Black Lotus

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Black Lotus

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:57 pm

Black Lotus
Black Lotus is a potent venom, and a favorite of assassins everywhere. A clear and sticky liquid, it causes excruciating pain in any wounds it enters victims, while also temporarily negating most forms of recovery.

Type: Consumable, Poison (Injury) (Lingering)
Uses: 2
Duration: 3 Rounds
- A target inflicted with this poison loses 1% Max Hp at the start of each round affected. Additionally, prevents the first 3% Max HP recovered during a round affected.
- Example; a target with 38000 Max HP would need to recover more than 1140 Hp during a single round to recover -any- HP at all. If they recovered 1200 HP during the round, they would only gain the 60 points above 1140 HP (3% Max HP).

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