A Note from a Man of Business.

Sitting in the crater of a dormant and now dead volcano, the city of Kirigakure is broken into many islands spread across a vast, frozen lake. Black sand lines the inner edge of the crater, which catch the light and cause it to twist into bizarre colors under the ice of the lake. The buildings are frozen in place, many crumbling from the weight of ice and many more standing as silent monoliths to attest to better times. A cold wind constantly whips through the streets, and the tunnels which used to go under the water to connect the islands have almost all shattered from the pressure of the ice. People remain frozen in place in the streets, unable to leave the village in time, and other things roam now in the cold. Inhuman creatures and spirits alike, looking for life to snuff it out.
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A Note from a Man of Business.

Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:56 pm

Did not know that true zero was anything more than a theoretical state. The vacuum of space would be warmer than this if that was true. Of course we all know that it cannot be true, the science behind that would be impossible. There would be no oxygen here. This would be a place of negative pressure that would draw everything in, like a dead star. So, some people are a bit over-dramatic. All the same, it is cold as fuck here. She wondered if it was really worth what Aburabuta was paying her. She tightened her muffler as she braved on. She was not entirely sure of why Aburabuta wanted her to go to this abandoned country where life seemed impossible. He claimed 'it was something of value once' and that 'it only remains unnoticed now because nobody can agree.' She was not entirely sure of what he meant or what he knew, it was vague enough to be a lie but who knew? Honestly, she did not care - a job was a job and she was in need of work.

'Leave the message in the city.' That was what he told her to do. 'Leave it someplace it could easily be found.'

She had of course read the letter, she was curious. She scoffed at the contents --

Frozen denizens of Kiri, stir if you can!
A Martial Arts Tournament to prove the best in the world approaches and while the world might have forgotten this military hovel in this frozen wasteland I have not. In my possession is three wildcards. Find me in Soons Haven in wind Country if you wish to acquire one. Prove your strength and your valor and fame will be yours!

-- Aburabuta Hirotomi
She would affix the letter to the door of the largest building in the heart of the village and then she would leave. She had no interest in staying, it would surely mean her death.

NPC Messenger in and out.

Run Time: 1 Hour
I am touched to be trusted with something so terrible as what I am about to do...

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