Explosive Note

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Explosive Note

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:21 pm

Explosive Note
The use of the explosive note predates the use of chemical-based explosives. The secrets to making so-called "e-notes" are jealously guarded elements of fuuinjutsu, involving excellent chakra control, special paper, and a dab hand at calligraphy. Once completed, such a note only needs to be charged with chakra energy to make it into a deadly tool of destruction...

Type: Consumable, Trap
Uses: 3
Duration: Instant
- When armed, the user infuses up to 4% of their Max CP into the explosive note. When triggered, this trap explodes on the target, dealing damage equal to the amount of CP put into it. This damage cannot be reduced, nor can it be dodged, but may be auto-dodged (both passive and activated).
- The user may have up to 3 Explosive Note traps armed simultaneously. This only counts as a single trap being armed (in regards to the limit of traps a user may have active at once).

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