A Personal Reflection(training)

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A Personal Reflection(training)

Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:47 pm

The Captain strode through the village, the weight of her recent failure at the village gates weighing heavily on her. The words of the Hokage still echoed within her...the failure of your Captain..., she ignored a passing merchant who called out to her to purchase some dangos which she brushed off by giving him the cold shoulder. The village was in a dire state and she had done little to aid it, in fact, from her point of view, she had done the exact opposite, she had hurt it..allowed a shinobi to desert their forces, people put their faith in people like her to entrust them with the protection of the village and if they failed at that task, who else could they turn to? Never before had she felt such a mishap in her career as she did now.. she was left wondering what consequences would be implemented, such a thing was not be simply cast aside as an accident, espeically not in a time like this.The failure of your captain..........combat training.....""Ugh."She shook the thought out of her head as she trekked along passing by the clan house district. It was hard..she had tried to get her mind off things by doing a few rounds around the village but even that was proving diffcult with all the ground she had to cover, they had suffered a shortage to the forces recently and it was taking it's toll on all of them, Soku included. Who knew how long it would before she made that one, fatal, mistake..because she was starting to fall apart. She really needed to up her game.The failure of your Captain....

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