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Name: Uchiha Kotori
Pronunciation: U-chi-hah. Ko-to-rie
Name Meaning: Kotori meaning; Owlet (小鳥)Definition: Baby owl.
Other Names: Koto
Gender: Female
Titles: Uchiha, Chuunin.
Dominant Hand: Left
Catchphrase: "I Don't Know Everything, I Just Know What I Know"
Handwriting: Depending to who or what I need to write down.
Name: Tinīsutā
Pronunciation: Tinie-su-tah
Name Meaning: Little star
Gender: Female
Titles: ANBU Captain.
Dominant Hand: Right
Catchphrase: “Look… I don’t have the time n’or the crayons to explain it to you.”
Handwriting: Depending to who or what I need to write down.
MBIT Personality Type: ESTP
»« Joyfull »« Cautions »« Loyal »« Sinister »«
»« Dangerous »« caring »« serious »«
Due to the time, she has changed, she used to be a carefree character, never serious and always smiling, with a weak spot for all kinds of sweets and cakes. She is very curious and tries to discover multiple things, sometimes going into her favor but not all the times...
These days she holds her life separate of her work and once she is attending in meetings. Her real self has often hidden away and she doesn't easily show that side of her inside public. Only a very few close to her get to see the real her and her character.
She is really loyal to the people she holds dear to her, but not to be mistaken of course. When needs be, however, Kotori can also be sinister and dangerous. As she has been trained by her parents, she easily can switch to being jolly and being serious.
Kotori is a girl around the age of thirteen years old. She is around the 150 centimeters and around 40 Kilograms. She has a soft pink skin with is smooth to the touch. She doesn’t burn easily, but tans quite good. She has a couple of birthmarks over her body yet the one most noticeable is the one at her upper arm, it is shaped like almost a scar.
She used to have really long beautiful red hairs. But after a certain event in her life, the small girl cut it off in Suna and dyed her hairs. She was afraid to be recognized with her red hairs as she was of course on travels. Yet she thought it suited her and kept it short and purple blackish, as her true hair color shines a little through.
Her eyes, however, was something she could never change, it still remained the emerald hues that she got from her mother.
She has a variation of clothing as she traveled too, lot’s of things are coming from there, especially her hat and eating habits. She started to look more after herself and have a bit of healthy lifestyle instead of candies everywhere.
Hidden from everyone’s sight is a seal on her body. It is her ‘contract’ with the Tsukumogami.
FuegoKorean --- Fire Country's native language.
Fiero: country's cypher. This is the special cypher that only the shinobi of Leaf would know, capable of speaking/writing in a way that foreigners couldn't understand
Vulcan: ANBU's specific cypher. And this is for ANBU only. Consider this like advanced encryption.
Sign: Sign Language, as she needed a way to speak with her mute brother inside the clan also.
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Ever since that she was young she has been curious about all kind of things surrounding her. She has been a real explorer that only got worse when she was starting to walk in and around the hose. When she was tired, then she would stop the exploring and just sleep on the spot that she was currently at. Often leaving her family to search for her.
She had a lovely family, her father having multiple jobs as a Hokage and a loving father, which with Kotori could actually mean a hand full in a good line of meaning. Her mother one of the most beautiful in all of the leaf, carried the name of an ANBU Captain of the assassination squad, yet she would be the prize winner of the best mom of the world in the eyes of the small girl. Kotori might be only the blood-related child they had, she wasn’t alone. She had two older brothers, the youngest of the two was Izumi and the older one of the two was Hyuuga Yukio. Izumi was adopted after he was made homeless and he took the opinion to learn for a better good, learned to talk as his story was told to her. Hyuuga Yukio was also an adopted son and had already grown inside Leaf ranks even.
She loves the times that Yukio comes around to visit and always loses the hide and seek game with him, yet she doesn’t mind as it is always fun with him around and she sees a lot of places around.
“I want to join, freeze up.”
Kotori's voice filled the hallway, it sounded sad as she genuinely was very sad regarding it. In her mind, she had missed her parents leave or even failed to join them. But a voice came from behind her why she was sitting there and there stood her parents. A joy-filled and she started to run towards her mother to embrace her in her tiny hands, run back to the door and grab the small backpack. "Kotori go with papa, mama!! Kotori too!!" she kept saying happily but for her, the dreams were shattered to come along. She was told that she couldn't and that uncle Maki would be here soon to play with her... But that didn't stop the small girl's feelings. The hallway grew colder as she started to sob, not even having it under her control at the age of 5... Yet she kept crying and regarding the efforts of her trying to come with the parents kept telling her she couldn't. Eventually, the cold resonated towards the one object she held in her hands. Seconds later Kotori started to sob loudly and the backpack in her hands froze up, completely stiffed up and not the most beautiful shapes either. It was still very bulky.
“Mothers day accident.”
Mothers day... She was 6 and already trying to help out mom and dad, brother and uncle as much as she was capable of. She knew this was a special moms day... And she was going to do her best to surprise her on which she started to collect ingredients with the staff. "Mommy will love the cookies!!" she said happily as she started to help them out, her eyes observing everything that was going on. Nothing went past her emerald colored eyes. They were making all kind of different cookies. Yet at the end, she needed to touch the upper part on one of the cookies... And Kotori wasn't allowed, but given her age, she was in the tiny child's pubescent and no was yes... "Kotori knows what to do! I saw someone do that!" and recollecting a part of her memory she started to use a few seals together. "Fire jutsu: fireball!" and with that.... She started to not only color the cookies, but the whole kitchen got a new color which would be inky black. Kotori had actually managed to make her fire that strong that the fire wasn't that quickly passed neither was the girl easily frightened by the fire.
Once it was under control she tilted her head... She had a couple of burned cookies... And the staff ensured the small girl her mom would still like them... With tape, she stuck them to a self-made drawing at least one of them... Before she places the rest on a small plate and went to her mom and told her the "big success" on making the cookies... The burning smell was however all over the compound......
“Two bloodlines”
The sun was barely out, shining upon the world. The colors were still mixed with various colors and this small girl was awoken. A soft noise was made by her as she turned in her bed and started to furiously rub her eyes. She had requested extra time with her father, had approved that they were going to train all day... But as she thought back, she might have a small regret going on in the back of her head. She stationed herself on the chair on the dinner table where she looked towards her bowl of cornflakes. She stirred the inside of the bowl and slowly started to place the spoon so that she could stretch a bit more. "Why so early again...?" The now 8-year-old Kotori asked her father as she rubbed her eyes and tried everything to prevent a yawn, yet with all effort, she still had to yawn and started to rub her eyes a bit more annoyed. She always managed to get tiny yawn tears that fell down her cheeks. After she had rubbed those away she pouted quickly and said something rather quickly. "I am not tired! We are going to train!!" She stated and had said this without having her father comment anything.

After she had eaten her breakfast she went towards her room to get changed, she really wanted to show off her new training clothing. The other day she had been going on a small shopping spree with her mother and they had gotten this training set which had a slight color of camouflage yet still easily recognizable for other people that it was a training garb. With a toothy big smile she walked down the hallway, she already felt very proud only having to walk around in the new clothing. Once she was outside she was greeted by the early morning rays. They walked towards the sakura tree that always was in bloom when Yuki was in the village. There they spoke thing through, what they were going to do, how long they would do... And normally this wasn't the cause, but Kotori had the habit to get easily hyper or impatient when she was left out on details. Which is why they had a part of the theory first too, but since it was this early in the morning the poor kid started to doze off till she was sleeping against the bark of the tree. It was just so soothing all, the morning rays, the water that was kibbling in the small stream of flowing water. Now that she was woken up again they had agreed they would start the training.

She started to stretch up her body, she always did so and always tried to get her father to stretch with her. Making it a small game as she loved playing games as sometimes time with them was rare. They had a decent stretching up session and she started to train with him. "Lower your left hand, more bending on the right knee." Were the words of her father as she tried to learn how to use this defense in the best possible situation and when it was an option. As they went the day in like this... Eventually, she had turned out to be fed up with the training and had made a quick jutsu... Water style: water gun. And tried to spray her father. The jolly self-was a little gone as she took a serious turn, using her small body as an advantage and turned towards between the legs to get behind to try and kick her father in the knee holt. Of course, this failed and she was lifted up to calm down. However, they had been training that long that she had turned hungry and tired. Trying to make a tantrum in his arms she eventually had the Sharingan active in her eyes, there were only two of them circling around in her eyes... But she had them activated alright, almost as if the feeling of being fed up helped her going further below... But the combination she was using right now was a strange mix, almost a yin and yang mix. Fire and Ice, Sharingan eyes and a cold chill in the air of her own Haku bloodline. Two at the same time... Her own set of Sharingan with two tomoe, something that was already more then the usual bunch was having. Normally people started with one and would, with a lot of training, increase. Kotori was done playing around and she was having one of her few fits, sitting in the arms of her father she stared into his eyes, moving from the left to the right. Her own emerald colored hues had turned towards a crimson red with two Tomoe's. Slowly she calmed down a little as time passed on and they were remaining, she started to look towards her father more and saw her own view was a bit different. This was a whole sight to be seen, to experience. She saw something that could be described for her as a small radiant covering her father. Almost as an aura. But as her father had the rinnengan Sharingan nothing much was happening between them... She kept on staring towards her older man and eventually lose onto that.
From this moment they started to train on a different level. Kotori "saw" movements that her father was going to make, she dodged quicker and of course, it was a little more challenging as her father also had adjusted towards this training. Each Jutsu that her father did, she tried to copy them also. Using her eyes as a copy wheel right now. Some weren't able for her to copy, but at some point, her father did an E-rank Fire style: fireball jutsu and Kotori copied the movements, copied the amount of chakra used and then... A huge fireball was flung towards her father but also to her, the fire clashed into each other but eventually Kotori's fire grew weaker and so did she, she was slowly but surely she was burning through the chakra pool she had right now. Her own chakra was at a low point right now. Slowly a thought was crossing her own mindset. That she did a jutsu she hadn't learned before... Under her own breath, she started to mutter. "S-scary..." Were her words as her Sharingan started to disappear and her own emerald orbs returned again. Yet she looked a bit tired.
She had actually noticed herself what she had done by this point. Not only had she noticed she had started to 'predict' her father's movements. But it was a fake statement that they could actually predict things. Of course, she knew what other people thought about Uchiha clans and their ability. Most were scared to face them even. The rumor went that they could see a few seconds into the future, but Kotori knew different now.

