The Tracking Grounds

Various wild environments are housed by a series of fences, with a great pentagon in the middle. Rangers train themselves against the elements and wildlife here as they seek to become one with nature. Each environment has the crest of the Rangers residing above it, and each crest is a different color representing what environments one can expect within. Animal cries can be heard from within, whether these animals are prey or companions only a Ranger would know.

HQ of the Ranger Order

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The Tracking Grounds

Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:25 pm

Various wild environments are in housed by a series of fences, with a great pentagon in the middle. Rangers train themselves against the elements and wildlife here as they seek to become one with nature. Each environment has the crest of the Rangers residing above it, and each crest is a different color representing what environments one can expect within. Animal cries can be heard from within, whether these animals are prey or companions only a Ranger would know.

The building would be large if one saw what they expected, however ascribed within the beams and fences of this establishment is a series of ancient seals that were thought to be lost to the old Journeyman Order which was recently revived. The actual area is quite expansive, covering miles of terrain but it is housed on less than an acre of property. You see, it is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

There is a total of five distinct biomes as well as an administrative office:

The Administrative Office:

The administrative office is a small, rather neat place that serves as an entrance into the honeycomb-like bimoes beyond. The most interesting fact is what is housed beneath the administrative office, a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf that travels to a level below ground where the Ranger Armory exists. This specific area is strictly forbidden to outsiders of this Order although they have allowed Oracles on occasion to study and catalog their artifacts but only in their presence. The armory seals upon entry or exit and only Rangers have the key, so while rare and potentially unwise this can also serve as an impromptu prison for difficult subjects. Please note, the absence of a key does not make this place invulnerable to entry or exit, rather the fact that it is a 'secret' is its greatest defense of all.
Protect this Rangers!

The Desert Biome

It would seem almost redundant to have a desert biome well... within a desert. However, this biome is probably the most important one for the rangers to experience as it is akin to their home terrain. This area is controlled so people are not placed in harm's way during training and it is not unusual for Rangers to collect (or request a collection of) Sandworm eggs as well as other dangerous Wind Country carnivores that they allow to roam freely here just to add a potential chance of misfortune for those training here.


A large field covered with waist-high grass. This type of terrain can be found along the coastline of Wind Country where the climate is more temperate. The biome is speckled with the rare, occasional tree and lazy sloping hills. This is considered the calmest and possibly safest biome but the most challenging for a stealth user and hence a preferred setting for such. The lack of variants in terrain and the limited hiding places (being mostly the high grass) stealthy Rangers relish the challenge this biome offers.

The Forest

An area of dense foliage, this is a place where one can easily hide. The darkness from the tree canopy and the thick brush underfoot make vision and travel difficult. This is an excellent place for combat training against surprise attacks, ambushes or against a stealthy opponent. Mastering the art of finding and surviving is paramount for a Ranger. Foreign wildlife can also be found here -- birds, small animals, some large carnivorous game as well as worthy opponents. It is rumored that the Rangers capture some mercenaries, nukeins and other petty criminals and set them loose in here so that they have something to hunt. It is just a rumor however, you will have to ask a real Ranger if you wish to know the truth.


A frozen wasteland that might remind some of Kirigakure. This is a place of perpetual cold, the area is nothing but rocks and ice and the elements alone are enough to risk one's life. Survival skills are put to the real test here as nature itself is your true enemy. With limited resources and a world in and of itself that attempts to reject all life, those that train in here are truly putting their lives in their hands. It is important to consider supplies and a method to seek and obtain assistance if you venture into here. The difficult terrain has taken a great numbers of lives in the past and just might take yours.


The rarest and most precious resource in Wind Country and it can be found here in abundance. It is said that this water was obtained from the Undersea beneath the Toraono Dojo. This is a large body of water that is approximately 100 feet deep and one mile in diameter. Some fight on the water, underneath, others test their stamina attempting to see how long they can hold their breath and still others just like to hang out near their own personal giant pool.
Sand Anbu In Training
Sand Anbu In Training
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Re: The Tracking Grounds

Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:28 pm

The Orders
Brought up from perdition, shackled by mighty ancients, these men of antiquity rose up in the face of overwhelming odds to provide a spark of hope for humanity. Initially separated by the oppression that kept them in chains, they grew restless and aspired to more. Inspired by the One King, Primus these individuals stood beside him in an effort to create a new world for themselves. Using their unique abilities they fought to overcome the many trials they would face. United they were a shining example of humanity's spirit and ability to conquer unfathomable obstacles.

During the Great Descent, a numerous amount of historical records were lost to the diamond sands. A portion of Sunagakure's efforts has always been dedicated to the recovery and restoration of The First Men's legacy. A large vault containing the names of clans and families going back generations has released with it the true names of the Orders that once helped Primus take Wind Country. To help revitalize the village's hope that we may once again rise, we take from our past to help secure our future.

Men of the wild sands and true earth, stalwart craftsmen and bearers of arms most grand, as well as those brilliant in thought and nimble-minded on the battlefield will aid us in these coming times with their gifts.

For Order has returned.

