Twilight Venom

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Twilight Venom

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:55 pm

Twilight Venom
A poison made to copycat the venom of a mythical snake, twilight venom causes the victim to go blind very slowly, their vision fading to gray as if the sun were setting. The drawback to the venom is that it can only be used once on the same target within a smaller period of time.

Type: Consumable, Poison (Injury) (Lingering)
Uses: 2
Duration: 6 Rounds
- The target inflicted with this poison suffers -1 Acc/Dodge at the start of the following round, increasing each round thereafter up to -3, then decreases by 1 each round until it is dispersed.
- Any effects which increase the duration of poisons will add an additional round when this poison reaches its -3 debuff, before it starts reducing by 1 each round as normal.

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