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A portable bag used to hold smaller tools and equipment, this straps onto the user without burdening them and provides quick access to a variety of goodies housed inside.

Type: Passive, Gear, Consumable
Uses: 4
- When assigning this item in their Dojo, the user chooses one of the following; Tool, Poison, or Trap. Each usage of this pouch replicates a single usage of any item of the chosen type, but the same item cannot be chosen through this item twice.
- This item may be targeted by Called Shot: Weapon. After two hits, it falls to the ground and may be claimed by anyone for 1 Ap. Claiming this item equips it to them without taking up an inventory slot. The usages remaining and restrictions on previous items used with it carry over to the new wielder.
- Cannot be taken in conjuction with the Summoning Scroll item.

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