  • Rangers

    The most ancient order, Rangers come from the neolithic era, long before the advent of written word. In the beginning Sunanites were nomadic as food, shelter and water were lacking and the beasts of the realm were dangerous and hungered. The Rangers were the proud hunters of early Sunan society, the strongest, fastest and bravest young men and women would join the ranks of Rangers at an early age. It was a part of their rite of passage to battle a Sandworm and bring back a chunk of its armored hide as proof of the encounter. Great honor was bestowed upon these providers from even the earliest of times as they were given rights to the first portions of food and drink and often the first choice in women. Their dignity was taken from them shortly after Primus called all ranks and paths of man to arms, while they fought valiantly against the Gods and provided rations to the army of man, society forever changed when humanity became an agrarian society. The sedentary lifestyle of modern man diminished society's value on the Ranger Order, but the Ranger Order never hesitated in their duty. While humanity became increasingly reliant on technology, the Rangers kept to the old ways and maintained their uncanny tracking skill as well as their remarkable ability to traverse the diamond maelstrom. While the Ranger Order has been forgotten by society at large over the last centuries, those loyal to the Ranger ranks have honed skills no other shinobi could hope to emulate.
    • Benefits of Rangers:
      • Rangers are capable of entering and exiting Sunagakure without a passport [this cannot be used to go missing].
      • Rangers do not need to be "let out" of Sunagakure [this method cannot be used to leave the country, but a Ranger can travel in Wind Country without a passport and without being let out of Sunagakure at the gate].
      • Rangers are considered to be excellent trackers, they can find footprints in the midst of raging sandstorms and note deviations to their landscape that would be unnoticed by other shinobi.
      • Rangers are considered to be excellent at using stealth -- this does not automatically grant a Ranger any additional stealth buffs but would serve as an IC reason for one to have stealth enhancing abilities or jutsus.
      • In non-modded situations a Ranger can enter a thread in stealth, meaning all participants of the thread must consent to their stealth presence.

    The genesis of the Order of Journeymen can be traced back to the Age of Primus and the God's Fall that preceded the liberation of humanity. It is said that Primus' blade and armor were the greatest achievement of the Journeymen's Order. Those who claim lineage to the Journeymen often state that Journeyman's armor was the product of a dozen Journeymen and gave Primus the strength of one-hundred men and often boast that it was their wares that gave Primus the ability to overcome the power of the Gods.

    The Journeymen are a trade order that specializes in armors and weapons. It is said that a Journeymen is an expert in every form of armed combat and that their weapons which often bear their family name and sigil are the strongest, sharpest, and best weapons produced. Their secrets have been closely guarded and often Journeymen run in families but in cases where there is no heir, apprentices are often found among promising local youth.

    In the present day Journeymen are not only unrivaled in their weapon martial skill but also skilled in armors and in some cases technology. Some Journeymen are tinkerers capable of making proficient EMP grenades, the creation and manipulation of mannequins or even the creation of armored suits capable of serving as more than a protective shell. Crafting is considered to be a lucrative trade in modern Suna, the Sunan government often has high regards for Journeymen because their wares are the essential tools of the shinobi vocation. In addition, many Journeymen are also instructors due to their in-depth knowledge and affinity for their weapon crafts. In fact, it is common for a Journeymen to become an educator for a brief period to find an apprentice if they have no appropriate legitimate or illegitimate offspring of their own.
    • Benefits of Journeymen:
      • Capable of sealing the souls of their ancestors or other potentially powerful beings into weapons and armors. They believe that the soul that inhabits the weapon gives it strength - the weapon or armor can essentially communicate with the user. [The user would require the permission of another player to use a player's previous killed PC/NPC in a weapon or armor.]
      • All of a Journeyman's weapons have a signature appearance to them [be it a color, glow, insignia, etc].
      • IC Journeyman's are considered to be "experts" in every weapon type they manufacture.
      • Many Journeymen are considered to be financially well-off due to the fact that most Crafters sell their wares.
      • Journeymen are IC'ly held in high regard in Suna society.
      • IC Journeymen are considered knowledgeable in every technique a weapon is capable of even if they cannot use the jutsu themselves. Meaning that a Crafter would in character know what a bludgeoning technique does even if they do not own the technique. This does not mean that they would become auto-aware of a hidden action done with a weapon in modded battle.

    The Oracles started as an informal group of theologians who thought that the ills of society could be eliminated through peaceful discussion and understanding others. Ancient philosopher Satoru is often quoted and is considered to be the greatest mind Sunagakure has ever known. He is considered to be the first member of the Oracle Order, his students added to the Order's ranks and the number of members grew into the dozens. While membership was often limited and the Oracles never sought new members, those with promising intellect or an undefinable spark would be tested for eligibility. The components of the test are for the most part unknown but it is assumed to be a trial of the mind where the proctors look for mental faculty and capacity over actual success.

    Historically, the Oracles were those that sought wisdom and felt that understanding the past was not only a way of better was of discerning the present and it was a way of predicting the future. While often stereotyped as physically weak and unimposing, Oracles often use the information they gain in their studies to fortify their own body. Oracles have access to the Vault, a secret locker room of ancient artifacts that are to be stored indefinitely. In addition, Oracles have access to ancient scrolls that often describe the lineage of many great families, discuss the history of Wind Country and even scrolls of theology and biographies of ancient great figures. Presently, the Oracles remain shrouded in mystery as little is known of them beyond the fact that they are considered to be intellectuals.
    • Benefits of Oracles:
      • Have full access to The Scroll Locker.
      • Have full access to The Artifact Locker.
      • Considered to have IC knowledge of all Clans, great families and have general knowledge bloodlines and kinjutsu (as detailed in the Scroll Locker).
      • Each Oracle member's membership in the Oracle Order is unknown, all members are masked and shrouded when they act as a member of this order. [All Oracles know other Oracles.]
      • Have access to Runic Terran automatically as well as a formal form of Runic Terran.
      • Oracles can in-character teach others Runic Terran (formal or common type, see Runic Terran for more information).

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