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Called the “City of Thieves” or “Walls End”, Crater City is situated in a depression just off the Fire Country coast. What was once a slumlord controlled backwater village saw great economic growth when they managed to change the Red Line from a barrier for people into a barrier against the tides that always threatened the below sea-level port. If it’s illegal, then it’s perfectly acceptable here, just make sure that you’re not being double-double crossed by your own partner.
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Visiting the Dump Again [Solo Topic Enter/Leave]

Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:15 am

It had been some time since Tomomi originally ventured out to this part of the country where she met an unfriendly oni that was making a scene and causing people to be uneasy. The effect of meeting that oni resulted in that demon-like creature being murdered and its heart being harvested by the half-breed of Tomoe Country in little to no time at all after their confrontation; this was a common occurrence when she engaged an oni in combat as many of them lacked the combat skills to survive in this world that had shinobi roaming in it. In actuality, many of them resorted to their natural weapon of choice being the club to fight someone in combat which was effective if they could land a blow, but the speed of the weapon was significantly slower than any modern day weapons that were utilized like bows, swords, lances, and so forth.

In any case during one of her days venturing away from the village, she stumbled back into this area of the country. Once again, she kept quiet and to herself as she walked throughout the city ensuring that nobody would try to ambush her or try to catch her off guard while she was touring this "elegant" city known for being the home of thieves. It would not take long however for her to catch another troublesome scene as another oni was being rather aggressive towards a merchant as he banged on the table of the seller and barked out how the prices were outrageous which prompted the merchant to fire back with his own colorful comments about the monstrosity in front of him. Of course, this would not be a great idea as the blue-colored oni would take a step back and slam his club onto the table causing it to collapse and causing the people around them to scatter while the merchant fell backwards as the towering creature began to step towards him.

Fortunately for the merchant, the Murakami half-oni was nearby and she proceeded to intervene into the situation for one reason or another; the primary reason was likely due to there being an oni causing trouble and her upbringing was quite negative towards a full-bred oni which was someone not like herself. Regardless of her actual reason, she would tell the creature once to leave the merchant alone in her cold, distant tone which only angered the creature more as he left out a colorful barrage of profanity. These comments would be his last however as Tomomi would unsheathe her sword and drive the holy weapon into the creature's chest mere inches away from the heart causing the creature to fall. From here, she would open the wound up more for a few moments before allowing some of her "Gifted" threads to leave her mouth and rip the still beating heart from the oni and begin the process of "threading" the heart with the other five in her chest. As her body worked on this, she emitted a low-level fire jutsu burning the oni's body to ashes before using a gust of wind to blow the ashes away from the city and hopefully the evilness of the creature that was utilizing the heart now inside of her.

Once the heart was fully situated inside of her body, she would turn to the merchant tossing some money at him before walking away from his stand and unto the rest of her day. She had no idea of what adventures would await her as it was only around noon and the day was still young.
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