Yugen's Arrival (Entering country)

The City Hidden Under The Moon lies on the inner curve on the eastern shore of Moon Island. A city filled with religious symbolism and iconic legends, it has flourished under the Shrine that runs the island itself. A dual city, with one side flowing and beautiful, but the other modern and functional, Tsukigakure is like few other cities in the world.
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Yugen's Arrival (Entering country)

Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:59 pm

Yugen had traveled at an incredibly slow pace since leaving the frozen wasteland that was once the great nation of the Water country. Luckily the part of his journey that would have proven to be the most difficult, getting off of the islands that made up the Water country, was already taken care of. Yugen's former master had worked with Yugen to create a small sooner that was capable of being sailed by one person. It had been made up of wood that Yugen himself had created through his powerful bloodline jutsu, and had been enchanted by his former master's own dark chakra. This allowed it to break through chunks of ice with ease, and also made the lower deck comfortably warm without having to make use of an actual heat source. Sailing had been made easier thanks to Yugen's paths, so he spent most of his time below the deck reading up on neighboring countries.

After a few days of sailing Yugen had decided on his first destination. He wanted to visit the fabled Moon Country. A mystical land full of mysterious people. It was there that he hoped he could find some answers regarding what powers the Rinnegan granted him, and maybe, what his purpose in this world was.

After about a week or so Yugen had arrived at the capital of the Moon Country, Tsukigakure, the city was breath-taking. Excitement grew within him as his paths brought the ship to port. Yugen decided that it would be best for him to leave his paths aboard the ship, allowing him to better focus on the task at hand. Maybe after he was more comfortable with controlling all of them at the same time he would allow them to walk around and explore the village at the same time as he did. But he wasn't there quite yet.

Character's Physical Description:
Yugen stands five feet, ten inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. He has shoulder length purple hair that he typically puts into a braided tail. He is faired skinned with golden eyes, and typically wears a purple robe with a golden sash that extends from his left shoulder diagonally down to the right side of his waist.

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