Tear Gas

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Tear Gas

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:56 pm

Tear Gas
A chemical smog that assaults the eyes and respiratory track with a severe burning sensation. Though nonlethal, the effect makes it difficult to maintain composure and proper breathing. An exhausted victim will find it near impossible to regain their breath until the effects expire.

Type: Consumable, Poison (Inhaled) (Lingering)
Uses: 3
Duration: 4 Rounds
- Effects the chosen target + 2 random targets. Those affected with this poison lose 1% Max Cp at the start of each round affected. Additionally, prevents the first 3% Max CP recovered during a round affected.
- Example; a target with 22000 Max CP would need to recover more than 660 Cp during a single round to recover -any- Cp at all. If they recovered 690 CP during the round, they would only gain the 30 points above 660 CP (3% Max CP).

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