Akira The Bringer of Winter

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Akira The Bringer of Winter

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Inugami Akira [犬神明]
Age: 8 | Gender: Male | Height: 4'4 | Weight: 63 lbs
Shinobi Rank: Academy Student | Affiliation: Kumogakure | OOC Rank: C-Rank

An energetic and optimistic boy with the constant drive to improve his strength and skills in order to one day lead his clan. He is confident in his skills and always seeks to challenge others to prove his abilities and to test the limits of his strength. Because of this, Akira often finds himself in very difficult situations in various duels and challenges that would break the spirits of most people. However, he remains positive and cool under pressure, never backing down and always constantly thinking and evolving his training methods. Akira is also flexible and innovative, allowing him to make his own solutions when he needs to find an edge. As such, he can create some of the most unorthodox, but also incredibly effective combat solutions.

Akira is courageous and even reckless, often getting himself into very dangerous situations that could jeopardize his livelihood. Because of his unknown humble origins in his nomadic clan, Akira is hardly ever looked at as a threat. The Inugami attributes Akira's strength not to his prodigal talent, but to his courage that allows him to face whoever challenges him, no matter how much of a genius they are or whatever disadvantages they may throw at him. Akira is not afraid to admit when someone is better than him at that moment and knows he is not perfect, but refuses to give up. He will plunge head first into trial and error until he gets the end results that he displays in duels, spending an inordinate amount of time exhausting every training option until he finds the best method to grow stronger. Even in defeat, Akira takes it as a sign that there is still much more for him to learn.

Even among antagonistic individuals that show hostility towards him, Akira is a very friendly individual. He is always willing to help out a friend, even at the risk of his life, and is more than willing to assist anyone in need. Akira does not believe that one's background should dictate their skills, and thus treats everyone as equals, including instructors which often leads to troublesome situations. Even when he is belittled or insulted, he seems not be aware of the fact or is very good at ignoring them and pretending that it wasn't the case. He has never been shown to retort when insulted and instead maintains a friendly demeanor at all times. However, he is shown to be extremely analytical and instinctual, his demeanor only adding to an air of mystique surrounding the boy.
Physical Description

Akira is a handsome young boy who wears a horned skull mask over half of his face at times, though sometimes instead wearing it on top of his head as a decorative accessory. He has short blue hair which is often compared to the blue hue moon of the night moon, which is where his name Akira comes from. When not wearing his mask, he has absolutely beautiful golden eyes which are often compared to those of a wild wolf which is highlighted by red facial markings, both which come from being an Inugami. He has particularly pale skin, which is said to seem almost translucent in appearance, which combined with his blue hair makes many feel he is the personification of the light of the moon or the winter snow that covers the Lightning Country. He also has pronounced canine like teeth, giving him the look of a canine of sorts when he grins, laughs, or smiles. Despite always seen wearing a smile, those close to him tend to notice a faint sense of solitude and pain in his eyes, as if despite the hardships of the curse he bears he doesn’t want to show the agony inside him.

His wardrobe comprises of a black robe with white fur trimming over a blue turtleneck shirt along with two decorative necklaces made of rare and valuable metals. He tends to wear fingerless gloves and has cloth wrappings across his forearms which reach near his elbow. His skull mask has large animal fur that is often mistaken for his hair when worn, giving him the appearance of a tribal beast man of sorts to those that don’t recognize him. The mask also tends to cover his eyes with shadows, not allowing his golden eyes to be seen when worn on his face. The mask he cherishes was said to be a memento of his mother, the last relic she bore when she was an ANBU and he treats it as his most prized possession.
Inugami Kuro [犬神黒]

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Personality: In many ways, Kuro is the exact same as Akira, showing boundless energy and a reckless nature. He loved being cuddled and petted but has shown himself to be extremely aggressive should he need to be. The little wolf is a bit flirtatious in nature, loving to be spoiled by women and enjoying sitting on their laps while being pampered. He has undying loyalty towards Akira and will willingly sacrifice his life to protect Akira’s at all cost.

Occupation: Bloodline Companion
Aoi [あおい]

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Personality: A seemingly wild squirrel that is attached to Akira and Kuro during their adventures and journey. She is goofy and mischievous, yet adorable and often playing around and making poses that match the person she is riding on. She like her companions love to eat everything inside and will bite on random things for no apparent reason. She seems to have an empathetic personality she has been shown to try and cheer people up if they are feeling down or sad by rubbing their face or acting cute.

