Summoning Scroll

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Summoning Scroll

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:33 pm

Summoning Scroll
A scroll used to seal various inanimate objects within, which can later be summoned from the scroll for easy transportation. Very convenient for stealing valuable goods, carrying groceries, and anything between.

Type: Passive, Gear, Consumable
Uses: 3
- Each usage of this item can be used to replicate a single use of any Tool, Poison, or Trap item, with an additional +.25 Ap cost added onto it. The same item cannot be chosen through this item twice.
- This item may be targeted by Called Shot: Weapon. After two hits, it falls to the ground and may be claimed by anyone for 1 Ap. Claiming this item equips it to them without taking up an inventory slot. The usages remaining and restrictions on previous items used with it carry over to the new wielder.
- Cannot be taken in conjunction with the Pouch item.

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