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Trap Rules

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:17 pm

Trap Rules wrote:- Arming a Trap costs 1 Ap and requires movement.
- Traps may be attached to targets in battle; this is done through melee accuracy (unless otherwise stated), and costs .75 Ap.
- Traps attack their targets via the user's Ranged Accuracy upon being triggered.
- Traps that are triggered target things in stealth normally without performing a Blind Shot check. If the user is in stealth when a Trap is triggered, they will not be removed from stealth.
- May only have one usage of a specific trap armed at a time.
- May have up to 3 traps armed simultaneously.
- When arming a trap, the user makes a stealth check against all in battle; those failing this check only see it as a hidden action, even if they had the Insight ability.
- Whenever someone makes an awareness check they receive a check to notice any hidden traps as well.
- Armed Traps may be targeted by any attack and Called Shot: Weapon (though they can be armed to trigger if attacked!), cannot dodge, and are destroyed on a hit (unless triggered). A trap may only be targeted by someone who is aware of it. A Trap is not a valid target for attack redirection purposes, such as an enrage chance.
- Even if aware of a trap, the triggering condition is only ever revealed to others if they have the same trap equipped, or have some other ability allowing them to do so (Insight does not count).
- Although some traps may have unique triggering or targeting conditions, all traps may be armed on these four basic settings;
  • The Trap will trigger when the user is hit by an attack, targeting the one who attacked them. This setting will not trigger the same round it was armed.
  • The Trap will trigger one, two or three rounds later from the time it was cast (user's choice upon arming it), targeting an enemy of the user's choice (also chosen upon arming).
  • The Trap will trigger when the user no longer maintains it, targeting someone at random. The maintain cost for traps armed this way is 50 Cp per second during a round.
  • The Trap will trigger when someone attempts to destroy it through any method other than a Called Shot: Weapon, targeting the one who attacked it. If attached to something, attacking what it is attached to will also trigger this setting.

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