On the end of the afternoon the girl eventually sat down, heavily panting and totally exhausted, she was rid of all the excessive energy now... and not to forget she was chakra burned on this point. Her father got close and was for a brief moment surprised that she had indeed two kinds of bloodlines in her. She got explained what happened at this moment as for all she knew, she was a Haku user, not a Sharingan which was at this moment the same. Slowly she started to tilt her head as she slowly was going to understand what had happened, why this suddenly had gotten easier. "So... daddy..? Was that... the eyes you usually have..?" And with those words, she started to pet her fathers head as they were close towards each other now. "Daddy..? I am tired..." She slowly said and tried to nuzzle back into her father's neck and her arms trying to gently hold onto him. Either via his neck or trying to keep a shoulder close. This was done while he gently lifted her and carried her. "I love you daddy..." she muttered before the sleep had already gotten to her and started to hug her father's neck. Her father had placed her into her bed, without having dinner she slept through the whole night. Of course, they had tried to wake her up but it just had no use right now as she slept further. The following morning she learned that the Sharingan had multiple names. Mirror wheel, Copy eye wheel but also the eye that reflects the heart. From that given moment her father told her more things even. That it was sometimes under the Uchiha's a so-called "Curse of Hatred", this is a negative emotion, brought up by stress or loss. But the emotion can also be positive, driven by a desire to protect or reunite with a loved one. Kotori still held questions regarding having both bloodlines, but boy... Was it going to be fun to master them both.
“Another tongue to master” [Learning Fiego]
Kotori was out with Hyuuga Yukio and she had it for a saying to where they were going to go. Kotori starter to walk towards the library without informing the other where they were heading or anything regarding that. Once she was there... She instantly waddles quickly as she could as silent as she could to the books where she knew which one had been standing. "Yukio!!" She whispered loud enough to not be a normal voice. She held a book up high with thick words: Language of Fiego for dummies.

At first, they started to practice together but soon Yukio was called away, yet the family knew where she was. Kotori started to practice the art of the language at her own. Yet from time to time she tried to get Yukio to overhear her, to see if she was doing it correctly. Weeks went by before she had it medium under control until a month or two before her birthday. She finally could talk in the Fiego language.
"Birthday Pranks"
It was her own birthday and she already knew that her older brother was coming over to visit. A lot of happy moments were about to come together.
Together with her mother, she had been hanging in the decorations in and around the place. They were celebrating it outside and Kotori was busy trying to make drinks for everyone. Once Yukio was in she obviously was happy that he was finally here! She was even more thrilled with a gift from him but placed it by the others. She wanted everyone to see what she got when she was going to open it since this was family only it wasn't held that big. Once she gave drinks around... She tried to prank her older brother with a fake spider in ice cube prank... Which didn't work for obvious reasons. But the other prank she tried to do... Sneak up and yell boo... She was quickly discovered with a hug and a smile. A pout left the smaller girl and hugged her older brother back. "How.. do you always do that Onii-chan?" She asked her older brother and sat down on his lap... It was time to open up all the presents.
"Spectral momentums"
Kotori had a lot of time on her hands with her family always having a full-time job... it made her often sneak out of the house when it was night time to take a look at the beautiful stars up in the sky... From time to time she saw a falling star and each time... She was wishing time stood still with the time she had with her family. Yet little did she know, was that she was already developing this as she often wished it to stand still.. She often thought of moments and wishing it to stop time. One time this actually started to happen when she was busy training for herself... It was when she was shooting that she got a small vision, small enough to make her stop in her movements and making sure that she didn't shoot the bow on what would end in a disaster for her. Now she started to look to the place where other else her arrow would have gone for... and there lay the birds nest with baby birds.. "W-wow... How... did I knew that was going to happen otherwise..." she muttered in astonishment and started to roam around the house starting to search for her father or mother because this had creeped her out... But little did she knew that at this moment she had stopped time while she was searching. Her thought was only; "I need to find them before they are away..." And she only learned that she had stopped time when she had found her father standing there frozen in time... While she was walking around, the sky even was frozen and she grew big in her eyes. "D-dad..?!" She shouted in fear and the moment she tugged onto him time sprung back. Her father looked back towards her and sigh in a moment, this did not surprise him at all.
"Almost gone"
Training... training and more training, that was what she was doing on the Hokage rock. Yet little did she knew that she was being spied upon. She knew she had like a prize on her head for being the flesh and blood daughter of the Hokage and the ANBU captain, but she would never have thought she would have gotten attacked in her hometown like this. The evil person had jumped out of the bushes with a Ninjutsu that she hadn't seen before it was almost too late. Kotori blocked it with her barrier but was still clung to the back. "W-what?!" Fear smacked in as this was her save heaven, she saves place inside the walls and the words that ring through her mind were now a lie. "You are always saved in these walls." A battle erupted right where they were standing and the girl soon learned to always bring all her equipment with in case this would happen. Yet as she was losing she eventually saw a face... a face she only recognized from the books. This was her late grand, grandfather. "..." She stood there for a moment until he gave her moments and pieces of advice. Suddenly she felt like she had gained the other knowledge on how to use the sword in the maximum potential.. And her swordsmanship got that well, that she eventually made a slash that broke a part of the stairways, crumbling down and the man leaving bloodied on the ground. Her eyes went from the stairs to the man while the people that defended the leaf were now gathering. Her sword dripping with blood and she stood there, wondering what just happened. but the moment she looked around... she saw her late grand, grandfather standing there smiling. She had a guardian watching over her.
"Giant little steps"
Once she was brought home she of course had to face her mom and dad on why she had broken the stairs... Since that was placed towards her. Kotori started to explain it all, like everything she was turning in rather unique. "But it is true! I saw them... I honestly saw my great great grandpa!" She shouted and started to turn more and more agitated. This was the so many time she had to explain that her patience was breaking down. The persons that were there gathering already didn't believe her and thought she had done so to gain more attention because her father and mother were full time working and she wanted more attention... Either negative or positive. "but it is true!!" She had told them but still was being brought towards the house back. The more they walked back... the more she started to turn angry. Eventually stopping in front of them to explain it once more, just a single try was given. "But it IS true! I it is!! It is, it is, it is!" And that moment she was grabbed by the shoulders and had to turn around and walk, they had grown tired of the child's protest and lies. Kotori... Grew from annoyed towards angry. So angry that slowly the ground started to tremble. First lightly with each step until moments later there you could say there was a small earthquake going on. Kotori was small, which why the earthquake was small... It took the defenders moments to notice that when Kotori made a step a tremor came, another and another. And trying to talk it right... had no use anymore by the redhaired female. "NO!" She shouted once they asked her to stand still. Move, move move move and now she suddenly had to stand still. No.. that wasn't going to happen. She walked into the Uchiha household without even realizing she was the cause of it all until she lay down on her bed, on which she instantly went for while the defenders were bringing the note to the Hokage.
"Late night studies" [Vulcan]
Her steps echoed through the halls of the ANBU compound. The small child had already made it this far, she was really following her parent's path, one she didn't fear to take as she knew she always had a family ready for her.
The girl went once over the language set she was currently having, one that seemed to be helpful at all costs, but something was just a bit odd. And she went towards her own mother to figure it even out. She learned that there were more languages to learn, one even special for the ANBU persons to learn. With this in her mind, she started to make more notes in her mind before she would write a message and leave it behind in the house.
"Mom, dad, I will be in the ANBU compound library, studying all night!"
In the library, she collected books, scrolls and what, not more what she could find on this special language. Slowly she started to turn and twist her head. "Hmn... This... this is complicated." Were the muttering sounds of the redhead. Books pile longer that she was, surrounded her. "This is hard..." She said and placed her cheek on the table, her feet dangling from front to back. She kept making notes, kept scribbling till it was around two hours after midnight and she finally began to understand bits... But sadly not everything. Kotori was maybe a little bit of a cheater and had used her ability to step out of time sometimes to learn more in such a short moment. But even with this and everything around... She couldn't keep awake much longer and fell asleep half curling up on the desk with her body and sitting on the chair.

The next morning she had woken up in her own bed in the Uchiha house. Confused she checked her surroundings but eventually ran down towards the place they normally had breakfast and found her dad there. After learning that she had fallen asleep and brought back here by her father, she climbed the chair to hug her father from behind. "Thank you papa!" She spoke happily and had her arms around him. "Say... papa..? Can't you help me understand it..?" She asked and tried to look from beside him. "Pleaaase? Even if it means with one of your fakes..." She pouted, for her, only one of the paths really counted as her father, but then again she often tried to tease him with saying that. She had gotten her yes on that answer and she was through the roof happy, but... that happiness was supported with a whole day studying on it.
More paper was being worked through, her father and herself had a lot of fun studying it as it wasn't just hard pounding the dry words through. Bit by bit Kotori started to understand it even more. Started to see it more. It was still after that the night had settled that she was able to decipher it and even speak the language. Even though she didn't speak it 100% right, she did had it right now. Just with the time given she would master the tongue.
"A timely adventure"
Kotori had been back for a small while but still held the scars from what had happened towards the young female. She remembered the time so clearly...
"Let's do this Asuka!" Was her own childish voice as she was happy and cheering upon the time they had been spending together all this time. They were conducting towards a small prank and this prank was being held inside the Hyuuga household. Mainly a particular room. The prank existed out of a lot of sticky notes and paper cups. The paper cups were to be filled with water and the paper stickies were everywhere to be seen. "Let's get out before he will spot us."
Right at the moment, they were supposed to get out, the one they were going to prank was out in the open. at the moment of time, they started to panic and panic more before they were going to opt their out. The young female panicking so much that with her ability, she copied her older sisters powers and mixed them with her temporal step ability... She was left out of time.
Inside this, new world for the small figure... she was left to scavage and survive. The world was lit by some of the strange plants, they were illuminating the world around her... Which left this place rather dark and chilling. Slowly she started to walk around, she was afraid.. This was an unknown world for her and fear was taking over. She was calling out to the two who were just with her but suddenly were away. Just when all hope started to vanish... she was one to hear that people were still around her. "W-where?!" She called out towards the voices but there was no reaction back to as far as she knew... weeks went by without a single word again, and she was slowly starting to age up. There was a creature she only met once, it looked rather similar towards the yokai that was still with her. " Ibis..." Were the words whispered as she started to softly pet her feathered friend? She was one to curl up around her contract, this was fear. Fear for being alone, but there was the voice again of her brother.
"His words go for you as well young one, Are you not the Hokage's daughter. The heir to the great Uchiha clan."
"YUKIO!!" She cried out towards the voice as she started to sprint, yet there was no end towards the running. "no..." Were the words muttered and she felt like a huge defeated person. "No....." The sobs were getting harder as she felt like breaking down on the place. Hang on.... that was something easy to say as you were the one lost in time so far.

The hours alone started to become hours, days and even months. Till so far that 3 years later the world suddenly turned, it was as if it finally had awoken and tried to get rid of the young girl, trying to break her just to swallow her whole. Yet one thing Kotori knew, there were 3 core points to break a human. In the end of the times, everything of her was broken except her hope. Her hope still wasn't broken down and kept her going. but her time here had taken her toll after 5 years had passed. She didn't speak anymore, didn't cry anymore. And just kept on going as the time passed on.

