Ninja Wire Trap

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Ninja Wire Trap

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:21 pm

Ninja Wire Trap
Ninja wire is a thin, strong steel wire that is nearly invisible but for the occasional shine or reflection of light. Though nothing prevents someone from using it as a weapon, this is a trap designed to hide the wire in such a way that when triggered, a target is ensnared by multiple wires like the prey of a spider.

Type: Consumable, Trap
Uses: 3
Duration: Indefinite
- Upon being triggered, the target has a random limb caught by wire, raising its called shot level by one.
- While this limb is caught the target suffers -2 Acc if an arm/hand is caught, -2 Dodge if a hand/foot is caught, and -1 to all secondary stats if their head is caught.
- A target may attempt to free themselves for 1 AP, with a 25% chance of success. This amount increases by +10% with each failed attempt. Freeing themselves removes all instances of this trap.

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