master Rank
Block Master Rank

Eagle Vision Master Rank
Shadow Play Master Rank
Muscle Control Master Rank
Brandish Master Rank
Basic Safeguard Master Rank

Dynamic Art Master Rank
Barrage Master Rank
Expel Master Rank
Feint Master Rank
Chakra Absorption Master Rank

Unbound Master Rank
Endure Master Rank
Counterstrike Master Rank
Cover Master Rank
Anabolic Frenzy Master Rank
Concealed Steps Master Rank
Focused Assault Master Rank

Insatiable Hunger Master Rank
Learn Devastating Aura Master Rank
Learn Awakening Master Rank
Learn Unleash Master Rank
Total Spent: 60 ASP 50000 Yen

Chakra Extension Master Rank
Shadow Dance Master Rank
Gather Master Rank

Limit Break Master Rank

Unarmed Taijutsu
Uncalled For Shot Master Rank

Dynamic Entry Master Rank

Step-In Flash Master Rank

Spear Hand Master Rank
Primary Lotus Master Rank

Dance of the Waxing Moon Master Rank
Fist of Virtue Master Rank
Fist of Sin Master Rank

Hot Weapon Master Rank
Stun Master Rank
1000 Years of Pan Kai Master Rank

Drunken Stupor Master Rank
Influenza Master Rank
Tickling Master Rank
Facepalm Master Rank

Mist of Deceit Master Rank
Crippled Master Rank
Masochism Master Rank
Silly Fingers Master Rank
Crossed Wires Master Rank

Phoenix Embrace Master Rank
Petrification Master Rank
Lingering Spark Master Rank
Crush Depth Master Rank
Puppet Betrayal Master Rank
Pox Master Rank

Curse of the Leper Master Rank
Haemorrhagic Fever Master Rank
Delayed Agony Master Rank
Parasitic Infestation Master Rank
Tree Binding Master Rank
Shared Torment Master Rank

Other Refunds: Refunding Augments
- Primal x 3
- Blood Rack x5
- Razor Strike
- Great Weapon
- Recovery
- Vampiric
- Toxify
- Chakra Drain
- Trick Weapon (Slashing)

My Dojo has outstanding purchases, but I guess just don’t make them. I need to rethink my weapon/augment situation.

- Abilities Card
- Class Point Card

Name of any Contract you currently own:
- None
Name of any Cursed Seals you currently own:
- Flowing Curse Seal
- Failed Bleed/Suppression/Called Shot attempts add their % chance to the next attempt made during the same round (bypassing caps); the user's Bleed rank increases by 1 each round, cannot be lowered, and the user takes x1.5 Bleeding damage.
+5% Chance of inflicting Secondary Effects

Sealing RP: viewtopic.php?f=748&t=57040
Dojo Approval: https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=48 ... 39#p298258

Name of Kinjutsu you own: Abomination
- It’s in leaf somewhere, dojo link https://ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=48 ... 39#p301977 .

Still actively roleplaying in any other threads?

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Re: Hisao -> Metsu (Free Retire)

Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:02 am

Did some Training so here is a link

Total gain this week:
- Gaining 175 ASP and
- Gaining 57,500 Yen

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Re: Hisao -> Metsu (Free Retire)

Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:32 am

History: Addressed on Discord but I'll papertrail it here; Tsukigakure hasn't been small for a very long time; it's a capital/major city and has been for centuries. Additionally, the mentioned Shrine Guard is not related to the Wardens. Suffice it to say, it is definitely enough to approve your CA/Kin.

Rank: Approved.

Age: Approved due to Jashinism.

Class: Mmk.

Mechanically, you're not swapping anything.

Refunds: 15 x 2400 = 36000

Current ASP total: 1097
Additionally, you have one Kinjutsu Removal Card from Christmas Rolls.


Yen refunded.
Name and banner changed.
Old topics moved.

Rebirth complete!

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