Tones are echoing (open)

The former proving grounds for those wishing to pass the Chunnin exam, after the civil war, this zone was restructured for a more set location for village tournaments and exams. Covering a wide expanse, it's best not to wander off the beaten path when traveling through the dense brush that makes up this portion of Konohagakure. Rumor has it that the very trees are naturally infused with chakra due to the rich soil underneath.

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Tones are echoing (open)

Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:20 am


The Forest of Death. The name implies what it usually is. But what Ziren is here for, is to release tension that has been built up inside of him for who knows how long. And what more better way to do it, than in a secluded area, where people usually avoid due to the very name of the place?

What exactly was he doing here, to release pent up tension? Training? Fighting? No, and no. This masked man has bought a guitar at the local shop and went to the Forest of Death to play some music.

To be honest, the Chigokai has never really sang, only just played the guitar. But today, he didn't know why, just felt like singing. Which, his voice sounded way more different, than whenever he just speaks normally. All the while singing, he kept his ears open in case if someone comes his way.

But he really sang, thinking of all of the people he has ever cared for. Mom, dad, Soku, heck, even Maru, to some degree, wasn't as bad of a guy as once thought.

(Topic entered with NPC Ziren in incognito)
(Chose this song only mainly to let anyone know, that no matter how alone you must feel, there will always be someone there, with their hands outstretched. Love you all and have a merry Christmas and Holidays)

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