Wraith's Dream

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Wraith's Dream

Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:51 pm

Wraith's Dream
A poison made from a rare type of fungus, this poison causes the body to release a type of chemical into the mind that produces a feeling of fear into those effected by it. This feeling of dread is enough to reduce their ability to fight back fairly.

Type: Consumable, Poison (Injury) (Instant)
Uses: 2
Duration: 2 Rounds.
- Those inflicted with this poison deal -5% damage. This amount is increased by an additional 1% for each individual secondary penalty (Acc/Dodge/DC/Save) affecting the victim.
- For example, using this on a victim with -2 Acc and -2 Dodge would result in -9% damage (5% base effect + 4% due to secondary penalties)

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