Kami (not that Kami)

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Kami (not that Kami)

Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:45 pm

Look to your Gods... for the night is dark and full of terrors...

      • BINGO: KAMI... (not that Kami) ”THE NEXT HOKAGE”

Character Information
  • Age: 17
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 125ibs
    Gender: Female
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Rank: Anbu
    Clan: None

Physical Description: No visible marks or tattoos. Looks to be a typical teenage girl with light brown hair and blue eyes. She is about 5’6 and weighs 125ibs. It has been noted the her eyes glow bright red during battle which complements her signature blood red coat. Conversations with Kami can be challenging due to her unwillingness to connect and use of snarky retorts and sarcasm to deflect the revealing of her personal feelings or pain. Notable quirks is the clinching of her right arm due to an infarction involving her triceps muscles. This would explain her habitual use of Vicodin to manage pain stemming from her arm.

Personality: Kami is a fascinating and daringly cantankerous enigma, the proverbial bitter pill who also happens to be a highly intuitive Genjutsu genius. She despises interacting with others and dabbling in social norms but prefers mental games and mysteries that leave others scratching their heads in befuddlement. She has been described as a misanthrope, cynic, narcissist, and curmudgeon. Her unorthodox approaches, radical obligatory motives, and stalwart rationality have resulted in much conflict between her and her colleagues. Kami is also often portrayed as lacking sympathy for her colleagues and villagers, a practice that allots her time to solve pathological enigmas such as motives and purpose of love, religion, beliefs and suicide.

Over confident
Ninjitsu is crap
Taijutsu even crapier

Kami’s beginnings were like most of the orphan children within the hidden Leaf village. Though unlike most left on the church’s door stump, a name was left with her... Kami. Kami was initiated into the Shinobi academy at the age of 12 however showed zero talent for the basics of combat taught in the academy, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. She, however, excelled in all her testing and showed above average skill in areas of tactical strategics and diplomacy. For this, the Anbu organization took a special interest in her ability and initiated the student into their ranks despite her inability to meet the basic requirements for graduation. There, she showed great prowess in the advanced arts of Genjutsu, something rarely taught within the walls of the academy. Her skills and abilities with Genjutsu were beyond her years. A genius was what they called her, assigning her to tasks her abilities were best suited for, interrogation and torture... all in the name of national security for the Leaf village of course. She was only 14 years of age and already a master of twisting the minds of the twisted. Her mental abilities began to mature about this time as she unconsciously, both in the literal and metaphorical sense of the word, entered the head of another during an interrogation though she kept this happening to herself. Surprised by her new found ability to project her mind into another, she sought out opportunities to advance this new skill. Her curiosity for pathological enigma’s led her adventures to the physic ward of Leaf’s general when she wasn’t occupied with interrogations. To her dismay her abilities to project her mind and consciousness into an unwilling sap did not allow her to read their minds nor pry into their deep subconscious or conscious but instead she was able to influence those she had entered by hijacking their conscious cerebral which gave her limited control of their motor functions. A dangerous gift for a child to possess to say the least. For a while she began neglecting her duties as an interrogator just to toy with whom ever she deemed so. This was fun right up until a incident occurred while possessing another that left her right arm permanently damaged. Though only phantom pains as CT scans revealed no injury, Kami was forced to reveal her abilities and has been popping Vicodin to manage pain ever since. This sparked an instant maturity to a degree and a respect for the handling of her abilities. In time her abilities became refined considering the endless amount of criminals and degenerates under captivity. By the age of 17 she was already ahead of her peers and senior to her predecessors.
”The Queen of Battle”
“The Devil of Iwagakure”
“Konoha’s Gate Guardian”
“The Dark One”

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