Time to put the past behind me (part 1)

The Silver Tower and Crystal Tower were two of the largest and most easily recognizable landmarks of Kirigakure. Now the Silver Tower has been sheared in half, the upper portion falling to the ground and leaving the bottom half open to the elements from above. The Crystal Tower, meanwhile, retains power even to this day. The lights are on day or night, and the doors open if one approaches. Inside people have frozen to their very desks in the middle of work, as this area was one of the first to succumb to the freeze.
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Time to put the past behind me (part 1)

Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:45 pm

The Leaf medical chief had made his way to the two towers. There, stood a hooded figure, someone not frozen over. He wore a white hood, and he couldn't make out the others features.

"Who are you?" The Chigokai asked cautiously.

The hooded figure looked up, and removed the hood from the face to show who it was.


"Come on, Ziren you and I both know who I am." The old man said. "I am your parents' killer."

Ziren's fists tightened, upon hearing the confirmation that the man had said. "Why... Why did you go so far in wanting to make my life a living hell!" His voice echoed in the darkness, Ziren could hear the blood flows of... Something nearing both of them.

"I am what they call... An Apex predator. I am at the top of the food chain. But I don't do it for suvival." He let out a chuckle. "No. I do it for game. For fun. I test my strength against others, mainly those who are unique in their blood line or core abilities. Your parents, I killed them for money, thanks to your brother, of course." The old man paused, noticing Ziren's anger on his face. "Oh yeah, didn't you kill your brother? Something you'll never understand is that I have been watching you this entire time. Ever since you entered through those Leaf Gates. And I have to say, I'm most intrigued by you. Not raised like any normal Chigokai, and you've learned to even resist your urge for blood. That bloodlust. I have kept my eyes on others as well, to research. And you. Out of hundreds I have been looking for a suitable battle, you, I have been looking forward to the most."

Ziren gritted his teeth of every word that has came out of the older man's mouth. "Well. Once I'm done with you, you won't hurt anymore people. You won't take families away from anyone anymore." Blood came out of his right hand and formed a sword, it quickly frozen over from the cold temperatures. He then charged at the man, swinging his sword in wide arcs, deadly precision. Higuma.

Blood sprayed out of the older man as he received devastating blow after devastating blow, but it didn't last for long. He grabbed the sword and just squeezed and broke it in his hands. "Mistake on your part." He said. The very ground around him started to break, as if it was under pressure. "Have you ever fought a hachimon? Because you will see true power!"

The hachimon covered his hand in what looked like white chakra, Ziren realized what it was, holy. Something he needs to avoid since he is a dark sage. But thankfully, out of nowhere, a creature with long legs came out of nowhere and attacked, the man ended up using this to hit the creature, literally killing it instantly.

Ziren was kind of glad that happened, but then something else seem to happen as well. There was a radio nearby, and it started to play music. He was kind if confused by this, when the hachimon let out a sigh.

"That means that more monsters are coming. Spoke to a local here, a DJ. Somehow the man is still alive, and he uses music to warn everyone about when monsters are coming." He looked Ziren. "We will have to post pone killing each other right now and focus on surviving. It wouldn't be fun to fight you, only for you to be killed by one of Water Countries monsters. I'd rather have the joy in doing it myself." With that, the man ran at incredible speeds away, leaving Ziren alone, as he had to figure out where to go.

With a sigh, Ziren decided to just get out of the immediate area, since that was where the most noise was made, where the monsters would surely head to first.

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