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Ashikaga Shiro
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Cloud Academy Student
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Ashikaga Shiro

Sun May 19, 2019 11:37 pm

Name: Ashikaga Shiro
Age: 8
Physical Description: Shiro is a 122.5 cm tall, 24.3 kg, slightly muscular eight-year-old with stormcloud grey eyes. He's a very energetic person with a large chakra reserve. Shiro has tan, smooth skin, and is blind in his right eye from an accident in his past. He is commonly seen wearing a black trenchcoat with boots. His hair color is a dirty blonde, ad his hair is commonly unkempt. He would someday like to join the ANBU and serve directly with the Raikage.
Mental Description: Shiro is energetic due to a mild case of ADHD. He acquired lightning release and nature release from his parents. He is a bit scarred and depressed from an event in his past, but he tries to cover it up with jokes. He's a hard worker and will get the mission done, no matter what. He is very good at improvising, and is also very resourceful.
History: Shiro was born outside of any of the villages in a small clan called the Ashikaga clan. Their clan were little known beast handlers located just outside the territory of Tsukigakure. When he was five, his clan was slaughtered by a mysterious ninja who had gone rogue from Tsukigakure. He's been trying to track them down, but so far he hasn't had any luck. Before his clan was slaughtered, he enjoyed going out with friends and eating ramen. After his clan was slaughtered, he unlocked his clan's BL, Inuzuka. He trekked out, and ended up at the gates to Komogakure, where he stands, trying to gain entry. Before his parents died, he was able to bond with his dog, Akamatsu. Akamatsu is a small grey and white husky-type dog. He hopes to join the Ninja Academy to learn more Jutsu and possibly make friends. He already knows a jutsu from his father, the Ball of Lightning technique, an E-Rank jutsu.

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