Shopping for minds [Ridoku Sennin body thread.]

Constantly guarded by Jounin-level med-nin, the Asylum contains and restrains those shinobi who have suffered the fate worse than death: insanity. These halls contain the worst of the worst or at the very least the most unfortunate of the dangerous forces found in Sunagakure, constantly kept at bay by a series of chakra repressing seals, numerous traps are laid within for those seeking to escape.

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Shopping for minds [Ridoku Sennin body thread.]

Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:38 pm

Kurokawa figured that with her newfound ability she should really take the time of day to make sure that she utilized it to its' fullest. As such she would need to look for another body to add to her ranks so that she could be in more places at once. The Asylum was the perfect place to locate potential candidates for a new branch of her power. Formerly great shinobi reduced to a state below their worth. Every now and then one of them would die, and every now and then one of them would make it out all better. Kurokawa was on the lookout for the lost causes with potential power. Sort of recycling the powers of great soldiers giving them another chance to make a difference through her.

She would need to spend some time here getting to know the patients to find the ones most fitting for her purpose. Couldn't be someone in promising recovery cause that would me murder. Couldn't be someone who would not have wanted another chance to serve cause that would not fit the whole ideal behind coming here. Luckily Kurokawa was a Medical ninja and through her work in the hospital, not only did she know what to look for, but her status also gave her the access to the place she needed. With her two bodies she could get through the medical journals at twice the normal speed, without having to make clones that would not relay their information before they were dismissed. Not to mention the chakra cost connected to having them active.

Kurokawa would spend most of the day and some time into the night before she had a list of possible candidates. A total of 5 people that she would have to evaluate the following day to find the most suitable candidate and start interviewing him or her to find out if they were willing to move on. When she had to stay there a few days anyway she might as well make the most of it, so she would also monitor the morgue to make sure that she could acquire any freshly deceased veteran and avoid the ethical dilemma of this whole ordeal.

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