Chakra Gauging Seal

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Chakra Gauging Seal

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:26 pm

Chakra Gauging Seal
A seal intended to monitor the chakra system of a target and both detect and correct abnormalities. Having this seal is an excellent method for determining if one has fallen under a genjutsu, although these seals only work for less than a minute, so timing is crucial.

Type: Consumable, Trap
Uses: 2
Duration: 3 Rounds
- This trap is armed on a special setting; it will only trigger when the target it is placed on is successfully hit with a Genjutsu, or chakra-bound, at which point it will reroll the triggering attack.
- Upon arming this trap, the user must attempt to attach it to a target using Melee or Ranged Accuracy for no additional AP cost.
- If not triggered within three rounds of being armed, the trap will dispel itself and consume the use.

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