There were whispers all around the place, all kinds of. '𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘯 𝘜𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘩𝘢 𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳!' '𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞!' '𝙶𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝚞𝚙!' A faint rain started to follow for a moment, making the place even gloomier. There were ghost-like creatures around the small figure, all of those whispers went along till a moment it all suddenly stopped. "In the end... I'm always alone..." Were the words muttered, but instead of coming from the clone that was now vanishing, it came from a teen build woman. Her shirt tattered badly on the age, her sword stuck in the ground. Her hairs long and untamed. A new scar was on her shoulder, it was clear she had been through a lot... But it was a grown-up version, looking up she let the small light stream hit her. Warming her up, her shirt was oversized, tattered and old. Her emerald gaze went towards her rescue party that was there, she didn't even realize Yukio and Asuka were the real versions in this world, unlike the entities she had been fighting all the time already. Her emerald hues didn't even hold the spark of life they had once in them.
"If only... I was stronger..."
Ready with her blade she had almost attacked them, but they found a loophole into this world, a way to let her know this wasn't real at all. A little shocked she stood there, the point of her sword back into the ground. "Y...you are here..." The voice she spoke with was soft, almost a whisper as she looked with disbelief and... She was that day brought back home.
A gap in time.
Returning home, she knew she had to fix a few things. As a temporal strider, she soon noticed a ‘leak’ inside this world. The one she came through a long long while ago. Slowly she went back towards the house of her older brother, sneaking her way in and looking at the gap. Her fingers started to run past it and she looked a little bit hesitant to enter it. She was not one to forget that easy and she started to take a deep breath in. It was strange to do this on her own, but after what she had been through, she felt the way she was ready right here and right now. She ‘tore’ open the gap in the wall and stepped inside, the chilling of the world already taking a hold of her. Hairs on her skin started to raise and stand upright, goosebumps getting over her and eyes wondering the place. The gap itself remained behind her and stayed. She… wasn’t stuck like the last time, she had an open connection towards the ‘other world’ right here and now.

She started to move in forward and saw hidden tracks that she didn’t notice before. But as she started to focus down on other things, she stops feeling cold. Seeing it as an illusion, she started to try things out. Letting herself submerge in the water, letting it submerge… but she could still breath. Her longues didn’t fill up with water either was the fear of drowning itself. A moment in time and space standing still. She got out of the water and could see an Orb of light going further, soon seen as the little rabbit-like creature from the moment she met Jibril, her old Yokai contract. Her mouth dropped as she spotted it and made haste to follow. She kept herself hidden as she had no clear idea of what there was in this world and if the threat still remained even after she left. It was odd… She saw two silhouettes with aura-like things… Moments passed, more moments passed as she witnessed the scenes. Something didn’t quite add up, it was like seeing this from the first time yet not at the same time. A confusing matter to say the least. She started to head towards the end, having an idea who or what those silhouettes were. Soft whispers filled her head, words she heard that long while back ago. “Worthless…” Her mouth whispered, yet a small smile came to her lips. “Not anymore big boy…” She smirked soon and started to rush.

Moments later she found her younger self hiding away. One that in the past Yukio and Asuka never found but she did. It sat there weeping on a tree base and she got closer. “Oi… Little one…” She said with a kind voice and closed in. She smiled brighter towards the small girl crying. “Coming back to fix yourself now?” A creature behind her scampered and laughed. Yet she didn’t back down, instead she straightened herself and looked behind her. “My former and future self yes.” She would embark proudly and nod. Yet the moment she touched her small child version, everything distoriants around her.

Something had happened and it was like a paradox, future self meets young self and time warps around as that may never happen. It made sure to remove the Temporal Strider ability, but sort of throw the girl around. She never fully trained her Haku sided abilities, yet rather had her focus down on the fire path. The girl woke up, stretched out and looked to the windows. Parts in her memory were erased from the timeline yet they still had happened. The girl was sitting there with Semi-black hairs dyed and green hues staring up to the sky. She pushed the window open and jumped down. “Wohooo~! C’mon Breaky!” She cheered and ran down the village path. For some, this would be an odd story. For her, a new begin.

Name: Hatter.
Alias: Mad Hatter.
Age: 437 (Physical appearance 25)
Title: Tsukumogami, spiritual contract.

Physical Appearance: A humanoid form and an object form. He has both of them due to the fact he is a Tsukumogami.

His humanoid form is around 175 centimeters long yet doesn’t weigh anything anymore. He has short white colored hairs and a crimson red eye. His clothing attire… Is always the same, doesn’t matter on what situation he is going in, he always wears the same white coat, purple blouse and white pants with black boots. A cane is held in his hand which holds a sword in it, yet he barely even shows this as he just wants to act ‘cool’.

‘Mad hatter’ is his angry spiritual form, one that haunts Kotori in her dreams till the given day.
He appears to be a large eye, gloating under a tattered black long cape. It wears a top hat which is similar to the old fashioned ones. There is a piece of paper that says ‘love and peace as well for another that quotes ‘welcome’. A few playing cards are stuck to the hat with three roses and thorn-covered stems wrapping around it.
It holds it all in place and as a little pin, there are five purple feathers sticking out.
Along the collar of his cape, he has a silver chain with tokens of a broken mirror and a skull.

How odd as it may sound, his solid form is in the form of pigmented, made into Ink which is now on Kotori’s body. The ink itself is set deep so the pigments would stick around. There isn’t much else, yet due to the fact they basically sort of became one. The only thing Hatter can do is cast thoughts towards her.

Personality: Around Kotori, he can easily be seen as a protective ‘chain’, as he often calls himself. He jokes around, takes her into protection and sees her as a younger sister, sometimes have that fatherly feeling around the small girl.
Hatter finds it extremely funny to lure her out with his ‘mad hatter’ form and will sometimes spook her with just the rattle of the chain. How jolly and funny he can be. His emotions can switch still quite quick yet is often played for others.
He is usually a bit colder, looking from the sideline and just watches the scene before he acts. But once he is in acting mode, he will often joke around or even use actions first before his brain. Something he might have gotten already in trouble with for a time or two.

When Hatter is talking about his past, his mood saddens and becomes even a bit depressive even. One time Kotori pressed onto it, wanting to learn more. But his old personality came forward as the old and bitter man that was angry.

History: Hatter used to have a different life, human life to be in fact till fate brought him elsewhere. His story starts as the person named: Kevin Xerxes. he was a child born but was named the Child of Ill Omen. This due to the fact he had bright white hairs and red eyes. It was most likely uncommon on where he came from, but his parents didn't think any less.
As a child, he already began to serve under the Duke of the 4 great city's. The time went by soon and he was already raised and trained to be a fine warrior for the battles that were soon coming. Yet as the noble families were victorious so was he on the battles and soon earned his spot between the known knights.
When he was twenty-four a tragic incident had happened, He had decidedly to take Roman's youngest daughter out for the day to spend some time away from the family. Unfortunately, when he returned with Roman's daughter, the two of them found that the entirety of the Sinclair Family had been slaughtered in their absence. Rumors circulated that thieves or an opposing noble family were behind the murder, but Kevin didn't care because he could only see how he'd failed to protect his master.
While Roman's youngest daughter mourned the loss of her entire family, Kevin tried to figure out what action he should take. Still riddled with guilt, Kevin decided to visit Roman's gravesite even though Roman's daughter begged him not to leave her, as she had nothing left without him.

At a certain moment in life, he found who had done this to his master, to the duke. The person was a rather tough enemy which called himself 'the intention' as it carried out a will that was formed to be taken down. Kevin fought until the end, losing an eye but winning the battle.
He woke up on a hospital bed, but fell into a state of remorse, losing his will to live and taking on the pseudonym of Hatter, Mad Hatter to cover up his dark past. Hatter isolated himself outside on a snowy day, crying over what he'd done, only to be approached from behind by a child, who asked why he was crying. As he turned, there was no child and thought it was all just a fatigue thing happening, a side effect of his medicals... but he still didn't really notice anything, he wasn't the same anymore. He had actually died on that hospital bed but never left this world. Stuck he tried to search for his way around in this place. Not yet finding it and eventually saw how his body was burnt. Unable to grasp for reality, he remained close as to what happened with his ashes. He being re-used in all kind of pigments. Mostly the black one because his ash helped to make it into Ink. He decided the ink was something he would sleep in.
Unknowing the ink was passed down family and family down, till one girl decided to be bold and take the ink to one of the tattoo persons in town. Having a bit of influence, she took the tattoo on her own. Yet unknowing what this would bring. After a few hundreds of years, the man inside the pigment awoken and once it was set and such, they were together. Yet it didn't go as easy at first, as the girl thought she was haunted. But after they came over different objects, they learned to help each other. Eventually, Hatter trusted her enough to show his forms and manage to scare the living hell out of it in the Mad hatter form of his own.
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[Status:] NPC
[Name:] Ranji
[Other names:] Rin-chan, Riri.
[Gender:] Male
[Race:] Shinobi Medical
[Title: Medical Chief
[Catchphrase:] “So..?”

