The true power of a Chigokai (training)

The former proving grounds for those wishing to pass the Chunnin exam, after the civil war, this zone was restructured for a more set location for village tournaments and exams. Covering a wide expanse, it's best not to wander off the beaten path when traveling through the dense brush that makes up this portion of Konohagakure. Rumor has it that the very trees are naturally infused with chakra due to the rich soil underneath.

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The true power of a Chigokai (training)

Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:34 pm

So here he was again. Back in the Forest of Death. This time, he was chasing down someone who had just killed another person. He didn't seem to be part of Jirosho's crew. Probably had his own agenda. Either way, Ziren will have to stop this guy from getting any further.

He jumped down from a tree right in front of the man. "Don't make this anymore difficult than it has to be. We can both get out of this alive. Just as long as you come quietly."

The murderer laughed.
"You can forget me going back. I ain't going back in those jail cells. I'd rather die!"
With that said he brought out his sword. Ziren was ready to fight. He brought out his Chain Scythe, and eyed his opponent.

The man charged at him, but Ziren easily deflected the sword blow and kicked the guy in his chest. He sighed. Turned his back to the criminal, knowing that he would use this time to strike. He heard his blood come rushing with adrenaline towards Ziren.

Ziren turned around fast, ready to block the attack, but it wasn't needed. The murderer was frozen in place, struggling to move. From listening, Ziren could tell that his blood has stopped moving. At first he thought Jirosho was behind this. But after a minute. Two minutes have passed, nothing changed. Ziren looked at the murderer, who was now blue in the face, the lack of oxygen moving throughout the body, via blood flow, was starting to kill him. Ziren imagined that the man's blood flow would start back up again, and sure enough, it did.

The murderer fell flat on the ground, gasping for air, but alive and now under Ziren's custody. As he gave the man over to his higher ups, he couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. Did he just use the ultimate Chigokai justsu? Blood Break?

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