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Kozuki Aya

Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:10 pm

Name: Kozuki Aya
[*]Age: 13
[*]H/W 5'0 / 100lbs
[*]Gender Female
[*]Village: Kumogakure

Physical Description

Aya has long orange hair and fair skin. She has quite a number of soft freckles, in the right kind of light, you can see them. She has Hazel eyes, they look blue in some light, and brown-orange in others. She is 5' tall and weighs about 100lbs. She wears a baggy green jacket over a tank-top, and black shorts. She doesn't like to take off her jacket, even if it's hot. She wears a pair of black glasses, she's adjusted them so they don't fall off easily, but she does have some spare contacts in a pocket just in case.

Mental Description

Aya seems like a hyper, very social girl. She is usually more than willing to talk to someone, joke around. SHe likes to have fun. Even on her bad days, she tries her best to look happy. She is someone who uses humor and evasion to hide any emotional pain she might be in. She outwardly optimistic, but when she's alone, she can be pessimistic towards herself, and people she does not like. Only when she is alone, is when she shows any kind of sadness. Since she thinks showing those emotions would make complications, and she wants to only be happy in front of others. She struggles with empathy though, she tries, but often finds herself saying something blunt, or without a filter. She is still learning what is okay to say, and what you should keep to yourself. Sometimes her pessimistic side shows when she is being blunt or when she is not paying attention.

Aya was born in a very poor village, slums, a hub of criminals, and people not willing to try to get anywhere in their lives, and people who believed they had no other choice. As far as Aya knows, her parents abandoned her or died. She can’t remember when or how she just remembers they were not around anymore. They left so early, Aya does not remember what her actual name is. The people in the village called her kid, child, or girl. She survived by stealing food, and getting scraps, her language skills were poor, and she had no clue how to write. She had to fight others for any kind of food, in the beginning, she was able to get people to share, but as time went on, it became harder to find people who were kind enough. So when push came to shove, she did what she needed to. Most of the fights she’d lose, because of how weak she was, but as time went on, she started fighting better, and smarter. She trained to survive.

Aya found herself in gangs and groups, mostly as a distraction while the bigger adults did what they needed. They fed her, so she went along with what they wanted. People came and went, so she never got attached when one group left her, she found a new one. As long as they gave her food and protection, it was okay with her.

She lived like this until one day, Kumo Shinobi raided the village. They came to get rid of criminals that were hiding out, and try to help the village. Aya was ten when this happened, though they provided food for the people who were not wanted for crimes, and children, they didn’t provide shelter. Technically Aya did not commit any real crimes, at least none that were reported. So maybe they were not sure she was able to commit any crime, or willing to overlook the minor crimes she did do. In their eyes, she was just another starving orphan without a name.

Some shinobi volunteered to teach children how to read, and write. Aya wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew they were willing to feed her, so she went along with them. She was weary in the beginning, they came in and took people, then started feeding the rest. But after a few months, she was willing to learn from them. It took a year for her to catch up on her language skills, and basic reading and writing. She also grew and started to actually look her age.

Some of the Shinobi gave Aya a name since they didn’t want to call her “kid” her whole life. Hitori Momoshiki gave her the name Kozuki Aya, he said he liked the ring to it, and she decided to that she liked it too. They gave her glasses to help her learn faster since they discovered she had poor eyesight. It made it hard for her to read, but after she received the right pair of glasses, she was able to learn a lot faster. Hitori Momoshiki also donated his sister’s clothes to Aya, since his sister was a bit older, and didn’t need them anymore. Though the first thing he gave her was a green jacket, that was way too big on her, she seemed to love it.

Two years after the shinobi came, they started taking children that were fit enough, to Kumo, to become Shinobi. By this time Aya was completely changed, she decided she did not want to be here anymore, she wanted to be happy, and live her own life. The shinobi taught her all about Kumo, and how there were many opportunities out there. She decided to bury her past and show people she could be happy. She wanted to be a whole different person, or more so Like the Shinobi who volunteered to teach her, Hitori Momoshiki. He seemed to be happy, and optimistic, he joked and laughed like nothing was wrong. She wanted to be just like that since it put her at ease.

When Aya left to go to Kumo, she was Twelve, she’d have to wait about a year to get into the academy, but during that time she’d have to get settled in. Orphans were able to be adopted by a family, though, she honestly would rather be left alone. She lived on her own this whole time, so she wasn’t warming up to the idea of having parents around.

On her way to Kumo, Her group, which were a few other eligible children, and some Shinobi escorting them, ran into a group of two. A father and a son, camping. It was getting late, so they ended up camping in the same area. Most of the children did not want to socialize, they seemed gloomy, and just didn’t care. Aya, having her new found confidence decided she wasn’t going to be like them.

Aya went up to the other group and decided to talk to them before it was time for bed. She introduced herself and told them she was going to be a Kunoichi soon. They didn’t talk for long, but she did get their names, and that Endo Eiji, or Ji, was also going to be going to be a shinobi. She avoided telling them anything about where she came from, she told them it didn’t matter now, she would be from Kumo. The SHinobi that were escorting them told the Endo family that Aya and the other were Orphans, being rehomed to Kumo.

After briefly meeting someone who’d Aya would definitely be working with, she was excited to get to the village and see what it was like. Soon enough Aya reached Kumo. She was placed in the Dorms that were available for kids like herself, she had to share a room with another child, but she got to sleep inside, on a bed. So she didn’t care how many other children she shared a room with. As long as she was fed, and had a place to sleep, she was fine with it.

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