Character Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual.
MBIT Personality Type: ESTP
Ranji is an outgoing, straight-shooting type who lives in the world of action. Blunt, straightforward risk-takers. He is willing to plunge right into the things and get his hands dirty. He lives in the here and now and places little importance into theory. He learns the best from the action, the doing and then move on.
He thinks a lot behind a person's attitudes and motivations and things often he has an uncanny ability to perceive those. It is a given he picks up facial expressions and stances a little quicker.
Yet in his head, he is often a step ahead of himself when it comes to communicating with another person. And he is good at improvising and thinking of quick solutions. He loves to have fun, sometimes is really unto be around, yet he can sometimes be hurtful to others without being aware of this. As he is very blunt in his talking. It is not that he doesn’t care about people, it is the fact that his decision progress does not involve taking people’s feelings into account.
He is less developed in the area where there is a lot of theory mixed in, he sees little use in for it and his quest “to get things done”. This has given him a lot of trouble in his academy time, as he was better with the practical things. As theory was often given inside the classes with books, the boring part and he did not feel as he gained anything useful for information. He is brilliant in his own way, ut the school was a difficult something for him.
He loves to keep moving, not being stuck to harsh rules and is happy to dance around them too when he can, yet he knows when he made a horrible mistake or when he is put back in place. Yet it won’t matter much to what you do against him. Once you have his trust, he will trust you with his life. Take this with care, because once you break that trust it will never be the same with him around.
As fun and loving as he can be, he also has a different side about himself, one where he can be very serious and sinister. He won’t hesitate to do what is right, he won’t doubt for a second once commands are given by higher ups.
In short, he is Practical, observant, fun-loving, spontaneous risk-takers with an excellent ability to innovative solutions to problems. They are enthusiastic to be around with and great motivators. Yet as he is very kind, friendly and loyal. He can also be very sinister and dangerous.
His personality changes around but doesn’t come out as often as people are afraid of it. His hair colors change, his behavior changes. The hair color turns to be a golden hue, a blonde basically with the crimson red eyes.
He can be an out of control projectile at that given moment, but if unharmed, it doesn’t harm others either. His way of thinking is stuck in the past: I have to defend myself from them. So far till this given time, he has not gotten out of that though, so he will defend himself if needed. He doesn’t recall who is or isn’t a friend, enemy, family or comrade. Which can be troublesome at given times. He can also be very sinister and deadly, looking from above. Which isn’t always as fun to suddenly find a person high above yourself lurking down on you, watching your every movement just to see if you are going to harm or not.
This is solely RP purpose and NOT ability wise. It will also be a fact, only a few triggers will cause him to go in this. But doesn’t call B-mod on others.
He is a rather tall person for his family line originally. He is 182 centimeters which are around 6 feet. He has a low body weight, which is around 67 kilograms, 148lb. His muscles are clear to see as he does do his regular routines.
He has bright crimson hues which sometimes looks a little lighter when she sunlight is hitting in and blood red when he is in the night. Sometimes it gives people a rather… odd vide from his eyes as they are always clear to see. Yet the most strange fact is, his pupils aren’t like one of another. They have this demonic sense in them, having them as splits in his eyes.
His hair color… due to the fact he is a demonic ancestry, often changes around. He has one time a green colored hair, the other time he has black. but his split personality has bright blond hair colors.
He has a blood type that is not really common inside the world, for a fact it is a rare type called “Gold blood” also known as RH-Null Blood. This blood type can be accepted by anyone with a rare blood type inside the RH system. Making it the Golden blood.
The only odd thing is, from his youth he grew up with prosthetics. His left arm and right arm are prosthetics. Ever since his academy time he has been searching for many types and ways to enhance them.

Once he is very tired, yet refuses to give in to it, he has the trouble of reading and can be often found wearing reading glasses. His clothing goes to a wide range of styles. casual, formal, doctors outfit you can kind of name it. Do not ask him to wear a kimono, that is no no at all.
In his “full demonic form”, he still holds ears, tails, claws and fangs. His eyes become those of a demon, having this all together let people often in fear. Yet he never actually forms 100% through the form, because that would be something the humans would haunt him for. His true horror form, is one of a creature that people do not dare to name. He becomes small and hides away from the world sooner or later. Ref.picture How cute it may seem, it can increase in size and look terrifying, teeth showing, fur upright and the beautiful white showing off in a horrifying grey color, almost turning black. The claws are showing and he stands half on two legs. The only difference is, his eyes never changed.
At the outskirts of Konoha, there existed a small village that had a few minor clans, a handful of markets in the week and was filled with a hard working people.
Before his academy time, he had a rough childhood. He did however, unlike many stories, had lovely parents and family. Their clan house was always filled with love and joy. Unlike his friends outside of the clan house. Everyone thought he was weird, every child thought he was a monster due to the animalistic tail and ears he had protruding from his body. Thankfully he wasn’t the only one in his family with it, as they were too demonic ancestors, yet he was the only child within the village that had them. He was often ignored or left alone by other children, despite the fact that he continually tried to play with them. Eventually there was a time where the group of children had had enough of him and his look and started to bully him with hitting and kicking.
Eventually there was a certain breaking point, where he stopped holding himself back, releasing the devilish chakra that soon spread in and around the boy. The children running off from the unknowing dread that had taken over the scene. Since then they had bullied him from a distance, being thrown at with all manner of throwables. That was till one day he got wounded by a rock and his older brother decided to jump in, releasing his chakra in a wider reach, scaring away the bullies and then getting back to his little brother to provide support, asking why he had never said anything to his family about the bullies, pointing out the many scars and bruises they had inflicted upon him. In defence of the bullies he merely told him that they were inflicted during training exercises. He didn't wish his family to change their view of the village the children within it, he'd rather have the bullies' attention centered on him than allow his family to feel angered and distrust towards the village itself. Upon returning home and explaining things further he did conclude with himself and his brother that the release of his chakra did occur, and ever since the family begun training him properly in the use of his aura and chakra within the personal family dojo.
WC: 393
A big bit to learn. [Learning FieroShow
Rules was never an easy thing for Ranji to follow, especially not during his youngest years. And so while he was in the first years of the Academy he would always rabble rouse and cause mischief whenever he was able to. And during one year in particular they had been given a task to decipher a hidden cipher in the village's library. So every day the students would be ordered to go into the library and work towards discovering and figuring out the cipher. This wasn't an easy task, especially with Ranji's turbulent nature. And it had taken many attempts before he had finally been able to settle down with a piece of paper and a pencil, to try and work through the clues and riddles to be found, even so much as finding it an energetic challenge. Eventually he pulled through, fighting his very nature, working through it all and even ended up completing it before others. After this he had begun a slight side hobby in puzzles and ciphers as a whole, enjoying the intricacies of alternative understandings and references within the written medium.
WC: 186
More than he could chew.Show
After the lower schools, he started to learn more from his parents. Thinking he was too much for the Ninja Academy inside Konoha itself, they started to train him, themselfs. As a 8 year old he already knew the basics regarding of chakra. It took a lot of time and effort for him to learn a couple of things. Yet at one time there was this thick mist. Ranji was outside at the given time, training with his Natural weapon claws and looking towards the place around him. The mist was getting really thick and soon a war erupted between the two clans. It seemed that the other clan was out for blood, the blood of the demons that had been ‘cursing’ this place. The small boy, hurried in a rush inside and started to scream for his parents. But no luck were to be found so far. The screams ended in sobbing as he had nothing to scream for anymore. The halls were filled with people covered in blood. He tried to whistle for them, but there was no whistle back. The stench of blood started to fill his nose and made him cover it up. Running through the hallways he eventually picked up the same whistle with his ears. He ran towards the room where his parents would be. Searching inside he would find his mom, running to her. Blood was covering the kimono she was wearing. You could see relief in her eyes, she still could see her son. Ranji started to try out his newest medical jutsu he knew, mystical hands. “M-mom!” A voice, pinched as he spoke, was coming through, tears falling onto the soon lifeless body of the woman. He was too late…
After sobbing for a good 5 minutes he heard footsteps once more in the house, in the far distance shoutings. He started to make a run for it again. “PAPAAAA ANYONEEE!” He shouted on top of his lounges while running to be eventually snatched up, placed down with a hand in front of his mouth. A sight of his father would to be seen. A hushing mention was made as he started to hug his father, sobbings starting once more. Inside of the secret hallway were a lot more people, almost all of them wounded. Ranji, with his kind nature, started to rush to give them medical aid as best as he could. Eventually the regular med-nin of the clan house noticed he could heal better than she could. Getting tips while doing the job, they managed to get two persons up to fully strength. Yet one of them couldn’t be saved. Just as they thought the war was over… Another blast was done and the small clay mouses entered the place, blowing everything up letting the secret room collapse on explosion…

The boy woke up, the area still filled with smoke and burning remains. A lot of other kind of persons with headbands were around… But Ranji had no idea what was going on anymore. Eventually being picked up he started to panic, whistling a lot he eventually got a whistle in return. There was still someone of his clan and the whistles were getting closer as the man was bringing him closer. He was brought towards the sole survivor of this ‘raid’. His grandpa was sitting there all bandaged up and as soon as the child was placed down for examination by Leaf medical ninja, the boy already ran to his grandfather. “You also still here..?” He questioned as he ruffled the boys hairs who was sobbing against him. As soon as he noticed him being hurt, the healing once more started, yet the healing showed more power than ever before. As if, this fate had changed him. “Grandpa…” She boy sobbed and listened towards his grandpa. “I think… You are the same as me.. You too have a special gift…
And you are not a full blood demon like your family… but a partial one… Would make sense… Your mother was a medical kind, your father the demon…” The last part was muttered by the old man. The medical ninja healing the boy from behind, as he didn’t want to let go, said she was even surprised that he was still alive, as many had fallen in those ruins. His grandpa explained the probably reason for that. “He has better stamina then the others have… He has a better healing ability since he was young. Getting better from different attacks at a rather speedy recovery unlike other children from his age, and got to endure a lot more attacks when he was bullied. I think… He has a part of his mother benevolence inside of him... “ The boy, still healing his grandpa eventually stopped. The grandfather having no ill movement anymore.
As time had moved on, they were moving to Konoha inside the walls, the boy started to attend the Academy to grow into a shinobi, his goal. To protect everyone from harm's way. He did so to, when they did physical practices, he often offered to be the first one. His reason was because he always helped the others gain their health again after a match, making sure no one went home harmed. He even helped out the school nurse sometimes in his free time, since he knew how to heal with Mystical hand, he eventually learned from her to handle bandages, plasters and more. The boy eventually had to battle as one of the last ones, against one of the stronger ones. And where others were down faster, he stayed up and walking till a decent time later, where he couldn’t anymore and his stamina had given out. It was clear that this boy didn’t just had a single bloodline anymore in his system, but a single or more. They started to test him out at various ways and eventually discovered he was partial benevolent also, which was a shock to some. But to his grandpa, who was now looking after him and caring for the boy, wasn’t. A smile got to the mans face and he slowly started to move further in the household, there was another dinner to be set on the tables.
WC: 1040
Last to fall, another traitShow
Ranji was panting, it was already draining enough to stand here battling, defending his old man. 'don't you dare you old man...' the young boy panted as he looked towards his grandpa on the floor, they had already ambushed him and made sure that he would stay down and knowing that he was of old age.. he wouldn't be one to get up quickly once more. Ranji, however, grew worried. an old man was down, wounded and they wouldn' t recover quickly on those ages. "You don't dare.." The boy kept telling towards the man as he blocked another attack incoming. A man in samurai clothing, weaponry, but he recognized the weapons. Slowly he bit on his lip, it started to look worse and worse with each second passing by.
Eventually, there was a moment, one that he couldn't really tell of what had been happening towards him, and moments later he lay on the ground. Screaming in pain and trying to hold his shoulder, his leg hurt also. He screamed and screamed till he saw only the inking blackness getting a hold of him.

