Going Home Part 2 (Leaving Country)

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Going Home Part 2 (Leaving Country)

Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:49 pm

Stormy. Stormy rain delayed his journey back to Sunagakure. The caravan he was travelling stopped at the nearest outpost once they saw dark clouds gathering above them.
As the road back was muddy, winding and cut through several mountains, it would be best to stop at the outpost until morning light. It did give Kagari time to think, to reflect.

Sitting underneath the wooden roof, he leaned back against his back using it as a makeshift cushion.

A whole year had passed by him as a second without him realizing it. How was that possible? The only thing he could think of was if he could possibly have been discovered by Cloud and his memory wiped.
No, that was a bit extreme. Last he checked Cloud wasn't at war with Suna, or else they would have never let him out of the gates.

He got out his notebook which he had been writing and drawing diagrams to try and assess the situation.

First the mission with Ruin in the sewers.
There was no possible way that a bunch of blood hungry patriots had their hands on time travel so he marked that off the list.

Second, the contract hunt with the kitsune.
He did step into "another world", possibly a spiritual plane. This was the only possibility he could think of, as the rules of time and space seemed to not apply when it comes to magical foxes.

He sighed, only one thought rest on his mind; his mother. Missing for an entire year, she'll kill him once he's back home...If she's....
He shook those thoughts immediately out of his head, not now. He could run away from his problems for now but he'd soon have to face them.

Closing his eyes, he needed to get his sleep for the journey and stepping back into the world he had disappeared from.

[Leaving country]


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