Occupation: Being Awesome and Cuddly
The Bringer of Winter - Origin Story

It was still the time of ancient things, beasts running wild in the wide open planes of the lands that came to be known as the Lightning Country. Among the vicious beasts that ruled the land, there was one lupine figure whose terrifying presence struck fear in the hearts of beasts and man alike. Its fur was a frosty white-silver tone that could only be compared to the light of the moon that poured from the sky like the milk of the god Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto himself. Its eyes were a golden hue, as if a melted pot of the richest, finest gold swirled inside its bestial sockets. The ancient beast towered over many, its canine figure monstrous in size, with deafening roars that were often confused with the raging thunder that plagued the seas during these times. The beast was known as Shin-Ah (シンア Shina), named after the moonlight for its exotic appearance and its obsession with howling at the moon during the cold winter nights. Overtime, Shin-Ah gained a fearsome reputation as a natural disaster, being akin to a god in some tribes as the bringer of winter for leaving frozen and crystallized wastelands in his wake. It was said that the beast was always shrouded in a veil of snowstorms, causing many to personify snowstorms as Shin-Ah passing nearby.
During the fall out of Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess and Tsukuyomi, Shin-Ah was buried in spite by the sun goddess as the wolf would never howl at the sun and only at the moon, starving to death in a frozen wasteland before being brought back by Tsukuyomi as an Inugami, a dog god spirit who served the moon god faithfully for its generosity. In time, in the legends of the Inugami, It was said that he would take a human form and found the nomadic Inugami Clan before passing away and transferring the Curse of the Moon to his heir. The Inugami believed that one day, Shin-Ah would once again take human form and bring about an age of prosperity for the followers of Tsukuyomi. Centuries passed with the name of Shin-Ah being passed down to every Alpha of the Inugami, though none bore resemblance to the great ancient bringer of winter. The ancient beast along with Tsukuyomi, were forever embedded in legends and folklore, stories and legends passed from one generation to the next. Until the night of the blood moon.
It was the month of the new year, Shin-Ah the current bearer of the cursed mark and his beloved Hanao set up camp in The Heartland of Kaminari no Kuni where the Inugami Clan followed to. Hanao was due to give birth soon, an exciting yet dreadful period of time for the parents to be. For Shin-Ah, the bearer of the cursed mark, would have to pass the agonizing mark to the new born child, condemning the poor soul to a lifetime of agony and pain, one he himself had suffered from as do all bearers of the curse did. Night fell upon the clan as they stood in awe at the cold winter sky, an incredibly rare celestial event was taking place. It was the night of a super blue blood moon, the moon seemed much larger than normal with a blood red appearance that was spectacular to all who would bear witness. The Lupus constellation shined brightly tonight, which in conjunction with the celestial event seemed as if the night was one to represent both Tsukuyomi and Shin-Ah the ancient beast. As if by destiny, Hanao went into labor during the Umbra phase of the moon, giving birth to the next heir under the night conditions. Next to her, Shiro her Inuzuka companion went into labor as well, as both heir and wolf were born together and in synchrony, a rare event even among those of the Inuzuka Bloodline. It was a night of miracles and all felt it, this boy was the incarnation of Shin-Ah, the bringer of winter. He was the child of prophecy.
The boy was born, a frosty white-silver complexion whose skin glowed divinely under the moons light. His amber eyes, looked like golden relics had been placed upon the boys eye sockets, a beauty unsurpassed by all. A small dainty patch of blue hair appeared on the boys head, as if touched by winter itself as it gave off its icy cool appearance. If winter could be made into man, the boy whose name was Akira would be the resulting figure. On the other hand, the wolf born to be his companion had a pitch black appearance, his fur black and gray as if obliterating any trace of light in his fury little body. The wolf’s eye were tainted a fiery orange, as if personifying the dusk before the night in its little orbs. The wolf would be known as Kuro, signifying its color as was traditional for the heir of the current Shin-Ah. The three greatest tragedies of this fateful night came to be known as the loss of Hanao in her child birth, the loss of Shiro under the same circumstances, and the passing of the cursed mark to the heir.
On the night of the moon, the child wailed in agony as the cursed mark tortured the new born child as it was meant to do. The clan wept in sorrow over its losses and over the painful life the boy was destined to live. However they still celebrated as the true Shin-Ah had been born, perhaps the curse may one day be broken by this boy they prayed. With heavy pain in their hearts, they mourned their losses and did their best to support one another as the boy aged over time. Seeing the suffering of his clan, and knowing how much sorrow his agony caused them, Akira became a boy who hid his misery and agony with a façade of happiness and smiles. His gentle hearted nature made it that at even a young age, he shouldered the responsibility of his clans wellbeing above his own, preferring to suffer in silence. With his clan in his heart and mind, he began his studies at the Academy at the tender age of eight. The winter boy would begin the next chapter of his life.

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