"GRANDPA" The boy woke up with a shout, seeing in his half-awake state still the old man dying right in front of him. A nurse rushed towards his side and tried to let him lay down, but it was already too late. The wounds had already re-opened and made the boy bleed once more. "AAAAAAH!!" He shouted out and was eventually placed under heavy painkillers...
Yet no pain killer medication could numb him from the news the Main branch had given him. ' I am afraid to tell you, that your grandfather had died, once the ANBU were on the location they killed his killer, just before they killed you. But we were too late for the old man... Do you have any other family we could contact to look after you?' On that question, the boy could only shake his head, there was nothing and no one anymore. He was alone... He was now an orphan...
A medical ninja came by later to tell him the status of his body as they were outside and him sitting in a wheelchair... As he listened there was no reaction coming from the male as he sat there. Eventually, the tears fell down once more, he still wasn't good enough
The months after the boy was busy with revalidation as he got to hear that he could no longer be a medical Ninja or shinobi at all as he needed to have both hands, which he didn't have anymore. That was probably one of the most shocking things he had heard so far... To not be able to save others as that was his goal... Slowly the boy grew desperate as he bit hard on his lip. This was a complete nightmare, there was no change in that anymore. He just had passed on his Genin Exams, he just had passed the entry exam for Medical school... and hen this happened on his small and little vacation to the outskirts of leaf village... An ambush by a group of rogues...
It took him a solid year to get his wounds properly healed and for him to get some basic prostheses. He started to talk less, so in the hope to raise his spirit a little they did let him study medicine and basic things. It did help the boy a lot, also to clean up wounds, bandage them... And he took lessons beside for his prostheses. After these super basic ones, he got the advanced ones. But the animalistic ears stayed, and for some reason the boy, in his own free time. Always tried to work his way around with chakra. His old water walking was rusty and only do-able on his real leg.
Training after training himself, he did, of course, burn through the replacement limbs quite fast. Luckily they took it that he was doing good and playing a lot outside. Yet at one day they started to follow the boy, it had already been raining all day long and the 14 year old had been outside already all day. The orphanage didn't trust it as they never saw him with any kids and had made a mission to observe the boy.

Ranji had been trying to find a way to get back with his chakra in both arm and leg. But this seemed to be an impossible case. Day after day he had been practicing, training, trying seals... But slowly, the seals were partially working, standing on water with the wooden leg started to get there. There was a miracle happening.
After years of practicing he unlocked doing jutsu's with his single hand, yet his prostheses couldn't handle the stress from his own chakra line and often snapped. Making him. Annoyed at the victory he had. He started to use his medical knowledge with lots of research on materials of wood and steel kinds. Making his own line of prostheses that could handle his chakra and often the durability needed. As he started to gain control of his chakra, standing on water and summonings. He started to pick up his medical pieces of training again and left them all in astonishment.
He got soon ahead in his class again and started using his own prototypes on prostheses for other children in and around the Konoha. He soon got known for that as a trainee, but it wouldn't last a bill at all as there were not many people like himself. After having a full body scan once more and examinations. They soon learned he had 3 types in his body, he was part Demonic ancestor, a part benevolent and a part Cadency. Yet the Cadency was never noticed as he never had to rely on, up until now.
He kept at it and it soon looked like a nature towards him. And the motion on the prostheses is soon to be mastered too. And the looks of them changed through the years.
A new journey ahead.Show
He was sitting behind his new desk... Enjoying the view he had from here, it was a small room, but big enough to feel comfy and not locked up. He was leaning back in the chair and going over the now empty room, nothing of himself was in here yet. "Medical chief...huh.." He had never dreamed of coming this far with his childhood. He started to daydream a bit back to the past.

"I did it! I got it!" Ranji shouted as he stood, with his prosthetic limbs on the surface. The news was brought back to the orphanage and they soon got to talk with Ranji, unable to believe such a thing they started with the academy to go over every single thing. New tests were done and he indeed was able to cast jutsu's once more. And with that news, he went back to the medical academy and started to get into pieces of training. The pieces of training itself were hard and long, especially since he wasn't one for theory kind of things. Yet as time went on, he got missions and projects to deal with. And with each mission and project a success. He felt getting better at it too. At one moment he was raised to be a medical Ninja. Having more duties in the line of work, he too began to challenge himself to learn more, better and to be better. He often helped children on his free days, either with playing with them, giving his own backyard as a playground and little healthy snacks. He began to come known towards the children, yet adults still despised him because of his animalistic features. That soon came to a stop as his home was trashed and he had to move towards a smaller place. The children stopped visiting.

Years went on and mission after mission, operation after operation and he proved himself time and time again. That was, until one moment he was asked to be a Medical chief of the Medical branch. His words couldn't be expressed enough as he took up on that promotion. Yet he vowed himself that he would do better once more. In his free time at work, he would devow himself towards studies of unknown diseases, bloodwork and people inside the village. He wanted to know many to make sure he gained the knowledge on how to react to people, how they could be and what they wanted to be. He kept going unlike those who might have given up on his own situation.[/i]
"I really should get back to work..." He muttered towards himself and started fresh on the work once more. And soon, one of his patients brought a flower to lift up his own desk. People were able to be kind after all...
The plague changes.Show
The last moment he remembers.. was waking up in a bed, his body aching in pain. As if something inside was having a war... He turned, his eyes hazy as if life had been slipping away. Slowly he started to groan and shift a little more. A tiny voice inside of him started to whisper. "If you give up... I will come..." A soft whisper, one he hadn't heard since the moment his parents had died.
He already didn't go to barbers in a while, his hair already a quite bit longer. But, ever since the moment he had reached the ground, something else had been happening. His hairs were turning slight bit greener at the tips. By the time more time had passed and he had gotten something from the medical head... His body had already begun some changes. Unknown to what was happening, his situation first worsens before it actually started to show signs it was going better. But he changed. His body had changed under the sheets, his hairs had a different structure. Yet the missing limbs still remained missing but unfit for this new body. Slowly, really slowly. He started to show signs that something had gotten better to him. He started to sit, drink and eat on his own again. Without the need for drains and stuff. Walking started to wear him down, as the wooden leg wasn't a fit anymore.
"Are you really this weak?" The voice in his head shook him awake and he threw the blankets off. Unable to see where the voice came from, he thought it was something playing with his head. While he was gritting his teeth he lay down, yet... something pulled his own self down in some murky water. Where a new him was waiting, one with the exact looks, just... blonde. "W-what.." It was almost like he had a battle with himself from this moment on. While on the physical part, he was laying there like he had a bad dream.

"What is this?!" The words were answered with a faint echo following. The darkness surrounding him more tall buildings, he stumbled upon the side of that. There was he again, the blond hairs. "Hmm~ You do not wish to remember? Or have you really blocked that out?" It questioned and looked towards Ranji... Who was ever more puzzled, he didn't understand anything of it anymore. Puzzled he tried to ask what was going on, but soon it was claw to claw. "Hn--!" He flinched and growled low, his animalistic features seemed to be still here... "Have you not noticed by now..? The demons were never under the bed... We were all along here..." And with that, a point was placed on the place his heart used to be. A bash and they were both from each other. "Why don't you try to remember the past?" The blonde version grinned and Ranji, the now green haired, stood there waiting. "W-what...?" Moments later the scene around them changed. Far to the past... Far from everyone's eyes... The way he was actually born or rather made...
The scene, was almost from someone else's mind as if it had been transferred to him when he was young, but somehow had managed to be blocked. A rather clean looking place, full of metal and different lab with a lot of things that were inside. One huge tube in the middle where a small child was inside. It looked like his old self, the boy with claws... Ears... All rather, animalistic and not yet refined. Another version popped up, where he was brought upstairs.., Waiting for others to approve him. But at first, it was his own family that took distance from him, unlike the village children. Yet that later did change. This raised so many more questions, but one got soon answered. The words of the persons that attacked his camp, were mouthed by the blond haired. "Kill the boy, he is the mission." It shocked him deeply... and soon, the blackness took over once more. "I will always be here~!" It chimed happily as the other faded away.

His body had grown a little then what it used to be. He didn't understand anything anymore, he had changed this much. Was it all due to the thing that had struck him..? Why had he those fatigue dreams while bedridden... What was the voice inside of him...
When he finally got outside of the hospital his body was still quite weak, not understanding it himself he did plunge himself already in the work, yet unable to get to it full time again, he did do his best with the little he could do. He had to build it up once more.
Many questions remained unanswered, for those. He seeks an answer by one of the few he actually trusted. Before he would go to her, he would actually write it all down, so many things...
"Dear Nagisa,
I wrote this before, in fact, I cannot find my words. I found something out about of myself... something I had always been wondering, something like a gap in my own memory. Ever since before... 6? I barely remember anything. I know the old Clan had been burnt down, that my grandfather and I were the sole survivors... but I am afraid I found out why that had happened. I was the cause because of I... thing I am not really human-made. I think I am made in a lab instead of the normal birth way. It is still unclear to me, but I think that is the reason I look like this now too. But... Something else is with me, whenever I think back like that. Something... defensive is activating inside of me. Yet it is like a black blur. One time, I woke up somewhere completely different then I used to be before. Could this be... That maybe I suffered something back in the day?"
The paper was soon crumbled and threw in the bin. This he couldn't bear on someone else shoulder... not at all... he canceled the meeting and kept this, up until so far, for his own.
Name: Jiburīru -> Jibril
Alias: The White Devil
Age: 197
Rank: Yokai contract
ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ɪɴꜰᴏ:
Old Kami version of herself
Small version
Usual version
L I N K || Of her profile.
L I N K || The search itself
L I N K || To past approval
She used to have long, silver hair, so long it flowed down in silky strands to her ankles. On her back, near her shoulder blades, she had large wings. These wings could easily lift her weight off the ground. Her clothing was rather simplistic, yet it was enough to keep hidden what she would prefer to keep away from unwanted eyes. Her eyes were once a golden color and small crosses could be found in her irises. All of this changed when she became a Fallen Kami. Her silver hair turned purple which faded into green at the ends and her golden eyes were purple, though her irises remained gold, the crosses turned purple. These shapes and color usually appear when she is really focused on a task or when she enters combat.
She gained new wings. wings that rest just above her hips and are able to let her levitate above the ground, but not fly great distances or carry persons around over the place. And her ears are slightly winged shapes, a halo covered her head, but not the usual refined shape, yet one with thorn-like. Her body is slim and well trained. Se has the physique of a 17 up to 18 years old, yet her mental state is maybe 10 times the age of that. On her left arm and leg, she has markings, it is that of an old language, almost like a tattoo but that is actually her new oath. Since she floats like, most of the time, just above the ground she went with a (mis)fashioned way, wearing just a single boot.
When she is summoned as a low-rank contract, she appears like a childlike version of herself, this due to the chakra recoil. Her hairs are significantly shorter side and her voice is also a tat higher.
Jibril has been everywhere regarding her personality, since she was a Kami she had been a rather serious person, never smiling. She was one of the bitter ones that were around. She was always serious regarding her job as a Kami and the inhabitants. She had this from an early age picked up. She devoted herself to be the perfect follower. She had a sharp tongue and knew what she spoke of. But as she had been remaining under the humans, disguised as one of them. Jibril had started to open up towards them, seeing how kind, loving they were. Once upon a night, however, there was a rather... sexual thing happening, one that didn't stand inside her character lines and this wasn't appreciated between the Kami. Ever since her cast out, of the Kami realm. She herself had changed, charged a whole lot that she couldn't call herself even a Kami anymore.
Now she seems like a soft-spoken and polite person, yet don't mind her words as she has a book full of them. Even in her new race, she would go against them, so no matter who it is. They are treated rather equal. She has a love for knowledge and would go a rather long way to get even a hint on to learning something new. She turns to be very excited and wants to get more information and the sooner the better. Once she obtains information regarding any type of food receipt, she goes nuts. She will start to drool all over the place, already imagining the dish in front of her. Yet her personal mission is to understand as much as possible regarding her newfound world. One where Shinobi lived in them and her Yokai realm.
Despite her arrogance behavior, she often has a sense of humor. Which is often expressed when she is playing a game with Kotori. She has a few basic rules regarding her games. No cheating or being cheated at.
She doesn't talk often regarding her 'good old days' as that is inside the past, but one thing she doesn't hide. Are the new oaths she has with the Yokai as with Kotori. Yet she talks often how she often talks about how easily thing was solved by killing things off, in a rather... disturbing way, somewhat showing her sadistic personality at times. Yet her love for Kotori is unending and she is going to protect her till she cannot even go on anymore.
This was till she found herself a new person willing of her time, one that she saw more potential in then her past owner.
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A past, hidden in plain sight.Show

She would be holding herself high, she was outcasted and no human was even looking around now for her. She felt betrayed as a disgrace cast towards the side, just like trash beside the highway... Yet she went over her head what would and had happened.

