Change is inevitable. [Open]

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Change is inevitable. [Open]

Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:26 am

Asuka walked through the main road, her target... the Hokage Mansion. She had been instructed to report once she returned to the village. Orders were orders, they couldn't be undermined or disobeyed. No matter the circumstance, no matter the cost. As she walked through the main road people kept staring at her, with horror mostly. The ones who knew though, they're eyes read pity. She held her wounded arm as she walked further, not caring about the stares, or anything really. Her mind was set into getting to the Hokage. Her ruined vest was mostly tainted red, cuts and tears littered it. Half her face was covered in dried up blood, she had been keeping one eye closed so she wouldn't be blinded and now it got stuck like that. Her usual white hair was now a combination of blood ash and dirt, this girl had done something. It seemed she was in a massacre.

"The sooner I get there, the faster Hokage-sama can give me my orders." That was her simple logic, to do it fast, not to waste the precious time of the Hokage. Though... she did wonder if any of the people she knew would come and greet her. Did they even notice she was gone? Unlike most, she wasn't thinking this from her heart, it was simple curiosity. If no one showed up, it meant no one had actually cared about her. Which in turn would confirm her suspition that human emotions were just an excuse to avoid solitude and loneliness, in the end all humans were social creatures... well... most.

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