Strike Back [Personal Plot]

A seemingly abandoned diamond mine within Iwagakure. Adventuring without a proper guide or a good understanding of a miners craft has led many to their doom. Entrance is strictly prohibited unless one has the proper certifications to work in such a dangerous environment.

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Strike Back [Personal Plot]

Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:42 pm

After many years had passed since my departure from my birth country due to a variety of reasons, I was finally home. It was nice to see that the village had restructured itself since my departure as it had been dealing with quite a lot when I took my leave of absence which classified me as a missing-nin or simply another casualty from the ongoing struggles of the village. However while the village looked like it was still flourishing and surviving through the test of time, it had some changes which were expected like the rumor that the former leader had disappeared and the village potentially shifted to a new government structure; though, it did not matter to me as I was not planning to stick around and live the rest of my life here after all. My mission was simply to pay my respect to my parents and gather information, if I had time, that I could take home to my family and village to help us grow in any way possible.

However, I had been avoiding my former residency and the burial grounds of my parents since entering the village. Truthfully, I did not know the exact reasoning for me avoiding them aside from potentially the emotional state that I knew I would likely be in since I had left my village, my parents, and my entire life behind to become someone entirely different than I was when I was here. While I would not change anything that happened since my departure from marrying my beautiful wife, having two kids with her, becoming a medical chief or winning the World Martial Arts Tournament, there was truly a bittersweet feeling while I was in Earth Country and being rushed with all the memories that I had while being here. But, I knew that I needed to be strong and do what I came here to do as it would be the right thing for my parents' sake and also to help me bring closure to my past hopefully.

After some time would pass, I would walk to the Abandoned Mineshaft carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand while my headband from here was in the other. Obviously seeing a rather attractive woman with feline ears on her head walking towards a less-than-ideal part of the village would stir people's interest and some people would volunteer to escort me which I kindly declined as I needed to do this myself. As I approached the entrance of the mineshaft, I would see that the makeshift gravestones were still standing after such a significant amount of time had passed and I could only smile and tear up a little as I saw that there was life around their markers as flowers had bloomed setting a beautiful vision to allow myself to remember until I could return next time.

After a few moments to let the tears flow down my face and feel a different sort of happiness, I would walk over to their gravestones putting the flowers with my mother's and the headband with my father's. As soon as they were placed, I would sit down and grow silent as I tried to gather my thoughts for them even though they were likely watching me from above and words did not need to be said. Nevertheless after a few moments, I would begin to talk to them slowly as I brought my knees to my chest: "Mother. Father. It has been a long time since we last all were together in one place and I was able to talk to you two. I hope Paradise is everything that you both preached to me when I was growing up and you two are healthy and doing well. Mother, I hope the lord gave you a new body after the incident that occurred in our home due to those children being careless. Father, I hope the lord also gave you a new body and you both are happy and proud of what I have accomplished since my departure." It was true, I remember seeing my mother's limpless body crushed because of a freak accident in the mineshaft where some kids were fooling around because they did not think anything bad would come from it; unfortunately, something did and they ran from the scene before being caught, but neither my father or I were in any capacity able to go after them after seeing my mother's body laying there bloodied and disfigured. It was a nightmare that I remembered till to this day as there was no possible way for one to forget something that tore their heart and shattered it in pieces.

Continuing, I would take a deep sigh momentarily and then begin talking once again focusing on events since leaving our home and our country: "Oh, that's right. You probably want to know what happened to me that caused me to turn into a full-fledged woman and I would love to give you that answer, but I still do not know myself. I am hoping I figure that out, but I have adjusted and accepted myself for who I am as a person now. I also won that World Martial Arts Tournament and I am the champion for my new home in Wind Country where I am sure my family, friends, colleagues, and the village in general are excited for me to come home since my assistant likely has told my family and it has spread to the village. My wife, Lady Yanshi, would have loved to meet you as she mentioned wishing to do it numerous times and I am sure all three of my children would have loved to have known you both. They all see you two in high regards and I am glad since you two were and are still great parents to me."

Unfortunately talking like this could only go so far before emotions began to take over as tears would began to come down my eyes as I continued: "I just wish I could see you two again because I miss you two so much..." Of course, it was fortunate that nobody was around to see me practically breaking down as so many emotions rushed me as I continued: ...it ached my heart coming here knowing that my parents would not be waiting for me like you did in the past when I came home from the Academy. But, I am glad you both are in a better place and not suffering anymore. Someday, I will join you so wait for me."

As those last few words left my lips, I would rise from my position and wipe the tears from my face. I needed to be strong for them, for my family back home and for myself as I needed to leave this world with no regrets and live my life to the fullest regardless of what happened. Yes, that was a good goal to have as I began to walk away from their graves and move on with my life; I had the closure that I needed even if my heart still yearned ever so much. But unfortunately, things never could go as well as one would hope as there was this voice that I kept hearing, but I could not find the actual source of it; it was driving me somewhat paranoid as I simply left and headed to my next destination.

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