She was sitting on the top of the structure, penning down the people that had been judged by the many Kami. "So that is the fate of this person now?" She would question and tilt her head, no smile no nothing came from her. Multiple nods would be given. "Alright so." She would embark and just nudge her head to the side. A day later there was a meeting held.
"We must learn more about these creatures!" The voice of an older man would echo throughout the room. Another Kami would nod onto that. "But High arch, wouldn't that mean... that the..." The angel didn't bother to finish her sentence, yet one would. One of the youngest of them all. "Go down and get in touch with them. See how they are when they don't know we are 'angels' as for how they describe us?" The pen gently ticking the board. The eyes would go up and down, the words had been said and they all knew that this was something they wish they hadn't heard. "That is the case." Would the old voice start up once more? "We need a few to go down there and bring reports, as multiple Yokai's have been spotted also." And so, the talk went further with as result a group of 3 was made. Jibril was one of them, she would pledge towards the vow and bow. "I won't dirty this body, neither the soul. My mind and body will remain pure as how the Kami would require so." She would say once it was her time to go down towards the realms.
Yet her time started out as strange, her self hiding below the clothing. Pretending she was new inside this village, as a refugee coming her and her having to learn all the ropes. The villagers reacted kindly to her, slowly Jibril got to know the humans one by one, getting closer to them. Them on all ages, yet there was one she grew closer and closer towards. With fear of her own. Every day she went to the church, praying towards the others up above. Praying for an answer that didn't come, they weren't reaching out. Each day it started to become the same. She would stand up, collect water to do the washing, cleaning, and cooking. She would chop the woods to make a fire. In the afternoon she would always go to the church, pray and each week would be a report. Yet how longer the time she spent on this world, the more she started to forget for what purpose she remained. Each day was the same, there was a fast routine, yet the reports got less. Eventually to the point where she started to believe she was really becoming one of them.
It was around that time where she started to learn what love was. There was a human boy where she had grown fond of and started to love and care deeply about and the feeling was mutual. On one evening she broke her usual routine, she didn't go to church yet had a small and playful date with this male. Which resulted in a rather playful and lustful night. Her body wouldn't be longer any pure and thus the Kami's came to get her and the human boy. They both were held in custody by them as Jibril did something which was the biggest sin a Kami could make.
She knew she made a grave mistake when she was bound by the light shackles. The shackles remained on her. " I... I made a grave mistake..." Were the words muttered and slowly sobs came to be. "You did... You broke the oath, you aren't pure anymore in any way... You aren't even fit to be one of us.." The female Kami she once looked up towards was so cold-hearted, one she knew as a mother of all... Wasn't like this usually... yet true colors shined. "Please, please do not harm the male!" Jibril started to plead towards them, desperately trying to save up the male who was unconscious beside her. "You know better, we do not want to harm them... We are however erasing you out of his life, so he can pick up where he has left. He won't be having any memory of you anymore and you will have to live with that. Meanwhile... You aren't fit to be one of us anymore... So we have you brought towards the one and only of us." Her voice was sharp and cold. It brought shivers towards her very spine.
Moments later screams filled the room, screams of Jibril as her wings were torn off from her body, removing what was holy left of her. They burn sealed those wounds closed as a reminder and a mark. After that they would drag her away, a bright light would be cast and moments later she found herself somewhere in a dirt patch.

She gritted her teeth, she was left with nothing yet hatred towards her own kind. Scoldings were thrown left and right and she devoted herself now to bring them down, the opposite of what she had been doing all before. It was in these times that someone else came towards her. A chatter had happened between the two of them and the fallen kami took the hand of the demon in her path. "I vow to you.." She would say.
Days after her full of changes for her. A new place a new home... a nice life. She herself took a change.. One that she didn't think she would, but she went towards the Lord of this realm and questioned why she had to come. Yet some, looking like herself, were they're standing. Slowly she eyed them, it seemed they had the same faith when they turned around. They also had marks on their backs... Slowly the Fallen Kami was understanding it. They gave her a hand as an offering, and Jibril took that hand. "You too.." They would nod and finally, she would get a bit of explanation to why she was here.
"We wish for you to fit in, in this new family. We call it now, the 18 wings... You are to be one of them. It is currently a group of 9 people if you join. We call ourselves Flugel or Fallen Kami. If you vow, that you will act in the name of this order, act in the name of the Yokai... Then we shall accept you." The offer was a generous one... and she took that on, she took the vow. Made the whole vow with them, before she was formed towards a new her.
A new masterShow
Jibril had turned bored with the master she was serving right now, so she herself started to search for another master. After a bit of searching, she found Ranji, yet wasn't sure how he was worth just yet. So eventually during one of the solo missions Ranji had, he encountered a sudden thick mist and blacked out because of it.
Upon awakening, he found himself in a room, where stones were glowing like runes. "What..." The words were muttered by the demonic person as he entered. All kinds of relics were hanging, blood on the floor next to skeletons... It was a glooming sight to be seen and not to mention a horrible one. Slowly he started to inch closer by till he found an effigy hanging off the ceiling in front of what seemed to be an exit. Upon touching it, his dark aura released itself, suddenly hitting the effigy and turning it into flames. Ranji took a few steps back and suddenly the doorway expanded, leaving it the only way to go.
As he went through he could already hear past voices screaming out to him, wondering where ti came from he started to move further and onward. The land seemed to be tained, a thing mist layer covering the ground and trees all looking dead yet seemed to move with something. "This looks exactly like the stories about blighted lands..." Were his own mutterings as he moved himself step by step forward. It was a child's story he remembered but was unsure how it got to be right, as for him it seemed to live up to its name so far. As he walked in, he suddenly heard a voice calling out. "It... it is all my fault..." It was his past self-talking, standing there right there. His own eyes widen as he saw it standing there sobbing... "That... that is me..." He commented as he walked closer by, but upon touching his former self it disappeared. "H-hey! Don't go!" Ranji still managed to shout out, but nothing then looming silence got to him.
He started to move on further and saw another version of himself, with a memory he had tried to keep away. You could see himself being bullied by the other children. It made him angry but at the same time feeling lost about himself once more. "That... is me..." He started to say and Jibril snapped in her fingers, turning the people who had been bullying the echo once more attack them. Haunted by the vision, thinking he could do right, right now. He defended the echo and it once more disappeared with a small lead to follow. As the horrific creatures fell, sounds started to be sounding. 'Ride in agony.' 'No escape...' and many more of those haunted sounds.

at the second echo, Ranji stood still. His... his old clan stood there. He started to move in, listening to them. 'You left us to die!' 'You could have stopped them! You could have saved us!' The small boy Ranji replied in remorse. "I failed them all... All of them..." And after that, all of them started to turn again in attacking creatures and Ranji was once more to defend himself. 'I don't want to experience that ever again, I don't want anyone ever to experience that again!' He sounded in his mind and started to attack it till they were all gone. Feeling hatred about himself, agony... Which seemed to seep in deeper then he wanted. "No... I have to get out or I won't help anyone..." And from the shadows of his own, Jibril started to emerge. A smile crept up her face. As Ranji walked on further, not giving in to the whispers. She kept behind. "This... this one is a rather... interesting one..." She would embark and grin further. She had a huge thing in store for him. To test him further out if he was worthy to hold her as a contract.
The last one was a hard one to swallow for Ranji. He saw his father and mother standing there, exactly how he remembered just without a face. And just behind the two creatures, there stood his small self once more. Within range, he heard the words he was the most afraid for to hear. 'You stood there and watched as you saw those animals bomb me down. What has your betrayal earned you?!' "Papa... please..." The boy pleaded out towards the Echo. "They took your father... Betrayed your clan... And you did NOTHING. Will you abandon all your allies to the enemy?"
Ranji couldn't take it anymore and get in between. "Enough! Show me your true form, monster!" He shouted out and got in between and right there Jibril started to emerge, laughing from her place. "Soooo you really think... You can overcome all of these struggles?" "Yes! As long as I have my own mind and own believe... I can overcome anything!" He said and tried to battle the creature which soon held him in a grip he couldn't do much about it. "How hard could it be... If you were to finally forgive yourself then? I made this place to show you your struggles. Your own holding you back from going further." Jibril whispered into his ear. Ranji bit on his lip as he heard that. Forgiving yourself... was one of the hardest things to do if you blame yourself for the life you had so far... But everything right now, made him see through all that. Jibril, of course, started to lean upon the male and glance. "What do you say... if I stay by your side as a reminder of today... till the day I can claim your soul?" She grinned, all this was exactly as she wanted. And Ranji started to agree with it. A painful expression soon got to him and a burn like marking was soon found upon his flesh. "W-what did you do?!" "Signed our contract..." She would embark and show her own mark from this. It was, without knowing much and he had a contract on his own. But this day left him exhausting, mostly mentally.
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[Status:] Sand NPC
[Name:] Nanashi
[Other names:] shi-kun

[Gender:] Male
[Race:] Shinobi
[Catchphrase:] “Eye for an eye… Makes the world blind”
[Character Age:] 17
[Gender:] Male
[Sex:] Male
[Orientation:] N/A

[Bloodline:] Inuzuka - Beastmaster
[Inuzuka Partner:] Canine

He is rather careful around new people, often holds himself back from talking or going towards other persons. This due to his tragic past which people reffer as abusive and slavery. Yet he is already a lot warmer then what he used to be. When people talk to his past caretaker they are often hearing that he was a bitter and angry person, never smiling. However, through the kindness of Shelly, his nurse, he began to open up. It seems though that some of the emotions from his past still linger as he becomes slightly depressed when he is reminded of it. He has sworn absolute loyalty to Sungakure; promising not to die until he has fulfilled the Intention's wish. Now he is trying his best to be more open towards people, his curiosity sometimes gets the better of him, but as some people describe. It is like a small child trying to learn. As he doesn’t recall having a childhood in which freedom and safety roamed. He never dares to do show himself to people, as he is still trying to grasp who he can and can’t trust. Yet his companion is so far teh only one beside Shelly that has seen the mark on his back.

