Oil Trap

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Oil Trap

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:18 pm

Oil Trap
A trap designed around the use of an extremely sleek and slippery oil. This oil is excellent at hindering the movement of its victim, and even floats atop the surface of water. Additionally, this oil is highly flammable and can be used to set up traps that burn those caught within in a pit of flames.

Type: Consumable, Trap
Uses: 2
Duration: 3 Rounds.
- Suppresses a target for 1 Ap upon being triggered.
- Afterwards, for three rounds, the victim has a 10% of suppressing themselves each time they perform an action. All other sources of suppression are +6% more effective against them during this time.
- This trap is dispelled if the victim is hit with Fire-based or Water-based damage, although they take an additional 30% damage from the Fire damage.

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