Heartseek Seal

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Heartseek Seal

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:25 pm

Heartseek Seal
A slip of paper that once attuned to a target, marks the initial user and the victim with a special seal for a short time. Once marked, the user may cause activate the seal to cause their attacks to 'guide' their attacks towards the bearer of the alternate marking. This seal only has so many uses, and only works for a short time across a short distance, however.

Type: Consumable, Trap
Uses: 3
Duration: 2 Rounds
- Once triggered, the victim becomes 'marked' for the duration of two rounds (or until the user has made both their heartseeking actions).
- The initial user may choose up to 2 of their actions to target this 'marked' target. The action will ignore any clones or other distractions, will bypass any Blind Shots, but will only be able to target the 'marked' target.
- Using this item upon an already 'marked' target will extend the duration, and grant the user two additional actions.

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