When Nanashi was brought inside Sungakure, he was underfed, pieces of flesh that were dying on him because he didn’t had the strength in his body to recover anymore. After he was brought and treated, he was treated for a while till he spoke the language at least decent enough to save himself once more. He started to learn how to cook from his nurse Shelly. They grew a bond and soon he was found in healthy state. His body lean and yet muscles are clearly visible. On his back there is still the mark of which his past master held. A continues reminder of that he is theirs and not free. This holds him back in his live too, even though he is save and free these days. The feeling doesn’t say that to him. He has half long hairs which lean towards a blue-ish white color. He often tries to tie them together, not always in the best attempts though. His eyes are like the sea, having this cool blue color, but when he is getting very angry, his pupils almost seem to change towards this dark hue of blue. As for his clothing, he wears almost everything but is must cover up his lower back. If that isn’t the case he won’t go out at all. when he trains, no matter where, he will never pull out his tanktop.

Born in a traveling village. Nanashi was a healthy little boy. All the parents wanted was the boy to be healthy and they were lucky on that part. However, his mother was ginger and his father was a dark-haired color... The blonde part still took over, the parents had at first a huge argument... But only after the party for the birth things got cleared out. It seemed that the ginger part did run in the family and that their son was about to get it. They finally knew why the baby boy had such hairs. As it was usual in their clan, every child would get a puppy at the age of 6.

Nanashi was quite fast with learning as long as he was able to actually do it. The reading, however, was a fact he was slacking behind on as it only bored him out.
Through the years Nanashi was going to the school from the village they lived in. There were up to 5 groups only, beginner as a sort of day-care only in groups, the 'second grade' where you would learn to share and care for each other. The 'third grade' where you could help people as you had programs along with the reading and the writing. The 'fourth grade' where you would learn more about the village, the history behind it and more. Last but not least the 'fifth grade' where you learned everything and fighting basics.

It was a way in their village along with the Clan they were hoarding.
When Nanashi was around 6 years and in the 'third grade' he heard about his dad making a promotion. Kids their age were never allowed to look at the battles from the higher-ups since it could and mostly would involve blood along. A new leader was later that evening announced which was Nanashi's father. The Clan 'Frozen Howl' had a new leader. Nanashi celebrated it later that night with his mom along.
A next year went by, his dad was out on a hunt and Nanashi was helping along the village after his school. His pupper was with him that he gained from a new nest. A joy came over the boy as he held him in his arms. There was at that moment directly there a connection between the two already.
It was that the pupper had found something odd around the border... He took it with him home to show his mother who scolded him, hit him once and asked furiously where he got that from, what they said. It all confused Nanashi the most and he explained everything. A conversation was held later that evening with the council in the village... But there was never a word slipped anymore around Nanashi.

About a month later Nanashi was outside with his class, picking berries for those ink-sets they were using on their skin. The companion of him was barking loudly along and they were growing closer already.They all had a lot of fun, getting blue or even yellow tongues because of the berries. Yet a low horn was sounding and even the teacher fell soon silent. She quickly went to gather the kids and took them towards the village. A horn that low blown... was a sign that there was danger close by. Unknown to them was that the village was already in trouble.
By the time they got there, the village was burning, a smoke emitted from it. They all were hurrying back but Nanashi had only one goal as he saw the smoke. His mom.
He had promised his dad that he would look out for mom, always and ever. With this thing in mind, he ran even quicker so quick that he stumbled over his own feet and got smudge of blood over his knee. Even though he got terrified he kept on running.

Bashing in the doorway he was looking for his mom, calling her out and walking into the small living room they had. "Mom!!" He shouted out again and found her in the kitchen. She was laying on her belly and his father even told him mamas can't do that when they expect a tiny baby. So he hurried even more over and started to shake her, calling her name. "Mom!" He went along, shaking her again but there was no reaction given from the female. A cold like grasp was getting to his heart. "Mom!!" He sounded with a croak in his voice. "Mom!! Wake up!" He tried again and shook her more firm. "Mom!!Not funny!" He desperately went along before turning her over. A large red pool was below it but Nanashi didn't fully understand that nor the sudden wet spot on her chest and stomach. "Mom! please wake up! I am scared!!" He whimpered and got towards her and hugged her. But the eyes were right to open and there was no movement from the mother. "Mom....." he whimpered even more and the sobs were emitting. This was all heard by a bandit who stood in the doorway, grinning and laughing he got closer. "So their little boy... You seemed to be unable to wake up your precious little mommy... Want me to take care of you---" Suddenly the talking stopped and Nanashi was cowering a bit. The man fell down with a thump...

A large shadow soon overcast Nanashi and a scream were leaving the boy. A firm grab got around him and he heard his father voice. "I am here Nanashi, I am here.." The man tried to soothe him. "Dad!" He quickly spoke muffled in the hand. Tears were streaming down his face and his dad picked him up, said the last thing to the mom and left the hut. Yet there was a task up hand. Getting out of the village and to get out save.
Bandits and raiders were everywhere, Nanashi was hugging his dad around the neck while being carried. "dad..." he whimpered and felt the sudden tensing in his father's body... The Raiders were setting everything on fire, the men were getting slaughtered from here to there. Everywhere where you could look you saw death and blood. The young pupper always remaining on the side of Nanshi and had a few burned spots on his fur, but not skin.

A rapid fire was spreading as the raiders were done pounding the goods. They were laughing and celebrating their catch. "Nanashi..." The father placed the boy down near a few baskets and ruffled his hair, unknowing that that was the last time his dad would ruffle his hairs. "Listen to me closely... Do NOT get out of this basket, no matter what will happen. Only one of our village... you may react to.." The father spoke and Nanashi had to swear on it. He had to swear he wouldn't get out as he ánd the pupper were placed inside of it.
The basket lid was placed on top along with something heavy so the lid wasn't bumped off in on accident but light enough for Nanashi to lift it... But that was right the moment when a few Raiders were ambushing the poor father. A scene was to be seen for Nanashi... as he saw his father battle... "come on... you... you always win... you always win.." he whispered himself as he cheered on his father. Yet a horror was to be seen as a raider stricken down the chest. The limbs of the father went soon numb and with horror, Nanashi saw it through a tiny hole... Right, that moment when his father was stabbed in the heart. "...." No words were leaving him... Nothing was leaving him, no word no sound... Nothing... tears just streamed down his face...
The village was overrun and yet for Nanashi, it seemed the time stood still. That nothing was moving currently.
Hours passed, screaming’s passed and Nanashi kept on hiding in the basket. Hands covering his ears, his eyes shut closed.
It was the moment that it all went silent that Nanashi finally dared to peek through... It wasn't only just a dream. "Mom...dad..." He sobbed soon again, he felt unsafe, scared and terrified.

The fire was down, the scent was unbearable... Slowly he got the lid off and searched around... It was moments later that he found someone he recognized. "Leo!!" He shouted and his voice was cracking up again. The tall blonde man turned around and looked honestly surprised towards Nanashi. "Leo!!" He shouted again and ran towards him till he collided with the man's legs. "Leo....mom.....dad..!" He sobbed and tried to make clear that something horrible had happened. "Leo...." He sobbed and a huge sigh left the man. "Yes... they are dead... Throw him in the cage along with the others.." The eyes of Nanashi widen, cage? others? "Leo?!" He said and Leo himself only repeated his name. "I got SICK of your PARENTS always WINNING everything! You are just another CURSE in my path! But not for long, NOT THIS TIME!" He shouted to the boy, kicked him away when the raiders took hold of Nanashi and lifted him up so he couldn't run away. "LEO!!!" Nanashi shouted loud and tried to wiggle himself free without any effect.
He was thrown into the cage and couldn't believe what was happening... he summed it all up... His mom was gone... His dad was gone... and... Leo was a bad guy... He curled up and bit his lip harshly even enough to draw blood and ended up crying till there was no tear left... The people on the cage had tried to soothe him... But there wasn't much to sooth Nanashi.. until he was so exhausted from the crying, everything that happened... that he fell asleep in the cage.

The cage was placed on a cart... It was wobbling along the road... Nanashi huffed a time as he looked downwards. "Mom... dad..." Were his mutters before he woke up, having a nightmare of the happenings. With tears in his eyes he looked around, it seemed they had stopped along the way. "..?" He was silent and just looked with fear in his eyes. What was going on, what was going to happen? Many questions were left to be unanswered.
The bandits or rather the evil man got closer. They were getting the people one for one out of the cage. With fear in his eyes, Nanashi followed the other kids. The kids were separated from the adults, only those too young were able to stay along with an adult... the rest was staying with the rest of the children. The room they were having was blank. Once they were all in their children started to cry... Everyone did and even Nanashi himself had trouble not to sniffle again.
"Hey... guys..." he said with a sniffle and stood up to face them all. As a seven-year-old, this was a hard thing to do. "We... We will make it! We can do this... I know we can..!" He said and raised up a fist. "Everything will be okay! Because... Because we are... The Frozen Howls!" The little speech got the other children to stop crying and cheeking long... Yet there was a plan made in the meanwhile.
The bandits had heard the little speech, but there wasn't any action taken against them.
The kids were placed into labor, mostly the searching for things and when turned 10 they would go into the mining. To let them still grow and having an OK life they were given Little food but really nutritious food. Just enough to not starve them and not letting them get underfed.
Years went past like this, caged in a labor working. Days were long and tiresome... He was huffing a lot when the sun with high... Others were having a hard time as well. Once he got home he smiled somewhat... The room they were all shaking with each other was home. Silly.. in his state of mind, but it was home because they were there. But what he didn't saw coming was the fact that they were all waiting for him. "SURPRISE!" There was a loud cheer following and Nanashi fell backward, surprised as he looked to them... They all... they were cheering him on? They got to him with tiny gifts. All found somewhere or made themselves... and they all spared the food a bit, only the edible after a few days to celebrate Nanashi's 10th birthday. Because they knew he would be pulled away tomorrow so they were going to give him a last good meal here.
The meal was filled with seasoned meat, fruits, and vegetables. Everyone still had their own meal and Nanashi was sharing his own with the weaker ones even though it was for his own birthday.
The necklace he had gotten from them he placed around his neck. With a smile, he looked towards it. This was amazing...

That night he had a hard time to get to sleep. He was playing with his necklace along with stroking at the ceiling. "hmm... tomorrow... is the movement huh.." He spoke and turned around once more. He was wishing he got some more sleep...
By the time he was woken up he was more confused. "Wait... What.?" He was torn out his bed without an easy going like the others. He was kicking around and panicking at this sudden taken away. He woke up the other children who started to rampage a little too, at least those who had woken up more.

Nanashi was tossed, literally tossed, into the sleeping room of the more grown-ups. Adults, teens, old males... Only males. He managed to catch his companion who whimpered soon and Nanashi cared for deeply. He started to stroke the fur.
He was looking up and coughing up sand. An older male, thin in his build, underweight got to him and helped him dusting himself off. "You okay?" he questioned worriedly to him. "They hardly throw someone new in... what did you do?" Nanashi explains after that what had happened and even the adult had questions about why Nanashi was tossed inside.
Slowly Nanashi was looking around. People who could be his grandpa were still around, most of them were napping... then you had the older people... and they all looked really thin... Eventually, he looked again towards the older male in front of him. "What... is.. going on..?" He sounded and tilted his head. The male placed a hand on Nanashi's shoulder. "You are placed in the deep mining... You will be mining each day... Collecting the things they want... and... let's hope you don't end up like the last kid... Just... do what they say... there won't be any trouble.."
With that in mind, Nanashi started to work on it. He was almost like an A class miner for the bandits, who had sold them in the meanwhile.
Almost a year later his friend was also thrown inside. While it was dinner time. "what...?" Nanashi said a bit lifeless as work was really hard to even for his age. "Mike!" he sounded even more surprised as he placed his food away and ran to him. "Mike..?" He shook the other who woke up and held a hand in front of his face. "what..." His food was quickly taken away by other people, mainly his companion who wanted an extra snack.
Nanashi soon took care of his friend and talked him through as the male had done by him... Sadly he informed that he wasn't here... he was undergoing a punishment... It was only past midnight that the male did return. No one woke up from his return... but the more they were surprised as the other got down. Everyone was speechless at what had happened. They all rushed to the other and looking at the bruises, the dried op wounds. They were in an uproar but they all were quickly shushed down.

A year passed by before he and his friend had a laugh in the mines... but unknowing that his friend was stealing from the people. They were both grabbed and Nanashi quickly said why me why him. But they didn't say a damn... it was then that they faced Leo again. Nanashi's face was instantly filled with anger and shouted at him. A loud crash sounded and a whip clashed with his back. "AHHH!!" He sounded high and bit his lip, holding a hand on his back, the clothing was torn. He was soon sobbing over the pain that was on his back. Leo's words soon followed after and he talked about the sins they had done... Yet Nanashi had no clue what had happened. His friend was called out for so many things. With big eyes, Nanashi looked towards his friend and even more in shock after he saw his friend getting a death penalty and Nanashi had to watch as a take part of the sin.

Nanashi was devastated after what had happened... He had to witness it all and the images were engraved to his vision. Each night... He went to sleep with nightmares... The first nights he didn't even sleep at all... Everyone was suffering... And Nanashi felt he had the worst right now… He buried himself back into the fur of his companion. “What… what do I do..?”
He promised again to never ever talk about his again... He eventually even builds up a wall around himself and stayed on his own... None of the people who got in from the last one... Thought that Nanashi was himself... They all had seen how much he had changed. But that was the moment... The group set up a plan... Behind the back of Nanashi.

Few years later..
The rhythm sounds of pickaxes hitting the rocks. Rocks falling down and faint explosive noises... They all were to be heard... There wasn't much spoken between the man working... But there was enough being spoken about between the bandits.
That was until one of the workers started to go haywire... They started to run, hit the guards and soon a whole riot broke out. At first, Nanashi didn't know what to do and stood by the side... That was until someone grabbed him by the arm and dragged him alone. Too confused that Nanashi was. As he was following the other one. "...?!" he ran after him until they stopped. Another set of explosion went off and bright sunlight was shining through. The bandits also started to shoot in their back. Not much to be done about. With panic, Nanashi took shelter and leaned against a rock. A male boy now 15 years... And unsure what was going on. The stranger ánd his companion tried to soothe him but it didn't help the situation at all.
Nanashi took a quick shelter along a gap along with the other... It was the man from day one who welcomed him.. With a big set of eyes he looked to the other... A knife was pressed against his stomach. "Take this.... And keep yourself safe out there..." he spoke only and gave a weary smile. Almost as of, he was tired or anything... Why he did this Nanashi didn't have a clue... The exit was near and he wasn't understanding anything of it. "Go...!" said the man and pushed Nanashi to the side, with him as front as a shield... He pushed, like many did, others up. In this case, Nanashi was the one pushed up and got out... But was greeted just like many others with a long way down as it was steep.

The soaking air was going through his hairs, the gleaming of a sea was getting closer and closer until he smacked on it. Feeling his wrist hurt a whole lot. Once above the water, he was swimming to the side as many others did.... But it was a time of survival and everyone took their own way... Just a few waited on each other.
He got to the shore... Panting a lot as he bit down on his lip. This was a whole lot painful... He hated this... He hated the feeling that made him nausea... He fled into the woods and wasn't able to move his wrist... He tried and screamed out of pain... Which eventually got the attention from a person up close... Nanashi automatically was distant and really careful, defensive... His companion taking a rather defensive stance, something was wrong. Something wasn’t right with his brother and he couldn’t help him either taking it away. It smelled like blood around him.
While the older lady was standing in front of him... The twelve year old had already forgotten how long had he walked already... Only now he noticed the burning sensation below his feet, his muscles standing in protest and his breathing had a rather quick phase to it.
He huffed a time again... Seeing the old lady coming in closer... Nanashi himself took steps back, raising a hand up to protect his face... Because after those years that was his first instincts... While walking backward he stumbled and hit his head along a tree root. With a rather worried lady along.... The wolf got quickly close towards him and stood over him, ready to defend as long as it were to be needed. Yet it didn’t seem to be the case. The lady was… rather patient in gaining the trust of the wolf and the for the care of the little boy… and once a moment later, a little brancard was made and she started to place the boy on top of it, the wolf wanting to carry him. And as the lady feared, it was a rather easy task at hand for the wolf. Thus to harder for her to do.
With a big pain in his head, he woke up... His hand lifted to rest upon the bandage... With his fingers, he followed the lining and looked half awake and surprised about this fact...
He started to listen to his surroundings.... No more pickaxes... But the sounds of birds welcomed him... A water-like sound was the close sound of running water. A ticking sound was coming after a while… And the snorings of the wolf a meter beside. It… seemed so peaceful.
Nanashi pushed the blanket off and sat up... Only now noticing his other hand was in some sort of cage... Looking towards it he was almost fascinated by this... The pain was severe less... But he didn't dare to put any strain on it.
Slowly his movements got till the point he was standing up... He walked around a little and was even more confused. The wolf waking up and staring towards him, tilting a head and wondering what the human was up to. It didn’t seem to be himself right now"...?" with a tilted head he followed till he met a door... But no one was in sight. He walked around and saw a portrait of an old man and a young man.. Two kinds of scent sticks were surrounding it. He took a scent of it and deeply regretted that moment. He pinched his nose and stuck out his tongue. Yuck...
It was that moment he heard a rustle and his eyes popped open. He bit down his lip hard and got more towards the ground. As if it were an instinct reactions he had. He started to find a place to hide and shuddered a little. Scared to what was coming... Yet at the moment he wanted to charge because of the shadow coming closer... He heard a sharp whistle which caught him off guard and to stumble back again. The lady got in and looked pleased towards Nanashi. "up already? You know you shouldn't.."Nanashi looked strangely with a grim like smile... Fuck...
It was only that moment that Nanashi started to learn to be again with someone while having to do nothing. He had a lot of troubles with it along on the beginning. He held so much trouble that the woman eventually gave him really light chores to do... Clean vegetable. Or anything like those light things. Then it started to work out... But he did was curious and remained like that... The woman gave him books eventually and started to learn together with him the language of the deaf... The language of signing.
They lived together for almost a half of a year... A fun part of his life and Nanashi learned some things about nature... But the lady was old... And she got worse with the day... Nanashi was nursing her the best he could, but even he had his own limits. Training, hunting, learning, cooking.... Eventually, he did everything in the house.

There was a time where the lady died... And Nanshi had watched her do so... He was amazed how close he could get to a person. Who he didn't even trust before. With a soft sigh, he looked towards the lifeless body... Checking her pulse, breathing for the last time and place something over her to cover her up... In memorial of her... He started to pack his things and leave the house. Yet he left with a great pain in his heart.
For years he was roaming around the forest, cliffs and many kinds of things... But he ended up surviving in almost every place.

A new home
It was till a few shinobi’s managed to find him, and close up to him. The mark on his wolf might had been a bit too much explaining. He was already the last one and that something was on… it was just strange. He barely had healed from his wrist and then this happened. Instantly the male had gotten defensive. Taken up a stance some words were formed, but unknown to any human tongue. It seemed for the Shinobi the same that the few miners had who escaped. Yet this one seemed to be at an age of 13 almost 14...
After a battle he and the wolf got captured and transported. Yet not like the last time. He woke up in a save place, again, yet didn’t recognize it at first. Neither did his companion who remained soon close towards his brother again. It took Shelly, the nurse around three years with him to get where he was when he left the hospital and was good enough to life at his own. He had already bloomed towards the male he was today, yet never had much contact with the ‘outside’ world from the place he was kept. He had learn basic jutsu’s and how to properly take care of himself and his companion.
It was then, that he wasn’t placed in a branch yet, as he was still trying to get through this day to day life. Today he was 17 years old… and decided it was time to actually get out of his comfort zone and try out many things.

Unlike Nanashi, he is a bolder one. He dares others out for playing a game, hugs and more. He notices quickly when Nanshi isn’t feeling all that well and often tries to give emotional support. He too has been part of the past yet doesn’t seem to suffer that much of it all. How jolly and silly he can be, he also knows when the situations is asking for a silent and patient wolf. He will then remain at the side of Nanashi and wait for commands and try to ‘listen’ to them and such. Yet he is often falling asleep as he isn’t really that well in standing still.

The fur has a warm grey overall, yet some bits have a light greyish hue. The marks on his forehead is the only thing that could tie them both towards their old clan feature. One of his ears has a ring through it, this is Nanashi’s promise ring, that they would stay forever with each other. The wolf has a lean body and comes towards the upper leg of Nanashi, quite high and he often let little children ride him. Yet he can easily carry the weight of an adult too. As he is lean yet strong. He has a chain around his front paw, because of the fact that no one is able to remove it just yet. It doesn’t hinder the wolf too much, yet.
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